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Top Ferret Quotes

Ferret Quotes By Bill McLaren

He's like a demented ferret up a wee drainpipe. — Bill McLaren

Ferret Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Ah, well, people can be a bit stupid abou' their pets, said Hagrid wisely. Behind him, Buckbeak spat a few ferret bones onto Hagrid's pillow. — J.K. Rowling

Ferret Quotes By Ruby Lionsdrake

You have the maturity of a ferret on amphetamines, — Ruby Lionsdrake

Ferret Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Leo smiled and stroked her hair. 'We'll both be fine, Marks. We've just begun our journey ... and there's so much we have yet to do.' He spoke more softly as he heard her breathing turn even and steady. 'Rest against my heart. Let me watch over your dreams. And know that tomorrow morning, and every morning after that, you'll awaken next to someone who loves you.'
'Dodger?' she mumbled against his chest, and he grinned.
'No, your confounded ferret will have to stay in his basket. I was referring to myself.'
'Yes, I know.' Catherine slid her hand up to his cheek. 'Only you,' she said. 'Always you. — Lisa Kleypas

Ferret Quotes By Anonymous

A bit unsporting, what?" he said. "Ought to ferret out the mystery before we go. Whole thing's like a detective story. Positively thrilling. — Anonymous

Ferret Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Twitchy little ferret, aren't you, Malfoy? — J.K. Rowling

Ferret Quotes By Nolan Bushnell

A good interviewer is able to ferret out what the applicant is really passionate about. Ask them what they do for fun, what they're reading, try and find out if they have a life outside of work. — Nolan Bushnell

Ferret Quotes By Christine Feehan

Lightning crashed close, and the cabin shuddered beneath a defeaning roar of thunder. Raven swung around and paced to a chair. "Something's going on for sure. That's one of ours doing that."
Shea's hand went to her throat. She could not shake the feeling of impending doom. She turned to Raven. "What do you mean, one of ours?" Why had she agreed to stay and protect Raven? Something evil was watching them, and she couldn't ferret it out. Jacques, where are you?
"The lightning and thunder," Raven replied easily. "One of our males is upset."
"Great. Tantrums, that's all we need," Shea said moodily. Jacques hadn't answered her. Where was he? Couldn't he feel her need?
Raven laughed. "They are great for that, aren't they? — Christine Feehan

Ferret Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

There was some kind of commotion going on in the suite, which shouldn't have been a surprise considering it was his family's suite. The air was filled with cursing, exclamations, and grunts of physical combat.
"Leo?" Beatrix appeared from the main receiving room and hurried over to them.
"Beatrix, darling!" Leo was amazed by the difference the past two and a half years had made in his youngest sister. "How you've grown
"Yes, never mind that," she said impatiently, snatching the ferret from him. "Go in there and help Mr. Rohan!"
"Help him with what?"
"He's trying to stop Merripen from killing Dr. Harrow."
"Already?" Leo asked blankly, and rushed into the receiving room. — Lisa Kleypas

Ferret Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Scientists are human. We have our blind spots and prejudices. Science is a mechanism designed to ferret them out. Problem is we aren't always faithful to the core values of science. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Ferret Quotes By Martha Char Love

The presence of the inner feeling of emptiness directs our attention to a past experience of guilt and to our inner feeling awareness of the cause in the past. We must be sensitive to that feeling and accept it in order to chase down the cause, ferret it out, reassess the value of the experience to us in order not to further project the blame in anger outward to an external cause. — Martha Char Love

Ferret Quotes By Cheshire Cat

Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry. But if a ferret were about to dart up my dress, I'd run. — Cheshire Cat

Ferret Quotes By Daniel Younger

No matter who you asked, the answer was always the same: Ferret was an irredeemable bag of cat shit. — Daniel Younger

