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Top Fringe Time Quotes

Fringe Time Quotes By Anne-Rae Vasquez

Writing is emotional ... it is baring your soul to the world and waiting for someone to acknowledge and love it, or shun and hate it, or worse be indifferent about it. — Anne-Rae Vasquez

Fringe Time Quotes By Warren Ellis

Whenever I find myself somehow fooled into doing one of these talks, it's on the grounds that some confused soul thinks that I will talk about the digital world and the future. What always happens is that I rant for an unspecified length of time about obscure history and fringe beliefs. So you need to understand that you are now trapped in this room with me and I've already been paid. This is my cunning plan. — Warren Ellis

Fringe Time Quotes By Alan W. Watts

The sensation of "I" as a lonely and isolated center of being is so powerful and commonsensical, and so fundamental to our modes of speech and thought, to our laws and social institutions, that we cannot experience selfhood except as something superficial in the scheme of the universe. I seem to be a brief light that flashes but once in all the aeons of time - a rare, complicated, and all-too-delicate organism on the fringe of biological evolution, where the wave of life bursts into individual, sparkling, and multicolored drops that gleam for a moment only to vanish forever. Under such conditioning it seems impossible and even absurd to realize that myself does not reside in the drop alone, but in the whole surge of energy which ranges from the galaxies to the nuclear fields in my body. — Alan W. Watts

Fringe Time Quotes By Seth Gabel

'Fringe' was the first time I realized that I could ever man up in a character and make this transition from being a boy or a young man into actually being a man. — Seth Gabel

Fringe Time Quotes By Thomas Lewis

The vocation of psychotherapy confers a few unexpected fringe benefits on its practitioners, and the following is one of them. It impels participation in a process that our modern world has all but forgotten: sitting in a room with another person for hours at a time with no purpose in mind but attending. As you do so, another world expands and comes alive to your senses
a world governed by forces that were old before humanity began. — Thomas Lewis

Fringe Time Quotes By Andrea Riseborough

Every time you get the chance to work with somebody you admire and would like to collaborate with ... it feels like the best opportunity that's ever come your way, whether that's in fringe theatre or a really big-budget Hollywood movie. — Andrea Riseborough

Fringe Time Quotes By Karl Ove Knausgard

The article said that Kevin Keegan was an extrovert while Kenny Dalglish was an introvert.
Just seeing the word introvert threw me into despair.
Was I an introvert?
Wasn't I?
Didn't I cry more than I laughed? Didn't I spend all my time reading in my room?
That was introverted behavior, wasn't it?
Introvert, introvert, I didn't want to be an introvert.
That was the last thing I wanted to be, there could be nothing worse.
But I was an introvert, and the insight grew like a kind of mental cancer within me.
Kenny Dalglish kept himself to himself.
Oh, so did I! But I didn't want that. I wanted to be an extrovert! An extrovert! — Karl Ove Knausgard

Fringe Time Quotes By John Polson

I do prime time network shows like 'Blue Bloods.' I've done 'Fringe,' I've done 'The Good Wife,' done a lot of 'The Mentalist.' — John Polson

Fringe Time Quotes By Laura Dekker

When I'm not surfing or sailing, I am to be found at the harbour working on my boat. — Laura Dekker

Fringe Time Quotes By Lawrence Summers

Where countries have been able to carry through on their reform commitments
as in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines
results are starting to come in the form of lower interest rates, new investment and increased growth. — Lawrence Summers

Fringe Time Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

Not just in commerce but in the world of ideas too our age is putting on a veritable clearance sale. Everything can be had so dirt cheap that one begins to wonder whether in the end anyone will want to make a bid. — Soren Kierkegaard

Fringe Time Quotes By Kristen Simmons

Losing your family ... .it puts fear in a different perspective," he said. "Besides, I got by all right. I stayed on the fringe around Chicago, hoped around tent cities and Red Cross camps. Worked for some people who didn't ask questions. Avoided case-workers and foster care. And thought about you."
"Me?" I huffed, completely unsettled. In awe at how vanilla my life seemed. In awe of what he'd endured, He turned then, meeting my eyes for the first time. When he spoke, his voice was gentle, and unashamed.
"You. The only thing in my life that doesn't change. When everything went to hell, you were all I had. — Kristen Simmons

Fringe Time Quotes By Alex Pareene

Only a small rich fringe hates Social Security for disincentivizing 80-year-olds from seeking full-time employment. — Alex Pareene

