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Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Justin Bieber

I'm still rough around the edges. I grew up with not a lot of money, and just played sports my whole life. So you develop the sports-mouth with all of your friends. — Justin Bieber

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Bella Thorne

I do have many of the same friends I grew up with. Most I've known since we were three or four years old! I have made new friends as well. — Bella Thorne

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Steven Curtis Chapman

Writing songs out of my faith was a real natural progression. I grew up singing in my dad's choir and singing with my family. Christian music became the music that I identified myself with and was a way that I expressed my faith. Even at a public school I would take my Christian music in and play it for my friends. — Steven Curtis Chapman

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Emiliano Salinas

I was born in 1976. I grew up in a traditional Mexican family. As a child, I had a pretty normal life: I would go to school, play with my friends and cousins. But then my father became President of Mexico, and my life changed. — Emiliano Salinas

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

Job endured everything - until his friends came to comfort him, then he grew impatient. — Soren Kierkegaard

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Len Wiseman

With Die Hard it was just something that I, you know, I grew up with those movies. I made a Die Hard movie with my friends in my backyard during high school. It was terrible. — Len Wiseman

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Aaron Sorkin

I don't want to analyze myself or anything, but I think, in fact I know this to be true, that I enter the world through what I write.
I grew up believing, and continue to believe, that I am a screw-up, that growing up with my family and friends, I had nothing to offer in any conversation.
But when I started writing, suddenly there was something that I brought to the party that was at a high-enough level. — Aaron Sorkin

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Robbie Amell

I grew up watching 'Power Rangers,' 'Ninja Turtles', 'Batman.' You name it, I was a huge fan. And that's what I used to play with my friends. We would have the masks and the swords and pretend we had super powers. — Robbie Amell

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Gaelen Foley

I know. i don't understand it," Max shook his head, bewildered. "Am I seeing things?"
"Couldn't have been a trick of the mind, could it? Nostalgia, a remembrance of old friends?" Jordan suggested.
"Or his ghost?" Rohan added.
They just looked at him.
"I grew up in a haunted castle, boys. If you've never had a ghost try to push you down the stairs, you've never lived. — Gaelen Foley

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Kate Kerrigan

It is easy to make friends, but not so easy to keep them in the long term. You cancel a couple of arrangements because you are tired, or it seems too far to travel in traffic, and then next thing you know you have not seen somebody you considered a close friend in over a year. In the small town where I grew up, you saw the same people day in and day out for years. My mother was friends with the girls she went to school with until the day she died. I enjoyed the anonymous freedoms of the city, but now I wondered if I had enjoyed them enough to justify being lonely in my latter years. I missed seeing people every day, meeting old friends and making new ones. — Kate Kerrigan

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Jamie Dornan

One of my favorite things about my life is that I have the same group of friends that I grew up with. I love them so dearly, and we give each other a hard time. — Jamie Dornan

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Ryan Coogler

I grew up with white friends, Asian friends - Vietnamese, Chinese, Pacific Islanders. I had Hispanic friends, not just Mexican friends, but Guatemalan friends, Honduran friends, and we knew the difference, you know? — Ryan Coogler

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Sherry Turkle

With the persistence of data, there is, too, the persistence of people. If you friend someone as a ten-year-old, it takes positive action to unfriend that person. In principle, everyone wants to stay in touch with the people they grew up with but social networking makes the idea of "people from one's past" close to an anachronism. Corbin reaches for a way to express his discomfort. he says "For the first time, people will stay your friends. It makes it harder to let go of your life and move on." Sanjay, sixteen, who wonders if he will be "writing on my friends' walls when I'm a grown-up," sums up his misgivings: "For the first time people can stay in touch with people all of their lives. But it used to be good that people could leave their high school friends behind and take on new identities. — Sherry Turkle

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By St. Lucia

When I think back, I felt like I had the life that a lot of white American kids grew up with in the suburbs in the States. I started noticing, as Apartheid's grip weakened, that we had more and more black kids at school; I had more and more black friends. But I never really saw a separation between myself and the black kids at school. — St. Lucia

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Johanna Braddy

I grew up on classic Nintendo, which was amazing. My best friends were hardcore into it. — Johanna Braddy

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Sam Altman

I grew up with a computer, and many of my friends were people I met online. — Sam Altman

