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Top Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Megan Crane

Forgiveness and acceptance, I thought as we found a spot near the largest tree in the lobby. Although I'd been kidding with Georgia, I was pretty sure those were the keys to relationships. Everything else was just ego and hurt feelings. — Megan Crane

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Kenneth Pargament

Forgiveness offers the possibility of two types of peace: peace of mind - the potential healing of old emotional wounds, and peace with others - the possibility of new, more gratifying relationships in the future. — Kenneth Pargament

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

There is strength in forgiveness. — Ellen Hopkins

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Carlos Wallace

In relationships, everyone makes mistakes. If you are forgiven for yours, don't take it for granted. — Carlos Wallace

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Jason Versey

For a father what greater gift is there than a daughter's heart? Dads, we hold the key to all its complexities. So love them in a way that teaches self respect, confidence, compassion and forgiveness. If we show them now how to be loved and cherished their chances of fostering healthy relationships in the future dramatically increase. Don't fail at this. The repercussions will last for generations. ~Jason Versey — Jason Versey

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Shea Darian

As we embrace the mystery of love, we see that it contains not an absence of error, but the presence of grace. It contains not the absence of anger or pain, but the presence of forgiveness and healing. Not the absence of disharmony or confusion, but the presence of peace and clarity.
To make a home into a sanctuary, we must be willing to make room in our hearts for one another's limitations, as well as our gifts. For it is here in this sacred space of the home and family, so brimming with life, so full of every emotion available to our hearts, that we learn what it means to love within all the nuances of an intimate relationship. — Shea Darian

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Shannon Mullen

He nods, looking through the pictures on the screen on the back of his camera. Some relationships can only exist as memories. But unlike ephemeral digital images that can be sorted and deleted, we can't erase the past. We have to learn to live with all the images that are stored in love's archive, memories tagged good and bad. No Photoshopping. Accept the negative before moving forward. — Shannon Mullen

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By H. Kirk Rainer

eRemember though, that happiness can never be achieved through the expectations levied on another; such a notion is not doomed to fail - but is just doomed! Happiness can never be achieved through the distress or destruction that one imposes on the other person. When a child, now grown-up, does not resolve their deep-seeded anger with a parent or parents, the "other person" plays Hell trying to make-up for it. Married, divorced or dead, the 'other person' can never replace what was lost so much
earlier in the life and soul of the oppressed. Forgiveness must be the course for any future, substantive relationships. — H. Kirk Rainer

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Susan Blackburn

The Power of Forgiveness

Research shows that practicing forgiveness will make you happier, improves your health, strengthens relationships.

In terms of it being a skill, forgiveness is probably one of the most challenging to learn. It's right up there with acceptance, unconditional love. — Susan Blackburn

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Carla L. Rueckert

The thing to hold on to in forgiving is that most often the people who are hurting us do not know what they are doing. In fact it is fair to say that none of us knows the impact of our actions in relationships, at least for a lot of the time. We are all unaware of our power to hurt and to heal. — Carla L. Rueckert

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Matt Chandler

Whenever relationships can't be restored, it's because someone is not willing to move forward in the promises of God. — Matt Chandler

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Zara D. Green

Here's the truth: It is not Grown to expect a relationship to provide what you are not committed to providing for yourself. The capacity for others to love you can never exceed the love you demonstrate for yourself. Furthermore, you don't attract what you want in relationships, but what you are. So if you want financial security in a relationship, you need to commit to providing that for yourself. If tender, loving treatment is what you desire, then you should be giving that to yourself as a single person. If you seek forgiveness, compassion and emotional safety in a relationship, you must be committed to requiring that of yourself in single life. If you want a relationship rich with fun, joy and adventure, then that is exactly the life you should be pursuing as a single person. On the other hand, if you are desperate and unhappy as a single person, you are neither qualified nor prepared for a healthy relationship and you will attract and choose anything but. — Zara D. Green

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Kemi Sogunle

Your soul finds ego in fear. Your mind finds ache in pain but your heart finds love when free. — Kemi Sogunle

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

Ultimately, we forgive others in order to free ourselves. — Sharon Salzberg

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By John Kuypers

In its highest form, not judging is the ultimate act of forgiveness. — John Kuypers

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Philip Yancey

Forgiveness is the only way to break the cycle of blame-and pain-in a relationship ... It does not settle all questions of blame and justice and fairness ... But it does allow relationships to start over. In that way, said Solzhenitsyn, we differ from all animals. It is not our capacity to think that makes us different, but our capacity to repent, and to forgive. — Philip Yancey

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Hold no grudges and practice forgiveness. This is the key to having peace in all your relationships. — Wayne Dyer

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

Vengeance and forgiveness are about reconciling the accounts, but accounting is an ugly description of the tangled ways we're connected. I sometimes think everything comes out even in the end, but an end that arches beyond the horizon, beyond our capacity to perceive or measure, and that in many cases those who trespass against you do so out of a misery that means the punishment preceded and even precipitated the crime. Maybe that's acceptance. — Rebecca Solnit

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Louise Hay

Forgiveness is a gift to yourself. It frees you from the past, past experiences, and past relationships. It allows you to live in the present time. When you forgive yourself and forgive others, you are indeed free. — Louise Hay