Fringe Time Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

I went to interview some of these early Jewish colonial zealots - written off in those days as mere 'fringe' elements - and found that they called themselves Gush Emunim or - it sounded just as bad in English - 'The Bloc of the Faithful.' Why not just say 'Party of God' and have done with it? At least they didn't have the nerve to say that they stole other people's land because their own home in Poland or Belarus had been taken from them. They said they took the land because god had given it to them from time immemorial. In the noisome town of Hebron, where all of life is focused on a supposedly sacred boneyard in a dank local cave, one of the world's less pretty sights is that of supposed yeshivah students toting submachine guns and humbling the Arab inhabitants. When I asked one of these charmers where he got his legal authority to be a squatter, he flung his hand, index finger outstretched, toward the sky. — Christopher Hitchens

Fringe Time Quotes By Iris Murdoch

Writing is like getting married. One should never commit oneself until one is amazed at one's luck. — Iris Murdoch

Fringe Time Quotes By Michael Muhammad Knight

People say that America has no religion, but it's the opposite: America has every religion, all the old ones, and produces more new ones than anywhere else on earth. America;'s religious life is like the photo mosaic in which a thousand little images add up to one big picture, except there's no big picture, just a blob of unrelated and unrelatable images, texts, and poses, the freedom to take what you want from a religion and reject hte rest and be lonely, standing outsdie the warm shelters of temples with your own goon god that no one else can understand. — Michael Muhammad Knight

Fringe Time Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If a person is saved, and still continues to live according to his former worldly way of life, he is
not only destroying himself and his salvation - he is also destroying his whole life. — Sunday Adelaja

Fringe Time Quotes By Amy Leigh Mercree

In every heart a waterfall of love is primed to shower the world. — Amy Leigh Mercree

Fringe Time Quotes By Ralph Martin

I think there are a lot of closet charismatics out there. A lot of [clergy] personally have had their vocations saved because of their experience of Christ and the Holy Spirit through the renewal, but they discovered it wasn't cool [to say so out loud] because it was considered fringe. They got the message from the environment not to talk about it very much. I think the time has come for the closet charismatics to come out. — Ralph Martin

Fringe Time Quotes By Lydia Millet

Then there was the gray of human habitation. The blue places were turning brown, the yellow places to dust, the green places to smoke and ashes. Each time one of the animals disappeared
they went by species or sometimes by organizations of species, interconnected
it was as though all mountains were gone, or all lakes. A certain form of the world. But in the gray that metastasized over continents and hemispheres few appeared to be deterred by this extinguishing or even to speak of it, no one outside fringe elements and elite groups, professors and hippies, small populations of little general importance. The quiet mass disappearance, the inversion of the Ark, was passing unnoticed. — Lydia Millet

Fringe Time Quotes By Walter De La Mare

Tell them I came, and no one answered, That I kept my word, he said. Never the least stir made the listeners, Though every word he spake Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house From the one man left awake: Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup, And the sound of iron on stone, And how the silence surged softly backward, When the plunging hoofs were gone. — Walter De La Mare

Fringe Time Quotes By Dave Eggers

And there was a wonderful thing that tended to happen, something that felt like poetic justice: every time someone started shouting about the supposed monopoly of the Circle, or the Circle's unfair monetization of the personal data of its users, or some other paranoid and demonstrably false claim, soon enough it was revealed that that person was a criminal or deviant of the highest order. One was connected to a terror network in Iran. One was a buyer of child porn. Every time, it seemed, they would end up on the news, footage of investigators leaving their homes with computers, on which any number of unspeakable searches had been executed and where reams of illegal and inappropriate materials were stored. And it made sense. Who but a fringe character would try to impede the unimpeachable improvement of the world? — Dave Eggers

Fringe Time Quotes By Fannie Flagg

As the doctor said, When a fifty-eight-year-old man goes downtown dressed up in a Dale Evans cowgirl outfit, complete with a skirt with fringe, it's time ... — Fannie Flagg

Fringe Time Quotes By Machado De Assis

Imagine a man between thirty-eight and forty, tall, slim, and pale. His clothes, except for their style, looked as if they'd escaped from the Babylonian captivity. The hat was a contemporary of one of Gessler's. Imagine now a frock coat broader than the needs of his frame
or, literally, that person's bones. The fringe had disappeared some time ago, of the eight original buttons, three were left. The brown drill trousers had two strong knee patches, while the cuffs had been chewed by the heels of boots that bore no pity or polish. About his neck the ends of a tie of two faded colors floated, gripping a week-old collar. I think he was also wearing a dark silk vest, torn in places and unbuttoned.
"I'll bet you don't know me, my good Dr. Cubas," he said.
"I can't recall ... "
"I'm Borba, Quincas Borba. — Machado De Assis