Ferret Quotes By Ammon Shea

In the OED editors' defense, they have set out to accomplish something that is inherently impossible - to record the entirety of a language. It is only natural they should occasionally come across words that are virtually indefinable, or that have meanings that have been lost to the ages. Whatever failings or inconsistencies the editors may exhibit are certainly not for lack of effort. James Murray in particular was renowned for attempting to ferret out knowledge, writing letters to every authority he could think of and posting queries in newspapers begging for information on a word. When I read the definition of lege de moy ("App. the name of some dance") I cannot help but imagine that they must have spent a tremendous amount of time looking for the meaning and roots of this word before one of the editors finally threw his hands up in disgust and exclaimed, "What the hell - just say it's some kind of dance or something, and let's get to the pub." As — Ammon Shea

Ferret Quotes By Stephen Richards

At first, we both miss a few sharp bursts of wild punches and then, BANG! I catch him with a full swing left hook and he goes down like a ferret down a hole after a rabbit. When that punch landed, I broke my hand, again, and simultaneously broke his jaw. I wonder if that is an entry into the Guinness Book of records? — Stephen Richards

Ferret Quotes By Rick Riordan

Michael had taken over the Apollo cabin after Lee Fletcher died in battle last summer. Michael stood four-foot-six with another two feet of attitude. He reminded me of a ferret, with a pointy nose and scrunched-up features - either because he scowled so much or because he spent too much time looking down the shaft of an arrow. "It's our loot!" he yelled, standing on his tiptoes so he could get in Clarisse's face. "If you don't like it, you can kiss my quiver!" Around the table, people were trying not to laugh - the Stoll brothers, Pollux from the Dionysus cabin, Katie Gardner from Demeter. Even Jake Mason, the hastily appointed new counselor from Hephaestus, managed a faint smile. Only Silena Beauregard didn't pay any attention. — Rick Riordan

Ferret Quotes By C.C. Wyatt

Passion comes from within, but you can find it anywhere. — C.C. Wyatt

Ferret Quotes By Jeff VanderMeer

And one day, out of Heaven knows what material, he spun the beast a wonderful name, and from that moment it grew into a god and a religion. The Woman indulged in religion once a week at a church near by, and took Conradin with her, but to him the church service was an alien rite in the House of Rimmon. Every Thursday, in the dim and musty silence of the tool-shed, he worshipped with mystic and elaborate ceremonial before the wooden hutch where dwelt Sredni Vashtar, the great ferret. — Jeff VanderMeer

Ferret Quotes By Lisa Anderson

Want to love singles in your church? Invite us to the grown-up table. Give us the breakable glasses, not plastic, and let us join in the adult conversation. You may actually learn something from us. And we will be more than willing to jump in and contribute. Pastors and church leaders, ferret out your single adults and get to know us. Invite us into the life and leadership of the church. Put us on committees. Challenge us to give financially. Ask us to lead a project. Don't let us occupy the sidelines. Make us assimilate. — Lisa Anderson

Ferret Quotes By Jean Fleming

View life as a learning opportunity. Ask God what He wants you to learn from the situations you face ... When we set aside specific time to listen, He often encourages us with His presence and promises, and interprets to some degree the circumstances of life. Take advantage of the natural lull after hard times when you're pulling together the pieces to sort through the events and ferret out the lessons. — Jean Fleming

Ferret Quotes By Charles Stross

Oh yes, and compulsory ferret-legging down the pub on Tuesday evenings, for the tourist trade tha' knows." "Ferret-legging?" Rachel looked at him incredulously. "Yup. You tie your kilt up around your knees with duct tape - as you probably know, no Yorkshireman would be seen dead wearing anything under his sporran - and take a ferret by the scruff of his neck. A ferret, that's like, uh, a bit like a mink. Only less friendly. It's a young man's initiation rite; you stick the ferret where the sun doesn't shine and dance the furry dance to the tune of a balalaika. Last man standing and all that, kind of like the ancient Boer aardvark-kissing competition." Martin shuddered dramatically. "I hate ferrets. The bloody things bite like a cask-strength single malt without the nice after-effects. — Charles Stross

