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Top Floridians Quotes

Floridians Quotes By Rick Scott

You know, Floridians, we've paid into Social Security. Like a lot of other government programs, we sent money to D.C. We expect to get that money back. We expect that our Social Security is real. So, we have to fix Social Security. — Rick Scott

Floridians Quotes By Ronald Cunningham

We Floridians have always assumed an arrogant mastery over our natural environment. And we have always presumed ourselves capable of obliging the water that is all around us to behave itself. — Ronald Cunningham

Floridians Quotes By Adam Hasner

E-Verify is a very commonsense reform that we can implement here in the state of Florida. I think I share a lot of Floridians' frustration that it didn't pass and a lot of the politics that were taking place behind the scenes. — Adam Hasner

Floridians Quotes By Allen West

When dealing with illegal immigration, the answer is simple; enforce Constitutional mandates, and you will protect Floridians and the American people. — Allen West

Floridians Quotes By Jon Resh

Floridians have accustomed themselves to this nasty vermin [the cockroach] as just another of the Sunshine State's rogue inhabitants, not so different from its serial killers, native shit-kickers, oblivious tourists, faux-mermaids, cocaine kingpins, moron surfers, nouveau-riche snowbirds, spooky clairvoyants and Jimmy Buffet wanna-be's. — Jon Resh

Floridians Quotes By Rick Scott

I'm going to work with the Senate and the House to make sure we have a bill that lowers tuition for all Floridians. — Rick Scott

Floridians Quotes By Rick Scott

Floridians are a strong, resilient people. We are fortunate to live in a great state where all Floridians enjoy opportunities to get a great job and a world-class education. — Rick Scott

Floridians Quotes By Katherine Harris

This is about Floridians saying what's most important to them and making sure that we create an agenda that we can drive and deliver back in Washington, D.C. So it's very exciting. — Katherine Harris

Floridians Quotes By Rick Scott

In the middle of the Great Depression, George Jenkins, Jr. left his job at a grocery store and decided he would open up his own store. I am sure many people thought Mr. Jenkins was crazy, but he had a dream. Today, his chain of stores employs 127,000 Floridians and is the largest employee-owned company in the country. We know it as Publix. — Rick Scott

Floridians Quotes By Craig Fugate

The state team is committed to working with our federal partners in meeting the needs of Floridians who were affected by Hurricane Wilma. We want to be as thorough as possible in this vital endeavor. — Craig Fugate

Floridians Quotes By Marco Rubio

Americans believe with all their heart, the vast majority of them, and the vast majority of Floridians, that the United States of America is simply the single greatest nation in all of human history. — Marco Rubio

Floridians Quotes By Alcee Hastings

FEMA has lost its focus, and Floridians know first-hand of the agency's shortcomings, .. Natural disaster preparedness and response programs have become trapped in a homeland security bureaucracy. — Alcee Hastings

Floridians Quotes By Vincent Bugliosi

The votes of 60,000 Floridians were not counted. The Court threw out all 60,00 votes. And that's what the newspapers around the country are counting now. — Vincent Bugliosi

Floridians Quotes By Tim Dorsey

Yes, give us books about the psychotic behavior and peripheral weirdness we see all around every day
and we will laugh in its face.
We are a proud people.
We are Floridians. — Tim Dorsey