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Fox And The Hound Quotes & Sayings

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Top Fox And The Hound Quotes

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Walt Disney Company

Good bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be. — Walt Disney Company

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Jack Higgins

I realized fear one morning, with the blare of the fox hunter's sound. When they're all chasin' the poor bloody fox, 'tis safer to be dressed like the hound. — Jack Higgins

Fox And The Hound Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

A sensible person does not read a novel as a task. He reads it as a diversion. He is prepared to interest himself in the characters and is concerned to see how they act in given circumstances, and what happens to them; he sympathizes with their troubles and is gladdened by their joys; he puts himself in their place and, to an extent, lives their lives. Their view of life, their attitude to the great subjects of human speculation, whether stated in words or shown in action, call forth in him a reaction of surprise, of pleasure or of indignation. But he knows instinctively where his interest lies and he follows it as surely as a hound follows the scent of a fox. Sometimes, through the author's failure, he loses the scent. Then he flounders about till he finds it again. He skips. — W. Somerset Maugham

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Ned Beauman

You know she'll probably be at the party tonight? Which is why I'm absolutely not going if we don't get some coke.'
'Egon, why is it that every single time you're obliged to be in the same room with one of your ex-girlfriends you have to make it into a huge emergency? It's incredibly boring.'
'Come on. You know how it is. You catch sight of an old flame and get this breathless
animal prickle like a fox in a room with a hound. And then all night you have to seem carefree and successful and elated, which is a pretence that for some reason you feel no choice but to maintain even though you know they're better qualified than anyone else
in the world to detect immediately that you're really the same hapless cunt as ever.'
'That's adolescent. The fact that you are so neurotic about your past lovers makes it both fortunate and predictable that you have so few of them. It's one of those elegant self-regulating systems that one so often finds in nature. — Ned Beauman

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

Beware the man who beguiles you, Lori-Angel. Those are the ones who won't commit to you. Oh, they'll show you wonders, to be sure, and they'll spin your head with their pleasurable ways. But in the end, they always leave you and your broken heart far behind. Believe me, 'tis better to have the simple hound than to follow the fox. Though the fox is fairer to behold, the hound knows where his home is and dutifully he stays, while the handsome fox is ever off to find new game. (Anne Bonny) — Kinley MacGregor

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Walt Disney Company

Forever is a long long time and time has a way of changing things — Walt Disney Company

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Mickey Rooney

Everyone who worked on 'The Fox and the Hound' is important. We're all lucky to be in a business that we love. — Mickey Rooney

Fox And The Hound Quotes By Adam Christopher

Over two days, the remaining superheroic population of the Earth had heeded the call--by ship, teleport, magical portal, elemental transduction...the H-Man, Pangolin the Protector, Glass Tambourine, Omega-Mur, Hammer and Sickle, Jackdaw, the Infinite Wisdom, Doctor Mandragora, Czar and Tzar and Star, Kalamari Karl, Lightening Dancer, Doctor Chlorophyll, Jack Viking, Monomaniac, the Gin Fairy, the Holy Ghanta, the Bandolier, the Nuclear Atom, the Mysterious Flame, Moonstalker, Cataclysm and Inferno, the Skyguard II, Your Imaginary Pal, Dark Storm, the Hate Witch, Psychofire, Rabid, Riot, Fox and Hound, Hydrolad, Captain Fuji, Captain Cape Town, Captain Australia, Captain...Jeannie lost count, one uniform and one costume blurring into another. — Adam Christopher