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Top Funniest Archer Quotes

Funniest Archer Quotes By David Wong

She thanked the toilet, but it did not respond. That was good - if she started to think of it as a sentient being, it would probably be much harder to poop in its mouth. — David Wong

Funniest Archer Quotes By Raymond Floyd

I was from North Carolina, so as a youngster all of my mind games about golf were always, 'If I make this I win The Masters, if I hole this par putt I win The Masters.' So it was a great thrill to play there. — Raymond Floyd

Funniest Archer Quotes By Alice B. Toklas

Godiva was tired and old and Gertrude Stein in spring bought a new car ... — Alice B. Toklas

Funniest Archer Quotes By Kent A. Kiehl

Fact: The cost of crime is $3.2 trillion per year - an amount greater than the expenditures for all health care in the United States. — Kent A. Kiehl

Funniest Archer Quotes By Frederick Soddy

For a modern ruler the laws of conservation and transformation of energy, when the vivifing stream takes its source, the ways it wends its course in nature, and how, under wisdom and knowledge, it may be intertwined with human destiny, instead of careering headlong to the ocean, are a study at least as pregnant with consequences to life as any lesson taught by the long unscientific history of man. — Frederick Soddy

Funniest Archer Quotes By Nelly

Imagine blocks and blocks of no cocaine, blocks with no gun play. — Nelly