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Top Fudged Quotes

Fudged Quotes By Toby Barlow

The bullet we're running from is almost never the one that hits us. — Toby Barlow

Fudged Quotes By J.R. Ward

He stopped when he heard Wellsie's voice coming out of the study. ... some kind of nightmare. I mean, Tohr, he was terrified ... No, he fudged when I asked him what it was, and I didn't press. I think it's time he sees Havers. Yes ... UAH-Hugh. He should meet Wrath first. Okay. I love you, myhellren . What? God, Tohr, I feel the same way. I don't know how we ever lived without him. He is such a blessing. — J.R. Ward

Fudged Quotes By Karl G. Maeser

I would rather trust my child to a serpent than to a teacher who does not believe in God. — Karl G. Maeser

Fudged Quotes By Wilma Mankiller

Individually and collectively, Cherokee people possess an extraordinary ability to face down adversity and continue moving forward. — Wilma Mankiller

Fudged Quotes By Jeff Goins

You are a creator of content, a wizard of words. They need you. Act like it. — Jeff Goins

Fudged Quotes By Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham And Vaux

The schoolmaster is abroad, and I trust to him, armed with his primer, against the soldier in full military array. — Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham And Vaux

Fudged Quotes By King Of Queens

Wife credit is like a piece of fish. As soon as you get it, it starts to go bad. — King Of Queens

Fudged Quotes By Bobbie Ann Mason

Reading can be just feeding, but smart reading takes us further. The classroom is one way to go deeper, but we can't stay in school forever. — Bobbie Ann Mason

Fudged Quotes By Veronica Roth

In 'Insurgent' we realise how large the world really is — Veronica Roth

Fudged Quotes By Karl Popper

The history of science, like the history of all human ideas, is a history of irresponsible dreams, of obstinacy, and of error. But science is one of the very few human activities - perhaps the only one - in which errors are systematically criticized and fairly often, in time, corrected. This is why we can say that, in science, we often learn from our mistakes, and why we can speak clearly and sensibly about making progress there. — Karl Popper

Fudged Quotes By Flea

I worked full time jobs, basically doing manual labor until I could make enough money supporting myself as a musician. — Flea

Fudged Quotes By Edward S. Herman

The establishment can't admit [that] it is human rights violations that make ... countries attractive to business - so history has to be fudged, including denial of our support of regimes of terror and the practices that provide favorable climates of investment, and our destabilization of democracies that [don't] meet [the] standard of service to the transnational corporation ... — Edward S. Herman

Fudged Quotes By George W. Bush

America must not ignore the threat gathering against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud. — George W. Bush

Fudged Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Since the Enlightenment, in the great tension between rationalism (how we would like things to be so they make sense to us) and empiricism (how things are), we have been blaming the world for not fitting the beds of "rational" models, have tried to change humans to fit technology, fudged our ethics to fit our needs for employment, asked economic life to fit the theories of economists, and asked human life to squeeze into some narrative. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Fudged Quotes By Phil Collins

If a musician dares to get out of the box he's been put in, people get confused. They want people where they can find them! I am fortunate in some respects as I've always been known as someone who 'moves around' and tries different things. But generally, we are supposed to stay where we're put. — Phil Collins

Fudged Quotes By Dan Grajek

I would advise the curious reader to keep in mind the old adage "truth is stranger than fiction." Expect the most outlandish, fantastic and unbelievable elements of this story to be true, and the more low-key elements to be fudged. — Dan Grajek

Fudged Quotes By Alanea Alder

Hello little one. Did you know you're on private property?"

"Really? I had no idea." Meryn fudged.

He raised an eyebrow. "The ten foot fence right behind you didn't give it away? — Alanea Alder

Fudged Quotes By Dianne Feinstein

Yes, I support the death penalty. It is an issue that cannot be fudged or hedged. — Dianne Feinstein

Fudged Quotes By Katie Ashley

You need to eat your salad," Aidan finally said.
"Oh, so now you're telling me what to eat?"
"You're supposed to be eating a lot of green, leafy vegetables for the folic acid."
She arched her brows in surprise. "And just how do you know that?"
Through a mouthful of baked potato, he said, "What To Expect While You're Expecting. — Katie Ashley