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Top Friendship Reunion Quotes

Friendship Reunion Quotes By Toba Beta

Reunion reveals friendship potential that haven't yet been emerged in the past. — Toba Beta

Friendship Reunion Quotes By Marcella Purnama

I hated reunions. It made myself felt so little afterwards. When I was there, I couldn't help not knowing. But after I knew things, I couldn't stop comparing. I was congratulating people when they told me the good news, but deep inside I was wondering whether their good news was better than mine. Life wasn't supposed to be a competition, but it really felt like one. — Marcella Purnama

Friendship Reunion Quotes By Rick Riordan

Jason's heart lifted when he saw Nico di Angelo on the front lines with the Greeks, slashing his way through a crowd of two-headed men. — Rick Riordan

Friendship Reunion Quotes By Christine McVie

You look out into the audience and you see so much joy on people's faces. You make eye contact with people who are almost crying because they can't believe they're seeing the Rumours five back again, they can't believe their eyes. It's almost like a family reunion on stage, there's no angst, there's no animosity, there's just tremendous amount of friendship. — Christine McVie

Friendship Reunion Quotes By Albert Camus

In different degrees, in every part of the town, men and women had been yearning for a reunion, not of the same kind for all, but for all alike ruled out. Most of them had longed intensely for an absent one, for the warmth of a body, for love, or merely a life that habit had endeared. Some, often without knowing it, suffered from being deprived of the company of friends and from their inability to get in touch with them through the usual channels of friendship - letters, trains, and boats. Others, fewer these ... had desired a reunion with something they couldn't have defined, but which seemed to them the only desirable thing on earth. For want of a better name, they sometimes called it peace. — Albert Camus

Friendship Reunion Quotes By Morgan Matson

Anyone else would have probably stayed put
or at least looked deeply uncomfortable, but Frank seemed like he was taking this in stride, like helping to reunite friends was just a normal thing he did. — Morgan Matson