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Functional Family Quotes By Martha MacIsaac

Any person who says their family is perfectly functional is lying. — Martha MacIsaac

Functional Family Quotes By James Young

In my own mind, we are a much happier and much more functional family and a much more well balanced group of individual s both off and on the stage - in the current incarnation. — James Young

Functional Family Quotes By Adrienne Rich

The lie [of compulsory female heterosexuality] is many-layered. In Western tradition, one layer - the romantic - asserts that women are inevitably, even if rashly and tragically, drawn to men; that even when that attraction is suicidal (e. g, Tristan and Isolde, Kate Chopin's 'The Awakening') it is still an organic imperative. In the tradition of the social sciences it asserts that primary love between the sexes is 'normal,' that women need men as social and economic protectors, for adult sexuality, and for psychological completion; that the heterosexually constituted family is the basic social unit; that women who do not attach their primary intensity to men must be, in functional terms, condemned to an even more devastating outsiderhood than their outsiderhood as women. — Adrienne Rich

Functional Family Quotes By Rick Moody

Fucking family. Feeble and forlorn and floundering and foolish and frustrating and functional and sad, sad. Fucking family. Fiend or foe. — Rick Moody

Functional Family Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Sometimes, in interviews, I am asked whether The Endless are a dysfunctional family. I do not believe i have ever observed a "functional" family, families are comprised, in equal measure, of unquestioning and undeserved love and of unquestioning and cruelly undeserved irritation: we muddle along s best we can. And that's the best that can be said for us. — Neil Gaiman

Functional Family Quotes By Amanda Torrey

My family may be dysfunctional, but I think it's pretty functional in its dysfunction. — Amanda Torrey

Functional Family Quotes By Elin Hilderbrand

What I think is that every family is happy in their own fashion, and every family is unhappy in their own fashion. Every family is both functional and dysfunctional. — Elin Hilderbrand

Functional Family Quotes By David Sheff

I'm not sure if I know any 'functional' families, if functional means a family without difficult times and members who don't have a full range of problems. — David Sheff

Functional Family Quotes By Stephen Karam

So much of great American drama has been about a certain kind of dysfunctional family, and maybe my interests are in the kind of strange dysfunction that exists even among deeply functional families. — Stephen Karam

Functional Family Quotes By Andie MacDowell

I don't know that anyone comes from a truly functional family. — Andie MacDowell

Functional Family Quotes By Christopher Walken

Well, I don't play heroes obviously. I never played the guy who gets the girl. It might be interesting to do a part where I was a father in a functional family. — Christopher Walken

Functional Family Quotes By J. Budziszewski

There is even a certain tendency to punish those who do try to see. A case in point: At the dawn of the sexual revolution, social scientists produced statistical studies purporting to show that children are better off when quarreling parents divorce, that broken homes are just as functional as intact ones, and that cohabitation has no influence on the stability of a subsequent marriage. As anyone conversant with the field now knows, newer and more careful studies show all that to be wildly false. A young, untenured family sociologist whom I know used to circulate the results of these new studies secretly among other scholars. But he asked me and his other friends never to mention his name. Why? Because calling the mirage a mirage is a good way to end a career. — J. Budziszewski

Functional Family Quotes By Bell Hooks

Like hedonistic consumption, we are encouraged to believe that the excesses of the family are normal and that it is abnormal to believe that one can have a functional, loving family. — Bell Hooks