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Olivia Munn

Probably the geekiest attribute that I have of them all is that I've always had a hard time meeting friends. Like no matter where I grew up and I moved around, I always had a hard time. — Olivia Munn

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Spencer Johnson

Them smile. One read: Having Cheese Makes You Happy. Sometimes Hem and Haw would take their friends by to see their pile of Cheese at Cheese Station C, and point to it with pride, saying, "Pretty nice Cheese, huh?" Sometimes they shared it with their friends and sometimes they didn't. "We deserve this Cheese," Hem said. "We certainly had to work long and hard enough to find it." He picked up a nice fresh piece and ate it. Afterward, Hem fell asleep, as he often did. Every night the Littlepeople would waddle home, full of Cheese, and every morning they would confidently return for more. This went on for quite some time. After a while Hem's and Haw's confidence grew into the arrogance of success. Soon they became so comfortable they didn't even notice what was happening. As — Spencer Johnson

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Gregory Hines

I grew up in the '50s, a tough time for African Americans. I had friends whose fathers would openly say, 'Just bite your tongu;, don't cause any problems.' My father was not like that. Even in the toughest times racially, if somebody disrespected his family, they were in trouble. — Gregory Hines

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Mary J. Blige

I grew up watching MTV, when Journey was huge, when Pat Benatar had 'Love Is a Battlefield,' and my friends and I used to cut school to watch this woman in the video. We loved Pat Benatar. — Mary J. Blige

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Robert Pattinson

It's nice that I've grown up with the same friends since I was 12, I have a very close knit set of them ... I grew up with a lot of people who a lot of other people regarded as heroes, and no one ever came to me for advice, no one ever came to me for protection, and so I don't ever really think I've been looked at as a hero. — Robert Pattinson

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Mackenzie Herbert

I know you're just trying to be kind. But the world isn't always kind. So sometimes you have to know what you're up against, and match it.' He held up a hand to stop the words about to be spoken; I could see the vague shape of it hovering in the blackness. 'I know it's not right to fight fire with fire. But sometimes, it's all we've got." His voice grew soft, and, in the darkness, his hand found mine, squeezed. 'Don't put your fire out, Kaitlyn. Use it, or pass the torch. — Mackenzie Herbert

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Adam D'Angelo

We started off by inviting our friends to use Quora, and then they invited their friends, and it just grew from there. — Adam D'Angelo

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Kate Bornstein

We grew up creating this whole world view for ourselves because it's not there in the culture. What am I? And I have to build this world view in the absence of books, radio and television, anything, even conversation, Mom or Dad or brother or sister or friends. I have to build a world view of who I am or I go stark, raving mad. Every transsexual in the past has had to do this. — Kate Bornstein

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Matthew Perry

I grew up babysitting and always enjoyed it. I love family. A couple of my closest friends have kids, and I'm their godfather, and that's one of my greatest pleasures in life, just picking them up from school and hanging out with them. — Matthew Perry

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Shenae Grimes

For me, I grew up in a house doing charity work for homeless people, and my parents had a lot of homeless friends. We were always taught to not discriminate and not judge. — Shenae Grimes

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Mark Twain

face lit up with a glow of gratitude that was prayer, though he did not know it. Then furtively the percussion-cap box came out. He released the tick and put him on the long flat desk. The creature probably glowed with a gratitude that amounted to prayer, too, at this moment, but it was premature: for when he started thankfully to travel off, Tom turned him aside with a pin and made him take a new direction. Tom's bosom friend sat next him, suffering just as Tom had been, and now he was deeply and gratefully interested in this entertainment in an instant. This bosom friend was Joe Harper. The two boys were sworn friends all the week, and embattled enemies on Saturdays. Joe took a pin out of his lapel and began to assist in exercising the prisoner. The sport grew in interest momently. Soon Tom said that they were interfering with each other, and neither getting the fullest benefit of the tick. So he put Joe's slate on the desk and drew a line down the middle of it from top to bottom. — Mark Twain

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Taylor Lautner

I've always been really active. I grew up playing sports, so I'm always shooting hoops or throwing the football with my friends. I'm super-active in that sense. — Taylor Lautner

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By John Legend

John Legend is a nickname that some friends started calling me, and it kind of grew into my stage name. — John Legend

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Maeve Binchy

I live in Ireland near the sea, only one mile from where I grew up - that's good, since I've known many of my neighbours for between 50-60 years. Gordon and I play chess every day, and we are both equally bad. We play chatty, over-talkative bad bridge with friends every week. — Maeve Binchy

