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Foreign Investment Quotes By Sebastian Marshall

Almost all modern governments are highly conscious of what journalism calls 'world opinion.' For sound reasons, mostly of an economic nature, they cannot afford to be condemned in the United Nations, they do not like to be visited by Human Rights Commissions or Freedom of the Press Committees; their need of foreign investment, foreign loans, foreign markets, satisfactory trade relationships, and so on, requires that they be members in more or less good standing of a larger community of interests. Often, too, they are members of military alliances. Consequently, they must maintain some appearance of stability, in order to assure the other members of the community or of the alliance that contracts will continue to be honored, that treaties will be upheld, that loans will be repaid with interest, that investments will continue to produce profits and be safe. "Protracted internal war threatens all of this ... no ally wishes to treat with a government that is on the point of eviction. — Sebastian Marshall

Foreign Investment Quotes By Robert J. McMahon

The military-strategic dimensions of world order were, in American thinking, inseparable from the economic dimensions. US planners viewed the establishment of a freer and more open international economic system as equally indispensable to the new order they were determined to construct from the ashes of history's most horrific conflict. Experience had instructed them, Secretary of State Cordell Hull recalled, that free trade stood as an essential prerequisite for peace. The autarky, closed trading blocs, and nationalistic barriers to foreign investment and currency convertibility that had characterized the depression decade just encouraged interstate rivalry and conflict. A — Robert J. McMahon

Foreign Investment Quotes By Anonymous

Qiu Guangling, director of the Department of Foreign Investment Administration at the Ministry of Commerce, said recently, "The revision this time aims to unify domestic laws on foreign investments and will focus on the equal treatment of foreign and domestic investments, strengthening security review and advancing the reforms of foreign investment regulation. — Anonymous

Foreign Investment Quotes By Tim Buck

In the course of waging that war, the people of Canada had shown that it was possible for them to maintain nearly a million men in uniform and at the same time expand all the facilities for production within Canada at an unprecedented speed, including building industries which had never existed in Canada before ... and by and large the cost of production in Canada compared favourable with the cost of production anywhere else among the Allies ... All of this was accomplished without any foreign investment, without and foreign loans ... We were quite capable of self-development. — Tim Buck

Foreign Investment Quotes By David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury Of Turville

I am proud of the fact that the U.K. is an open trading country. I welcome inward investment such as that of Nissan, and the takeover of struggling British companies by foreign companies who turn them around, as in the case of Jaguar Land Rover. I also accept that job losses sometimes have to occur to restore failing companies to health. — David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury Of Turville

Foreign Investment Quotes By Henry Hazlitt

There is a profound contrast between the effects of foreign aid and of voluntary private investment: foreign aid goes from government to government. It is therefore almost inevitably statist and socialistic. — Henry Hazlitt

Foreign Investment Quotes By Ratan Tata

I've never believed protectionism of that kind will lead us anywhere. I think you can have certain specific rules for engaging with India.. for example, not allowing mineral resources to be taken out of the country.. but there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that when you open an economy you should do it in totality. Foreign investment adds a sense of competition; we should see this as a wake-up call to modernise and upgrade. Companies that do not will undoubtedly die. — Ratan Tata

Foreign Investment Quotes By Tom Vilsack

Let us build a 21st-century rural economy of cutting-edge companies and technologies that lead us to energy and food security. Such an investment will revitalize rural America, re-establish our moral leadership on climate security and eliminate our addiction to foreign oil. — Tom Vilsack

Foreign Investment Quotes By Goodluck Jonathan

We want to refocus Nigeria to make sure that basic infrastructure is provided. The environment is created for private investment, both within and direct foreign investment. So jobs will be created. That is my dream for Nigeria. — Goodluck Jonathan

Foreign Investment Quotes By John W. Snow

Everybody you talk to about insurance says the insurance market has become a lot more vibrant as a result of lifting, allowing the foreign direct investment. — John W. Snow

Foreign Investment Quotes By J. Nozipo Maraire

Foreign Cash is not the answers to our problems, my friend. Africa needs the hearts and minds of its sons and daughters to nurture it. You were our pride, Mukoma Bryon. When you did not return, a whole village lost its investment. Africa is all that we have. If we do not build it, no one else will. — J. Nozipo Maraire

Foreign Investment Quotes By William Hartung

The Carlyle Group is the most politically connected investment firm in the world. The company has mastered the art of influence peddling on a global scale, hiring executives and consultants ranging from Republican power broker James Baker and former president George Herbert Walker Bush to foreign leaders like former British prime minister John Major and former Philippine president Fidel Ramos. — William Hartung

Foreign Investment Quotes By Gerhard Schroder

We are seeing significant growth in foreign investment in Germany. — Gerhard Schroder