Ferret Quotes By Erin Hunter

Thorn looks scrawny, but he's wily, and as fast as a ferret. — Erin Hunter

Ferret Quotes By Winston Graham

and Ross was limping by the end of it. He rode a horse longer than he walked these days. Then it was an asking and a questing, a seeking among dark and sprawling figures, the thumb jerked, the finger pointed. Ross's escort moved like a small Scottish ferret from group to group. At last a man sat up and said: 'Yes, I'm Poldark. Who wants me?' 'One of your own blood,' said Ross. 'Who else?' There was a startled oath, and a thin man scrambled to his feet. He had been lying, his back propped against a tree, his scabbard across his knees. He peered in the uncertain starlight. 'By the Lord God! It's Uncle Ross!' 'Geoffrey Charles! I never — Winston Graham

Ferret Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Can I not get so much of my own will? Is not the thing feasible? Yes - yes - the end is not so difficult; if I had only a brain active enough to ferret out the means of attaining it. (Ch 10) — Charlotte Bronte

Ferret Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Hello, Professor McGonagall," said Moody calmly, bouncing the ferret still higher.
"What - what are you doing?" said Professor McGonagall, her eyes following the bouncing ferret's progress through the air.
"Teaching," said Moody.
"Teach - Moody, is that a student?" shrieked Professor McGonagall, the books spilling out of her arms.
"Yep," said Moody.
"Moody, we never use Transfiguration as a punishment!" said Professor McGonagall weakly. — J.K. Rowling

Ferret Quotes By Alton Brown

Slicing a warm slab of bacon is a lot like giving a ferret a shave. No matter how careful you are, somebody's going to get hurt. — Alton Brown

Ferret Quotes By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

(Young girls) are taught to not see, and instead to "make pretty" all manner of grotesqueries whether they are lovely or not. This training is why the youngest sister can say, "Hmmm, his beard isn't really that blue." This early training to "be nice" causes women to override their intuitions. In that sense, they are actually purposefully taught to submit to the predator. Imagine a wolf mother teaching her young to "be nice" in the face of an angry ferret or a wily diamondback rattler. — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Ferret Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

Now that physics is proving the intelligence of the universe what are we to do about the stupidity of mankind? I include myself. I know that the earth is not flat but my feet are. I know that space is curved but my brain has been condoned by habit to grow in a straight line. What I call light is my own blend of darkness. What I call a view is my hand-painted trompe-l'oeil. I run after knowledge like a ferret down a ferret hole. My limitations, I call the boundaries of what can be known. I interpret the world by confusing other people's psychology with my own. — Jeanette Winterson

Ferret Quotes By A.G. Howard

I recognize a few more of the attendees: Mustela fae - ferret-like creatures with long, venomous fangs and vulnerable craniums, a hedgehog being with the face of a sparrow, a pink woman with a neck as long as a flamingo. There — A.G. Howard

Ferret Quotes By Georgette Heyer

you had as well go rabbit-hunting with a dead ferret as try to get past his butler! — Georgette Heyer

Ferret Quotes By C.C. Wyatt

A gut feeling is a mover and shaker. It charges up the mind and puts the body in motion. A gut feeling is this: it's alive. — C.C. Wyatt

Ferret Quotes By Abigail Roux

And when we get there you can shave that fucking ferret's nest off your face. — Abigail Roux

Ferret Quotes By Catherine Drinker Bowen

In early days, I tried not to give librarians any trouble, which was where I made my primary mistake. Librarians like to be given trouble; they exist for it, they are geared to it. For the location of a mislaid volume, an uncatalogued item, your good librarian has a ferret's nose. Give her a scent and she jumps the leash, her eye bright with battle. — Catherine Drinker Bowen

Ferret Quotes By Cassandra Clare

There was a time I thought I was a ferret. — Cassandra Clare

Ferret Quotes By William Shakespeare

Say'st thou me so? is that a ton of moys? Come hither, boy: ask me this slave in French What is his name.
Ecoutez: comment etes-vous appele?
French Soldier-
Monsieur le Fer.
He says his name is Master Fer.
Master Fer! I'll fer him, and firk him, and ferret him: discuss the same in French unto him.
I do not know the French for fer, and ferret, and firk. — William Shakespeare

