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Top Fish Tanks Quotes

Fish Tanks Quotes By Janet Fitch

The world that was the emonation of divine had been reduced to a handful of dust. Thousands of people, all caught in profile looked into their mobile fish tanks. Each face, each car, transporting grief, boredom, rage. Someone in one of these cars was contemplating murder. Someone, rite now, in the privecy of his aquarium, threaded the beads of his suicide through his fingers, praying along the chain like a rosary. Someone begged for help from a God he didnt quite believe in, yet had no one else to appeal to. — Janet Fitch

Fish Tanks Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

He that would fish, must venture his bait. — Benjamin Franklin

Fish Tanks Quotes By Demetri Martin

99.99% of all castles in America are located in fish tanks. — Demetri Martin

Fish Tanks Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

She had always known that all lives are in common, rejoicing in her kinship to the fish in the tanks of her laboratories, seeking the experience of existences outside the human boundary. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Fish Tanks Quotes By Jennifer McMahon

Reggie was so sick of it all. The things people knew (or thought they knew) about other people. Maybe everyone had a secret life, not just Vera. She suddenly hated all of it. She wanted people to be as see-through as fish tanks, no more murkiness, no misdirection. No lies and bullshit. No secret rooms or lies about being the star of some goddamn play that didn't even exist. — Jennifer McMahon

Fish Tanks Quotes By Oliver Gaspirtz

A fish tank is just interactive television for cats. — Oliver Gaspirtz

Fish Tanks Quotes By Tom Brown Jr.

Neither fish, flesh nor good red herring. — Tom Brown Jr.

Fish Tanks Quotes By Patricia A. McKillip

As she moved swiftly and noiselessly through the vast palace cellar, odd noises weltered toward her. Voices and echoes of water rippled through the air as if, in some magic chamber, whales and dolphins cavorted among young maidens in great tanks of water. When she reached it, all the fish turned into laundry, stirred and beaten in steaming cauldrons by glum, limp-haired women as wet as mackerels. — Patricia A. McKillip

Fish Tanks Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

As told by Kafka's close friend Max Brod:

"Suddenly he began to speak to the fish in their illuminated tanks. 'Now at least I can look at you in peace, I don't eat you anymore.' It was the time he turned strictly vegetarian. — Jonathan Safran Foer