Fringe Time Quotes By Kelsea Ballerini

For a long time, because I'm pretty tall, I was scared to wear heels, but now I wear them all the time. I feel like I'm still discovering my stage style, but I love - well, I'm not a huge color person onstage, but I am in real life. I like short stuff, big heels, fringe, lots of fringe, sometimes sparkle, yeah! — Kelsea Ballerini

Fringe Time Quotes By Alan Watts

I seem to be a brief light that flashes but once in all the aeons of time a rare, complicated, and all-too-delicate organism on the fringe of biological evolution , where the wave of life bursts into individual, sparkling, and multicolored drops that gleam for a moment ... only to vanish forever. — Alan Watts

Fringe Time Quotes By Alan Hovhaness

I was born in Somerville, but I don't remember very much about it because we moved from there to Arlington when I was five years old, and it was in Arlington that I spent most of my childhood. — Alan Hovhaness

Fringe Time Quotes By George Sand

Let us leave political questions to be decided by the powers concerned," Sir Ralph would say, "as we have adopted a form of government which forbids us to discuss our interests ourselves. If a nation is responsible for the faults of its legislature, what one can you find that is guiltier than yours? — George Sand

Fringe Time Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

If I were a physics teacher or a science teacher, it'd be on my mind all the time as how the hell we really got this way. It's a perfectly natural human thought and, okay, if you go into the science class you can't think this. Well, alright, as soon as you leave you can start thinking about it again without giving aid and comfort to the lunatic fringe of the Christian religion. — Kurt Vonnegut

Fringe Time Quotes By Michael Frost

I, for one, am happy to see the end of Christendom. I'm glad that we can no longer rely on temporal, cultural supports to reinforce our message or the validity of our presence. I suspect that the increasing marginalization of the Christian movement in the West is the very thing that will wake us up to the marvelously exciting, dangerous, and confronting message of Jesus. If we are exiles on foreign soil - post-Christendom, postmodern, postliterate, and so on - then maybe at last it's time to start living like exiles, as a pesky, fringe-dwelling alternative to the dominant forces of our times. As the saying goes, "Way out people know the way out."[8 — Michael Frost

Fringe Time Quotes By Alice Hoffman

My theory is that everyone at one time or another has been at the fringe of society in some way: an outcast in high school, a stranger in a foreign country, the best at something, the worst at something, the one who's different. Being an outsider is the one thing we all have in common. — Alice Hoffman

Fringe Time Quotes By April White

I have immense respect for teachers who know what they're doing. I feel like I'm just winging it most of the time, and a pack of wild twelve-year-olds will see my weakness and tear me to shreds. — April White

Fringe Time Quotes By Tove Jansson

Moomintroll bent down to wake the Snork Maiden up, and then he noticed a terrible thing. Her beautiful fluffy fringe was burnt right off. It must have happened when the Hattifatteners brushed against her. What could he say? How could he comfort her? It was a catastrophe!
The Snork Maiden opened her eyes and smiled.
"Do you know," said Moomintroll hastily, "it's most extraordinary, but as time goes on I'm beginning to prefer girls without hair?"
"Really?" she said with a look of surprise. "Why is that?"
"Hair looks so untidy!" replied Moomintroll. — Tove Jansson

Fringe Time Quotes By Seth Gabel

I was always prepared for my 'Fringe' journey to end immediately. I had only signed up for a guest role but they kept bringing me back in the third season as a recurring character. So pretty much every time I went to film a 'Fringe' episode I kind of said goodbye to the show, but then they kept bringing me back. — Seth Gabel

Fringe Time Quotes By Milton Friedman

At the end of World War II, we had wage and price controls. Under wartime inflationary conditions, many employers found it difficult to recruit employees. To get around the limitations of wage control, many began to offer health care as a fringe benefit to attract workers. As a new benefit, it took some years for the Internal Revenue Service to get around to requiring the cost of the medical care to be included in the reported taxable income of the employees. By the time it did, workers had come to regard nontaxable medical care provided by the employer as a right - or should I say entitlement? They raised such a big political fuss that Congress legislated nontaxable status for employer-provided medical care. — Milton Friedman