Ferret Quotes By Mary Ruefle

An animal of only instinct, Johnny Ferret, has in his actions drama, but no theater; theater requires that you draw a circle around the action and observe it from outside the circle; in other words, self-consciousness is theater. — Mary Ruefle

Ferret Quotes By C.C. Wyatt

Yearns creep upon the mandarin glow dipping into the horizon, bound to incarnate all the sleepy heads awakening around the globe. — C.C. Wyatt

Ferret Quotes By Jennifer Aniston

That's not a rat, that's my ferret. — Jennifer Aniston

Ferret Quotes By Ashley Madekwe

I am a Topshop homing pigeon! I can walk into the Oxford Circus branch and ferret out the best bits in minutes. — Ashley Madekwe

Ferret Quotes By Gordon Korman

I have a percription ferret. I'm not a good judge of weird. — Gordon Korman

Ferret Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Wherever you may seek solitude, men will ferret you out and compel you to belong to their desperate company of oddfellows. — Henry David Thoreau

Ferret Quotes By Amy Schumer

I'm of the belief that in most industries, women have to work twice as hard to get half the credit. After putting in so much effort to make a good movie, it felt pretty demeaning when they called it a "female comedy." This meaningless label painted me into a corner and forced me to speak for all females, because I am the actual FEMALE who wrote the FEMALE comedy and then starred as the lead FEMALE in that FEMALE comedy. They don't ask Seth Rogen to be ALL MEN! They don't make "men's comedies." They don't ask Ben Stiller, "Hey, Ben, what was your message for all male-kind when you pretended to have diarrhea and chased that ferret in Along Came Polly? — Amy Schumer

Ferret Quotes By Gail Honeyman

If I'm ever unsure as to the correct course of action, I'll think, "What would a ferret do?" or, "How would a salamander respond to this situation?" Invariably, I find the right answer. I — Gail Honeyman

Ferret Quotes By L. H. Cosway

Maybe I would get a ferret. A cat just felt too benign. My kind of crazy deserved an ambiguously cute rodent with a penchant for biting. — L. H. Cosway

Ferret Quotes By Richard Wright

(If I were a member of the class that rules, I would post men in all the neighborhoods of the nation, not to spy upon or club rebellious workers, not to break strikes or disrupt unions; but to ferret out those who no longer respond to the system in which they live. I would make it known that the real danger does not stem from those who seek to grab their share of wealth through force, or from those who try to defend their property through violence, for both of these groups, by their affirmative acts, support the values of the system in which they live. The millions that I would fear are those who do not dream of the prizes that the nation holds forth, for it is in them, though they may not know it, that a revolution has taken place and is biding its time to translate itself into a new and strange way of life.) — Richard Wright

Ferret Quotes By John Ashbery

A little
bunny or some kind of ferret was probably
there too, and bore witness as only rodents can. — John Ashbery

Ferret Quotes By Ally Carter

How Not to Break Into Sublevel Two
(A list by Cameron Morgan, with help from Macey McHenry)
-Teleportation: Sure, Liz says she has an excellent working theory, but she doesn't have a prototype yet. And without a prototype it's pretty much a moot point.
-That thing Bex's parents did in Dubai with liquid nitrogen, an earthquake simulator, and a ferret: Because we don't have a ferret. — Ally Carter

Ferret Quotes By Robin Williams

We were totally opposite - me coming from the West Coast and a junior college, and him [ Christopher Reeve] from the hard-core Ivy League. He used to be the studly studly of all studlies, and I was the little fool ferret boy. — Robin Williams

Ferret Quotes By Agatha Christie

If you wish to catch a rabbit you put a ferret into the hole, and if the rabbit is there he runs. — Agatha Christie

Ferret Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This nationality business helps you make a great story and satisfies your hunger for ascription of causes. It seems to be the dump site where all explanations go until one can ferret out a more obvious one (such as, say, some evolutionary argument that "makes sense"). Indeed, — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Ferret Quotes By Donna Tartt

Another trick - calculated to lure a different, more sophisticated customer - was to bury a piece in the back of the store, reverse the vacuum cleaner over it (instant antiquity!) and allow the nosy customer to ferret it out on his or her own - look, — Donna Tartt

