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Fractional Banking Quotes & Sayings

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Fractional Banking Quotes By Llewellyn Rockwell

The Fed is pushing a variety of workarounds that would inject trillions in new money into the economy while bypassing the banking system altogether. Time will tell whether or not this will succeed. Meanwhile, a serious danger lurks around the corner. Once the recession is over, the lending will start again. With fractional-reserve banking and limitless supplies of cash on hand, we will likely see the overall price trends reversed, from deflation to inflation to possible hyperinflation. — Llewellyn Rockwell

Fractional Banking Quotes By Orrin Woodward

New Golden Rule of Fractional Reserve Banking: He who creates the "fool's gold" controls the fools. — Orrin Woodward

Fractional Banking Quotes By Murray Rothbard

Having examined the nature of fractional reserve and of central banking, and having seen how the questionable blessings of Central Banking were fastened upon America, it is time to see precisely how the Fed, as presently constituted, carries out its systemic inflation and its control of the American monetary system. — Murray Rothbard

Fractional Banking Quotes By Murray Rothbard

It should be clear that modern fractional reserve banking is a shell game, a Ponzi scheme, a fraud in which fake warehouse receipts are issued and circulate as equivalent to the cash supposedly represented by those receipts. — Murray Rothbard

Fractional Banking Quotes By Murray Rothbard

Out of the bitter experiences of the panic of 1819 emerged the beginnings of the Jacksonian movement, dedicated to hard money, the eradication of fractional reserve banking in general, and of the Bank of the United States in particular. — Murray Rothbard