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Fsm Quotes By Bobby Henderson

We find, counterintuitively, that a small population correlates with shorter humans, and a larger population correlates with taller humans. This only makes sense in light of the FSM theory of gravity. With more people on earth today, there are fewer Noodly Appendages to go around, so we each receive less touching - pushing down toward the earth - and thus, with less force downward, we're taller. — Bobby Henderson

Fsm Quotes By Bobby Henderson

Disclaimer: While Pastafarianism is the only religion based on empirical evidence, it should also be noted that this is a faith-based book. Attentive readers will note numerous holes and contradictions throughout the text; they will even find blatant lies and exaggerations. These have been placed there to test the reader's faith. — Bobby Henderson

Fsm Quotes By Bobby Henderson

We are not saying that Evolution can't exist, only that it is guided by His Noodly Appendage. — Bobby Henderson

Fsm Quotes By Jack Newfield

A study of the San Francisco Beat enclave by psychiatrist Dr. Francis Rigney in the late 1950's showed 60 percent "were so psychotic or crippled by tensions, anxiety and neurosis as to be nonfunctional in the competitive world." In contrast, the several studies released so far made of the student radicals at Berkeley show them to be stable, serious, and of above-average intelligence. The point is that the Beats had to "cop out" of the Rat Race because they couldn't perform; the New Left chooses to reject a society it could easily be successful in. — Jack Newfield

Fsm Quotes By Christian Thogolith

You don't have to see it to love it. Just love it for it is good and that is love. — Christian Thogolith