Ferret Quotes By Stieg Larsson

She hardly ever began conversations with strangers just to talk. It was not a matter of shyness. For her, a conversation had a straightforward function. How do I get to the pharmacy? or How much does the hotel room cost? Conversation also had a professional function. [ ... ] When she worked as a researcher [ ... ], she had never minded having a long conversation if it was to ferret out facts. On the other hand, she disliked personal discussions, which always led to snooping around in areas she considered private. — Stieg Larsson

Ferret Quotes By Max Heindel

Science is to be much commended for the ingenuity, the patience, and the persistency it displays in the invention of instruments wherewith to ferret out the secrets of nature. — Max Heindel

Ferret Quotes By Tom Holt

That's the problem with running away, said the little voice. No matter where you go, you have to take yourself with you; and if yourself is constitutionally incapable of leaving well enough alone and not worrying if the rest of the world is weirder than ferret ragout, where the hell is the point? — Tom Holt

Ferret Quotes By Andrew Vachss

The ferret, hunting,
eyes on the ground,
never hears footsteps
of the hawk — Andrew Vachss

Ferret Quotes By FayJay

You're just jealous of my beard."
"No. No, really not. It makes you look like you've got a ferret trying to shag your chin. — FayJay

Ferret Quotes By Meister Eckhart

Nature's intent is neither food, nor drink, nor clothing, nor comfort, nor anything else in which God is left out. Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, secretly nature seeks, hunts, tries to ferret out the track on which God may be found. — Meister Eckhart

Ferret Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Don't talk to me."
"Why not?"
"Because I want to fix that in my memory for ever. Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret ... — J.K. Rowling

Ferret Quotes By Ari Kiev

To be a super-trader, you'll need an edge to overcome the laws of probability and the uncertainty of the marketplace. That edge comes from information flow, the ability to correct your habits in terms of the market's characteristics, and being able to take risks, cut losses, expand your information network, ferret out ideas, and take recommendations. — Ari Kiev

Ferret Quotes By Cora Carmack

I was going to be so terrible at this ... the worst he'd ever had probably. And then he'd never want to see me again (and I really wanted to see him again). I'd probably be traumatized and never want to have sex again, which meant every relationship for the rest of my life would fail, and I would end up alone and miserable with nine cats and a ferret. — Cora Carmack

Ferret Quotes By Jay Griffiths

Human language is lit with animal life: we play cats-cradle or have hare-brained ideas; we speak of badgering, or outfoxing someone; to squirrel something away and to ferret it out. — Jay Griffiths

Ferret Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Stop thinking about Michael," Tuck orders.
"He was cute."
"So is a hairy ferret but I wouldn't want to date one. [ ... ] — Simone Elkeles

Ferret Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Harry spun around. Professor Moody was limping down the marble staircase. His wand was out and it was pointing right at a pure white ferret, which was shivering on the stone-flagged floor, exactly where Malfoy had been standing. — J.K. Rowling

Ferret Quotes By Anatoly Rybakov

For a professional writer in the Soviet Union, it works this way. First, you have to have something to say - that's the main thing. Second, it's a matter of who publishes you. If your book has real stuff in it, readers will ferret it out, even in a Siberian journal. — Anatoly Rybakov

Ferret Quotes By Rebecca Makkai

Without knowing I was going to, I started to laugh, a crazy laugh like Ian's the night before, and at first he looked worried, but then he started too. Even with the wind whipping past the station, even with Ian hugging his backpack to his chest for warmth, we were laughing, and not a laughter of release or a laughter that was really sadness in disguise. It was the laugh of the absurd. Your grandmother is a seventeen-year-old boy? That creepy Russian man just paid for your ticket? Ferret-Glo? — Rebecca Makkai

Ferret Quotes By Susan Griffin

Lately I have come to believe that an as yet undiscovered human need and even a property of matter is the desire for revelation. The truth within us has a way of coming out despite all conscious efforts to conceal it. I have heard stories from those in the generation after the war, all speaking of the same struggle to ferret truth from the silence of their parents so that they themselves could begin to live. — Susan Griffin