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Rashida Jones

I think it's a relatable concept - when you have a long-term relationship or marriage, and you want to try to be friends with that person, because you kind of grew up with that person and they know you better than anyone, and how it's just impossible to make that transition seamlessly. — Rashida Jones

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Kendrick Lamar

You grow up inside these neighborhoods and these communities, and you have friends, friends that you love, friends that you grew up with since elementary. And you have their trust, and you have their loyalty. So it brings influence. So no matter how much of a leader I thought I was, I was always under the influence, period. — Kendrick Lamar

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Stephen Fry

This is what you have to understand. You grew up, you went to this school and that one, you made these friends and those. It was nothing. The future is a much bigger deal than the past, Adrian, a much bigger deal. Not just because it has babies in it, but because there are better people in it, who are better behaved and more fun to be with, the scenery is better, the weather is better, the rewards and thrills are better. But I really am not sure that you will ever... — Stephen Fry

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Craig Thompson

Most of my Muslim friends are politically liberal in a lot of senses. They are far more open-minded than the Christian circles I grew up in, which are, you know, actually scarier. That said, too, I still identify with the teachings of Jesus. I don't think they resemble or relate to modern-day Christianity. — Craig Thompson

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Seann William Scott

I grew up in Minnesota and everyone is so nice there. It is like Fargo. Everyone's so chipper and you make friends just grocery shopping. We kill each other with kindness. — Seann William Scott

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Grimes

I have a lot of Japanese friends: I grew up in Vancouver, and there's this huge Japanese population over there. — Grimes

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Alice Sebold

Years passed. The trees in our yard grew taller. I watched my family and my friends and neighbors, the teachers whom I'd had or imaged having, the high school I had dreamed about. As I sat in the gazebo I would pretend instead that I was sitting on the topmost branch of the maple under which my brother had swallowed a stick and still played hide-and-seek with Nate, or I would perch on the railing of a stairwell in New York and wait for Ruth to pass near. I would study with Ray. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway on a warm afternoon of salty air with my mother. But I would end each day with my father in his den.
I would lay these photographs down in my mind, those gathered from my constant watching, and I could trace how one thing- my death- connected these images to a single source. No one could have predicted how my loss would change small moments on Earth. But I held on to those moments, hoarded them. None of them were lost as long as I was there. — Alice Sebold

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

He was resentful against all those in authority over him, and this, combined with a lazy indifference toward his work, exasperated every master in school. He grew discouraged and imagined himself a pariah; took to sulking in corners and reading after lights. With a dread of being alone he attached a few friends, but since they were not among the elite of the school, he used them simply as mirrors of himself, audiences before which he might do that posing absolutely essential to him. He was unbearably lonely, desperately unhappy. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Megan Erickson

I ran my fingers along his jaw and he stroked my hip. We didn't talk because there were no words to say, nothing to describe the moment where we grew from boys who were best friends to men who were lovers. — Megan Erickson

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Roger Daltrey

We weren't wealthy but we definitely weren't poor. We were incredibly rich because there was a wonderful community in Shepherd's Bush, where I grew up. All my friends were into villainy and crime. — Roger Daltrey

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Anne Lamott

I am the woman I grew to be partly in spite of my mother, and partly because of the extraordinary love of her best friends, and my own best friends' mothers, and from surrogates, many of whom were not women at all but gay men. I have loved them my entire life, even after their passing. — Anne Lamott

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Dan Baum

Life in New Orleans is all about making the present--this moment, right now--as pleasant as possible. So New Orleanians, by and large, aren't tortured by the frenzy to achieve, acquire, and manage the unmanageable future. Their days are built around the things that other Americans have pushed out of their lives by incessant work: art, music, elaborate cooking, and--most of all--plenty of relaxed time with family and friends. Their jobs are really just the things they do to earn a little money; they're not the organiing principle of life. While this isn't a worldview particularly conducive to getting things done, getting things done isn't the most important thing in New Orleans. Living life is. Once you've tasted that, and especially if it's how you grew up, life everywhere else feels thin indeed. — Dan Baum

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Florence Welch

My siblings and I were friends with the boys who would become our stepbrothers - we grew up on the same street. I feel very special to have these amazing people in my life and if we hadn't all moved into this big house together I think I would have missed out on that, because we would have drifted apart. — Florence Welch