Foreign Investment Quotes By Kwame Nkrumah

The result of neo-colonialism is that foreign capital is used for the exploitation rather than for the development of the less developed parts of the world. Investment under neo-colonialism increases rather than decreases the gap between the rich and poor countries of the world. — Kwame Nkrumah

Foreign Investment Quotes By Lee Myung-bak

Korea is an open society and we will make sure that there is no restriction on foreign investment in Korea. — Lee Myung-bak

Foreign Investment Quotes By Don DeLillo

Capital burns off the nuance in a culture. Foreign investment, global markets, corporate acquisitions, the flow of information through transnational media, the attenuating influence of money that's electronic and sex that's cyberspaced, untouched money and computer-safe sex, the convergence of consumer desire
not that people want the same things, necessarily, but that they want the same range of choices. — Don DeLillo

Foreign Investment Quotes By Rupert Murdoch

As with all politically lead governments, foreign investment is the slowest in the media section. Politicians are somewhat paranoid about the media but we still think it's worthwhile. — Rupert Murdoch

Foreign Investment Quotes By Enrique Pena Nieto

I plan to open Mexico's energy sector to national and foreign private investment. — Enrique Pena Nieto

Foreign Investment Quotes By Edward Alden

CFR's Renewing America initiative - from which this book arose - has focused on those areas of economic policy that are the most important for reinforcing America's competitive strengths. Education, corporate tax policy, and infrastructure, for example, are issues that historically have been considered largely matters of domestic policy. Yet in a highly competitive global economy, an educated workforce, a competitive tax structure, and an efficient transportation network are all crucial to attracting investment and delivering goods and services that can succeed in global markets. The line between domestic economic policy and foreign economic policy is in many cases now almost invisible. Building a more competitive economy for the future requires that our political leaders - not just in Congress and the White House but also in state and local governments - understand how their policy choices can affect the choices of companies that can now invest almost anywhere in the world. — Edward Alden

Foreign Investment Quotes By Traian Basescu

We are the country that has attracted the biggest volume of foreign investment in southeastern Europe in the past few years. Romania doesn't need to beat itself, believing that it is a second-class citizen. — Traian Basescu

Foreign Investment Quotes By Michal Kalecki

The capitalists of a country which manages to capture foreign markets from other countries are able to increase their profits at the expense of the capitalists of the other countries. Similarly, a colonial metropolis may achieve an export surplus through investment in its dependencies. — Michal Kalecki

Foreign Investment Quotes By Thorsten J. Pattberg

Even if he cannot put his hands on the foreign investment, or receive gifts or bribery, he will explore all means of Chinese hospitality, conferences, shark fun lunch, and foot massages, thus will indulge the high-flyer life of the moment, all on his organization's or the government's bill. Naturally, the Chinese host will want to bring his friends, and lengthen the negotiations. — Thorsten J. Pattberg

Foreign Investment Quotes By Koki Hirota

Other powers will continue to enjoy an equal right to trade in and develop the natural resources of the occupied territory, for the economic development of which the investment of foreign capital is very desirable. — Koki Hirota

Foreign Investment Quotes By Li Keqiang

China continues to welcome foreign investment, and the door will open even further. — Li Keqiang

Foreign Investment Quotes By Antonis Samaras

There are many people abroad who want to help, who want to invest. We will give them the red-carpet treatment. We want them to realize that this is a land of opportunity. It always has been so, but we never allowed foreign investment to come into this country. — Antonis Samaras

Foreign Investment Quotes By Kenneth Prewitt

One thing that's really interesting is not only the magnitude of the recent immigration into this country, but also its distribution and its investment in the country. About 9.3 percent of the population is now foreign-born [announced by the Census Bureau at over 10 percent a few days later]. What's really surprising is how well distributed those population groups are. Historically, we see new immigrants primarily on the coast and in a few big cities. I think the data are going to show a much wider distribution of the new population groups than we've experienced historically. — Kenneth Prewitt

Foreign Investment Quotes By Jesse Jackson

Urban America has been redlined. Government has not offered tax incentives for investment, as it has in a dozen foreign markets. Banks have redlined it. Industries have moved out, they've redlined it. Clearly, to break up the redlining process, there must be incentives to green-line with hedges against risk. — Jesse Jackson

Foreign Investment Quotes By Louis R. Chenevert

If you want to attract more investment, foreign investment, more talent, more business, I think having some level of certainty that the business environment respects, those who have been your partners for a long time, is important. — Louis R. Chenevert

Foreign Investment Quotes By Ahmed Zewail

Egypt does not possess rich natural resources. Its agricultural area is relatively small - less than 10 per cent of the total land. Its growth relies on tourism, Suez Canal tariffs, and foreign investment. — Ahmed Zewail

Foreign Investment Quotes By John Fugelsang

But Al Jazeera America represents something more than news that isn't profit or ratings driven - they represent foreign investment in a country where the two-party system outsourced your jobs. They represent facts over opinion and they represent our cultures coming together just a little more, whether you bigots like it or not. — John Fugelsang

