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Top Fights With Parents Quotes

Fights With Parents Quotes By Neal Shusterman

The whole place is a petri dish of angst, generated by kids whose parents gave up on them, which is the worst kind of angst there is. There are fights and ridiculous posturing on a daily basis. — Neal Shusterman

Fights With Parents Quotes By Maria Semple

The penguins that spent most of their time fighting were the ones with no chicks ... It's like they're supposed to be taking care of their chicks. But because they don't have any, they have nothing to do with all their energy. So they just pick fights. — Maria Semple

Fights With Parents Quotes By Emily M. Danforth

Just wait, dude," Jamie had said. "I'm serious. It's fucking hard-core." Since Jamie described everything from zombie movies to his parents' fights to the new enchilada platter at Taco John's as "fucking hard-core," none of us could gauge much by it. — Emily M. Danforth

Fights With Parents Quotes By Kristen Stewart

To me 'they lived happily ever after' means to be happy with yourself! My parents always taught me that being happy has to work without Prince Charming. My life is completed without a prince but it's nice of course to have someone who loves you and fights for you. — Kristen Stewart

Fights With Parents Quotes By Mitchel Musso

My older brother's been my best friend since I can remember. I talk to him every day of my life, and anytime he's in town we're together. But I'm also very close with my parents. We all get along very, very well. We've never had fights or anything like that. — Mitchel Musso

Fights With Parents Quotes By Jennifer Niven

Listen, I'm the freak. I'm the weirdo. I'm the troublemaker. I start fights. I let people down. Don't make Finch mad, whatever you do. Oh, there he goes again, in one of his moods. Moody Finch. Angry Finch. Unpredictable Finch. Crazy Finch. But I'm not a compilation of symptoms. Not a casualty of shitty parents and an even shittier chemical makeup. Not a problem. Not a diagnosis. Not an illness. Not something to be rescued. I'm a person. — Jennifer Niven

Fights With Parents Quotes By Cris Beam

There are so many crises in foster care - the original abuse, the shock and alarm when a child is removed, the courtroom fights, kids rebelling, bio parents panicking, foster parents molesting, relapses, rehabs, reabuse - that basic, low-level functioning begins to seem exemplary. These are the mediocre flatlands of child welfare, where if it's not a crisis it's not a problem. — Cris Beam