Ferret Quotes By Rachel Roberts

The ferret sat and examined his foot "What in the world am I?" he asked, alarmed "I look like some sort of rodent! — Rachel Roberts

Ferret Quotes By Wendy Mass

Cat and Dog were ganging up on Ferret last night. — Wendy Mass

Ferret Quotes By Czeslaw Milosz

Tomber amoureux. To fall in love. Does it occur suddenly or gradually? If gradually, when is the moment "already"? I would fall in love with a monkey made of rags. With a plywood squirrel. With a botanical atlas. With an oriole. With a ferret. With a marten in a picture. With the forest one sees to the right when riding in a cart to Jaszuny. With a poem by a little-known poet. With human beings whose names still move me. And always the object of love was enveloped in erotic fantasy or was submitted, as in Stendhal, to a "cristallisation," so it is frightful to think of that object as it was, naked among the naked things, and of the fairy tales about it one invents. Yes, I was often in love with something or someone. Yet falling in love is not the same as being able to love. That is something different. — Czeslaw Milosz

Ferret Quotes By Nick Trout

It may be a cat, a bird, a ferret, or a guinea pig, but the chances are high that when someone close to you dies, a pet will be there to pick up the slack. Pets devour the loneliness. They give us purpose, responsibility, a reason for getting up in the morning, and a reason to look to the future. They ground us, help us escape the grief, make us laugh, and take full advantage of our weakness by exploiting our furniture, our beds, and our refrigerator. We wouldn't have it any other way. Pets are our seat belts on the emotional roller coaster of life
they can be trusted, they keep us safe, and they sure do smooth out the ride. — Nick Trout

Ferret Quotes By Mamoru Hosoda

People who are open about their own faults, especially, often want to ferret out "inner feelings" beneath the surface and expose any falsehood, and they think that it's in their inner feelings that the truth lies. But I don't think that's the truth. — Mamoru Hosoda

Ferret Quotes By Katharine Whitehorn

I suppose we all share this pipe-dream of being able to reach out a hand and find anything at will; what is amazing is that we think that good filing could somehow make it comes true. On the contrary: putting a letter into a filing system is like releasing your ferret in the Hampton Court maze. — Katharine Whitehorn

Ferret Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

His Grace woke up in the morning red-eyed as a ferret and in roughly the same temper as a rabid badger. Had I a tranquilizing dart, I would have shot him with it without an instant's hesitation. — Diana Gabaldon

Ferret Quotes By Joe Hart

compliance, compliance begets tolerance, and tolerance brings peace." He flicks his ferret-like gaze across them all. "Disorder is unacceptable. The greater good depends upon all of you, — Joe Hart

Ferret Quotes By Dean Koontz

One of those librarians who rules the stacks with an intimidating scowl, whispers quiet sharply enough to lacerate the tender inner tissues of the ear, and will pursue an overdue-book fine with the ferocity of a rabid ferret. — Dean Koontz

Ferret Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

Men do not know the natural infirmity of their mind: it does nothing but ferret and quest, and keeps incessantly whirling around, building up and becoming entangled in its own work, like silkworms, and is suffocated in it. A mouse in a pitch barrel ... thinks it notices from a distance some sort of glimmer of imaginary light and truth; but while running toward it, it is crossed by so many difficulties and obstacles, and diverted by so many new quests, that it strays from the road, bewildered. — Michel De Montaigne

Ferret Quotes By Dale Carnegie

There is a reason why the other person thinks and acts as they do. Ferret out that reason - and you have the key to their actions, perhaps to their personality. Try honestly to put yourself in his place. — Dale Carnegie

Ferret Quotes By Lucy Robinson

Dear Fran
I'm watching you sleep. You are sucking your thumb. (We're going to need to talk about this.)
I can't pretend you look like a delicately slumbering princess, because you don't. Apart from the thumb business you are twitching around like a ferret and about ten minutes ago you pulled the entire duvet over yourself and left me with nothing. But I've never loved you more than I do right now.
I love you so much. I hope we can have a life together. There's so much I want to say to you. Please wake up soon.
Freddy x — Lucy Robinson