Foreign Investment Quotes By Anonymous

The development-minded prime minister is looking for foreign capital and technology to boost India's economy. China's stock of direct investment of $400m in India is derisory - less than that of Belgium. Talk fills the Indian press of a 250-fold increase, to $100 billion in just a few years. — Anonymous

Foreign Investment Quotes By Henry Hazlitt

Government-to-government aid rests on socialistic assumptions and promotes socialism and stagnation, whereas private foreign investment rest on capitalist assumptions and promotes private enterprise and maximum economic growth. — Henry Hazlitt

Foreign Investment Quotes By Martin McGuinness

Our visits to the United States have brought huge benefits by helping attract foreign direct investment on a scale not previously seen in the north of Ireland. — Martin McGuinness

Foreign Investment Quotes By Hu Jintao

China will stay firmly committed to the basic state policy of opening-up. We will actively and effectively use foreign investment, improve its structure, diversify its form and open up more channels and sectors so as to facilitate investment. — Hu Jintao

Foreign Investment Quotes By Nguyen Minh Triet

We [Vietnam] happen to offer good investment opportunities for foreigners, although this is not a one-way street. Both we and the foreign investors benefit greatly as a result. — Nguyen Minh Triet

Foreign Investment Quotes By Thomas L. Friedman

Robots can now milk cows. Oil prices have fallen globally, meaning both the petro-states and those indirectly propped up by them are weakened. At the same time, slower growth in China has lately shrunk its voracious appetite for African, Australian, and Latin American commodities. China accounted for more than a third of global growth in recent years, and its growth engine multiplied the growth of many of the countries that exported raw materials to Beijing. That has slowed. China's total debt has grown from roughly 150 percent of its GDP in 2007 to around 240 percent today - a massive increase in one decade that is dampening its growth and its imports and shrinking China's wallet for foreign aid and investment in African and Latin American commodity-exporting countries. In — Thomas L. Friedman

Foreign Investment Quotes By Hernando De Soto

In Haiti, untitled rural and urban real estate holdings are together worth some 5.2 billion. To put that sum in context, it is four times the total of all the assets of all the legally operating companies in Haiti, nine times the value of all assets owned by the government, and 158 times the value of all foreign direct investment in Haiti's recorded history to 1995. — Hernando De Soto

Foreign Investment Quotes By Henry Hazlitt

Government-to-government foreign aid promotes statism, centralized planning, socialism, dependence, pauperization, inefficiency, and waste. It prolongs the poverty it is designed to cure. Voluntary private investment in private enterprise, on the other hand, promotes capitalism, production, independence, and self-reliance. — Henry Hazlitt

Foreign Investment Quotes By Nicola Sturgeon

American companies based in Scotland employ large numbers of people - in fact, we are the best performing part of the U.K., outside London and the southeast of England when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment. — Nicola Sturgeon

Foreign Investment Quotes By Rachel Maddow

Carter's renowned 1979 "malaise speech" [ ... ] is little remembered for what it actually was: a call to arms for fixing our nation's dire energy future. "Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977
never" [ ... ] Carter was going to use all the weapons at his disposal: import quotas, public investment in coal, solar power, and alternative fuel, and [ ... ] "a bold conservation program" where "every act of energy conservation ... is more than just common sense; I tell you it is an act of patriotism. — Rachel Maddow

Foreign Investment Quotes By Peter Drucker

The largest 100 corporations hold 25 percent of the worldwide productive assets, which in turn control 75 percent of international trade and 98 percent of all foreign direct investment.The multinational corporation ... puts the economic decision beyond the effective reach of the political process and its decision-makers, national governments. — Peter Drucker

Foreign Investment Quotes By Kay Granger

Foreign aid must be viewed as an investment, not an expense ... but when foreign aid is carefully guided and targeted at a specific issue, it can and must be effective. — Kay Granger

Foreign Investment Quotes By Peter Lynch

Thousands of experts study overbought indicators, oversold indicators,
head-and-shoulder patterns, put-call ratios, the Fed's policy on money supply, foreign investment, the movement of the constellations through the heavens, and the moss on oak trees, and they can't predict markets with any useful consistency, any more than the gizzard squeezers could tell the Roman emperors when the Huns would attack. — Peter Lynch

Foreign Investment Quotes By Anonymous

Thus China did not regard foreign investment as only bringing money into the country: instead China's leaders saw "investment" as bringing in new technologies, management systems and markets. — Anonymous

Foreign Investment Quotes By John F. Kennedy

In those countries where income taxes are lower than in the United States, the ability to defer the payment of U.S. tax by retaining income in the subsidiary companies provides a tax advantage for companies operating through overseas subsidiaries that is not available to companies operating solely in the United States. Many American investors properly made use of this deferral in the conduct of their foreign investment. — John F. Kennedy