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Donald Driver

I grew up homeless, you know, lived in and out of U-Haul trucks and, you know, apartment houses, friends. — Donald Driver

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Brandon Adams

I grew up in Inglewood, L.A., and South Central. I was always humbled by my situation. I would go on set and come home to my neighborhood and my block to my friends, and it would be a whole other story. — Brandon Adams

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Tom Glavine

Everything with me is normal except when I pitch (in Fenway Park). When I pitch here it's a little different. There is a little more anxiety to go along with the nostalgia because this is the park I grew up with as a kid. This is the park I dreamed of playing Major League Baseball in and no other ballpark has that feeling for me. There are a lot more family and friends here than in my normal starts and I want to pitch well here. — Tom Glavine

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Gael Garcia Bernal

I grew up with a lot of exiles from Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia - I grew up with them, and I gained a family; I gained friends. — Gael Garcia Bernal

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Eva LaRue

I grew up at 'All My Children;' I got married, had a daughter and made life-long friends there! — Eva LaRue

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Amy Schumer

The girls that I grew up with, and my friends and I, we just never had interests in common. I loved comedy. I loved Saturday Night Live, Gilda Radner, Lucille Ball, and Goldie Hawn movies. I just wanted to laugh. I liked women in comedy, and I liked male comics as I got a little older. My interests just never matched up with other girls'. — Amy Schumer

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Patrick Stump

I love Korean food, and it's kind of like home to me. The area that I grew up in outside Chicago, Glenview, is heavily Korean. A lot of my friends growing up were Korean and when I would eat dinner at their houses, their parents wouldn't tell me the names of the dishes because I would butcher the language. — Patrick Stump

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Michael Chabon

I grew up in Columbia, Maryland, a planned community built during the sixties. During the early years, it was very integrated. I grew up being taught by black teachers with black principals and vice principals and, you know, a lot of black friends. We played in mixed groups, and I kind of thought that was how it was. — Michael Chabon

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Tarkan

My friends sometimes call me "Alamanci" (Turkish for German) But it actually doesn't matter to me. I would more likely consider myself a Turkish person who grew up in Germany. — Tarkan

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Matisyahu

I grew up pretty secular. I went to public school, and all the Jews that I knew, none of them were religious. While probably half of my friends were Jewish, they were all secular Jews. We went to Hebrew school, we knew we were Jewish, but it wasn't a major part of our existence. — Matisyahu

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Jake Gyllenhaal

I grew up in a family where many of our close friends were gay couples. As well as that, every man goes through a period of thinking they're attracted to another guy. — Jake Gyllenhaal

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Jan C. Ting

Both my parents were immigrants, as were many of their friends, the parents of the children with whom I grew up. Of course I respect and admire immigrants and their undeniable contributions to America, as we all should. — Jan C. Ting

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Liz Murray

But I know I didn't love school for school's sake. I had never really been what people call an 'academic' person, nor did I see myself becoming one. Instead, I took pleasure in the fact that my work existed in a social setting, one that was based on the promise of a brighter future. I knew that what I adored about school was that each of my assignments - readings, essays, or in-class presentations - was inseparable from my relationships [ ... ] If I loved school at all, I loved it for what it provided me access to: bonds with people I grew to cherish. And nothing was better than working toward my dreams alongside people I loved who were doing the same. — Liz Murray

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Kodi Smit-McPhee

My friends in Australia, they grew up with me acting, so they're used to it. — Kodi Smit-McPhee

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Samantha Chase

You're the devil, you know that, right?"
His smile grew and became just a bit wicked. "You know it, sweetheart. — Samantha Chase

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Mary S. Lovell

Sydney enjoyed living in the country, though she took no direct part in field sports. After her marriage, there is no record of her shooting or hunting, though as a girl she rode well and often, and when she accompanied her father to Scotland in 1898 she was regarded as 'a brilliant shot'.33 As they grew up she encouraged her children to follow the hounds of the Heythrop Hunt and join their father when he fished and shot, but if they were not interested she was unconcerned. Many of her friends would have said she was a countrywoman, but she enjoyed London too. — Mary S. Lovell

Friends You Grew Up With Quotes By Tammy Blanchard

I love going to the local market and seeing friends that I grew up with ... and having conversations. I love the community of Bayonne. — Tammy Blanchard