Ferret Quotes By R.D. Ronald

Ferret took out a folded scrap of paper and passed it to him.
'My guy Ben doesn't know where the other club is, but the girls are being shipped in from here, a rehab centre in Newtonville.'
'What's this other place called?' Tazeem asked as he slipped the scrap of paper into his pocket.
'The place is just known as The Club. But the behind-the-scenes bit that only the real big spenders get to see, there's no official name, 'cause officially it doesn't exist, that's know as The Zombie Room. — R.D. Ronald

Ferret Quotes By Judith Ivory

The ferret didn't matter. Because there was something about Mick that wasn't a fake anything. And Winnie herself felt more real somehow, running around, looking for the little animal that meant so much to him. — Judith Ivory

Ferret Quotes By Vanessa Veselka

Britta wanted to try to turn a guard. Tamara thought it was idiotic.
"What are you going to do? Buy him beer and tell him about Kropotkin?"
I envisioned the conversation:
Vanguard: Wage Slave, are you aware that you are but a wire nail in the toolbox of capitalism?
Wage Slave: I thought I was a chisel.
Vanguard: No, the petit bourgeois are the chisels.
Wage Slave: What about a washer set? Can I be a washer set?
Vanguard: No, my ferret, run free! For I have unlocked your collar with knowledge!
Wage Slave: I want to be a chisel.
Vanguard pushes screaming ferret through hole in fence cut by the clippers of noblesse oblige.
"Well, maybe we could bribe him," said Britta. Tamara laughed.
"With what? Health insurance? — Vanessa Veselka

Ferret Quotes By Judith Ivory

Everyone grew still, exactly as she'd asked. The little thing skittered around feet, visible one moment, lost the next. A man near Mick - the very man who was part of the couple who'd been at Abernathy and Freigh's when the ferret had gotten loose six weeks ago - said, 'Oh, I hope you can get her. My pet monkey ran out of the house last month, and we never found him. I've been distraught ever since. — Judith Ivory

Ferret Quotes By Kevin Hearne

But now that she was my apprentice, every such thought caused a guilty twitch in my neck, as if someone had dropped a sleek, stinky ferret there. Guilt ferrets are bastards. — Kevin Hearne

Ferret Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Nice work in their, Herondale, setting the place on fire," Gabriel observed. "Good thing we were there to clean up after you, or the whole plan would have gone down in flames, along with the shreds of your reputation."
"Are you implying that shreds of my reputation remain intact?" Will demanded with mock horror. "Clearly I have been doing somethin wrong. Or no doing something wrong, as the case may be." He banged on the side of the carriage. "Thomas!" We must away from here at once to the nearest brothel! I seek scandal and low companionship."
Thomas snorted and muttered somethin that sounded like "bosh", which Will ignored.
Gabriel's face darkened. "Is there anything that isn't a joke to you?"
Nothing that comes to mind."
"You know," Gabriel said, "there was a time I thought we could be friends, Will"
"There was a time I thought I was a ferret," Will said, "but it turned out to be the opium haze. Did you know it had that effect? Becausen I didn't. — Cassandra Clare

Ferret Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Her chances of a decent marriage were about to be dashed-and all because of a ferret. — Lisa Kleypas

Ferret Quotes By Dean Koontz

I often resorted: buckets, brooms, garden rakes, Granny Smith apples, cats that when thrown will reliably take out their fury not on the thrower but instead on the person at whom they're thrown. I didn't like throwing cats or animals of any kind, as far as that goes, but every once in a while, in a life-and-death situation, there was nothing to be done but grab a cat and throw it, or an angry ferret. — Dean Koontz

Ferret Quotes By Cassandra Clare

You know," Gabriel said, "there was a time I thought we could be friends, Will."
"There was a time I thought I was a ferret," Will said, "but that turned out to be the opium haze. Did you know it had that effect? Because I didn't. — Cassandra Clare