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

Real forgiveness in close relationships is never easy. It can't be rushed or engineered. — Sharon Salzberg

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By David Hoffmeister

Relationships without a Divine Aim always "break up," for they are based on nothing. Divine Purpose could be described as forgiveness -- the undoing and releasing of the ego. Belief in the ego prevents awareness of True Union and Intimacy. The underlying fear of Intimacy and Union is the ego's fear of loss of itself, the 'personal self' and the 'personal world. — David Hoffmeister

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Bryonie Wise

In this space,

We do raw
We do loud hearts
& truthful art

We do open arms
& unfettered forgiveness

We do real
We do vulnerable
We do wild

In this space,
We do love

In all the shapes
& forms
That we come in

We do love — Bryonie Wise

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Henry Cloud

Safe relationships are centered and grounded in forgiveness. When you have a friend with the ability to forgive you for hurting her or letting her down, something deeply spiritual occurs in the transaction between you two. You actually experience a glimpse of the deepest nature of God himself. People who forgive can - and should - also be people who confront. What is not confessed can't be forgiven. God himself confronts our sins and shows us how we wound him: "I have been hurt by their adulterous hearts which turned away from me, and by their eyes, which played the harlot after their idols" (Ezek. 6:9 NASB). When we are made aware of how we hurt a loved one, then we can be reconciled. Therefore, you shouldn't discount someone who "has something against you," labeling him as unsafe. He might actually be attempting to come closer in love, in the way that the Bible tells us we are to do. — Henry Cloud

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By David Mezzapelle

Love is the most important gift you can give another person. Learn how to make a person feel loved and cherished. You can overlook a multitude of disappointments and differences when you know you are loved. Forgiveness will build a relationship; expectations will restrict a relationship. Unconditional love and support make a person feel safe and secure. Give the gift of acceptance and begin to see miracles in your relationships. Give love to those who love you. Protect your heart and do not give it away to someone who does not appreciate the person you are. — David Mezzapelle

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Timothy Keller

Forgive Us Our Debts as We Forgive Our Debtors The fifth petition concerns our relationships, both with God and others. Luther, who for years struggled mightily and personally with the issues of guilt and pardon, gives a clarion call to seek God's forgiveness every day in prayer: If anyone insists on his own goodness and despises others . . . let him look into himself when this petition confronts him. He will find he is no better than others and that in the presence of God everyone must duck his head and come into the joy of forgiveness only through the low door of humility.210 — Timothy Keller

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Ann Voskamp

Relationships only get to exist as long as they keep breathing in the air of mutual forgiveness, and he and I have found an uncommon grace. Grace can strike when you are in great pain and light you with the greatest hope. I — Ann Voskamp

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Steven Pinker

Sympathy, recall, tends to be expressed in communal relationships, the kind that are also accompanied by guilt and forgiveness. Anything that creates a communal relationship, then, should also create sympathy. — Steven Pinker

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

To forgive, we may need to open our minds to a fuller exploration of the context in which the events occurred, and feel compassion for the circumstances and everyone involved, starting with ourselves. — Sharon Salzberg

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Charlene Li

FORGIVE FAILURE. The corollary to accountability is forgiveness. Things go wrong all the time in relationships, and the healthiest ones move on from them, leaving behind grudges and blame. This is not to say that failure is accepted; rather, that it is acknowledged and understood. — Charlene Li

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Stefan Molyneux

Forgiveness is created by the restitution of the abuser; of the wrongdoer. It is not something to be squeeeeeezed out of the victim in a further act of conscience-corrupting abuse. — Stefan Molyneux

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Cleary James

The first time he had hit her, he had been so wracked with remorse, she had actually felt sorry for him. Consumed by guilt and self-loathing, he had sobbed in her arms like a child, swearing it would never happen again and begging for her forgiveness. Her stomach turned over now at the thought of how she had comforted him, assuring him that she trusted him and promising that she would never leave. She saw now with sickening clarity that she had been setting a precedent - giving him permission to do it again; reassuring him that she would tolerate anything.

If only she had walked out there and then. — Cleary James

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Thelma Wells

Everything you go through can be a lesson for you. Lack of forgiveness can manifest itself in different ways -in some lives it can be through sickness in someone else's life it can be through a bad attitude -or maybe through torn relationships and being angry all the time. I don't know how unforgiveness will manifest itself in your life, but what I can tell you is: it isn't worth it! All of us have done something we need forgiveness for. — Thelma Wells

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Shannon Mullen

Just as I'm about to continue walking along the shoreline, the left third of the iceberg breaks off suddenly and crashes violently, like a high-rise apartment building imploding in the heart of the city. Tears roll down my face uncontrollably as I watch the two distinct halves of the iceberg drift further and further apart from each other. It's devastating to watch something that seems so strong and unbreakable crumble in an instant. Even more devastating is the feeling that there's nothing I can do about it. — Shannon Mullen

Forgiveness In Relationships Quotes By Paul Silway

We experience prosperity in our relationships as we learn to love, forgive, and receive love and forgiveness. — Paul Silway