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Top Female Musicians Quotes

Female Musicians Quotes By Billy Collins

Perhaps the answer is simply one:
one female angel dancing alone in her stocking feet,
a small jazz combo working in the background.
She sways like a branch in the wind, her beautiful
eyes closed, and the tall thin bassist leans over
to glance at his watch because she has been dancing
forever, and now it is very late, even for musicians. — Billy Collins

Female Musicians Quotes By Amanda Palmer

I want to live in a world where Miley (or any female musician) can twerk wildly at 20, wear a full-cover floral hippie mumu at 37, show up at 47 in see-through latex, and pose semi-naked, like Keith & co, on the cover of Rolling Stone at 57 and be APPLAUDED for being so comfortable with her body. — Amanda Palmer

Female Musicians Quotes By Lana Del Rey

I'm not really interested in a ton of female musicians but there is something about Britney that compelled me - the way she sings and just the way she looks. — Lana Del Rey

Female Musicians Quotes By Emily Robison

I don't think I set out to have a career in female groups, but it's just kind of happened, and by nature of having worked with my sister - growing up with a sister who also plays, and being in communication with other female musicians. — Emily Robison

Female Musicians Quotes By Ani DiFranco

I don't hate being compared with female musicians. I don't mind that at all. I have no problem with seeing connections between women's work. — Ani DiFranco

Female Musicians Quotes By Tom Robbins

One of the other musicians said that the tambourine is a female due to the fact that it makes a pretty jingle and is designed to be spanked. That is the more recent, patriarchal attitude, I suppose. — Tom Robbins

Female Musicians Quotes By Lorde

With pop music and pop musicians, you know everything about everyone all the time, particularly their physical appearance. With female musicians, that's made a big thing of, and I think people, certainly with me, have appreciated a bit of mystery. — Lorde

Female Musicians Quotes By Shari Copell

Are you gonna sit back there and whack off or are you gonna give us a count? It's me and you to start, drummer boy. I'm ready when you are. — Shari Copell

Female Musicians Quotes By Taylor Hanson

Hanson has rapid female fans, which I'm completely proud of, but a lot of fans are a contingent that have grown up with us really - our peers. There's younger fans. More and more guys are Hanson fans, musicians or kind of guys who were into a Beatles record. — Taylor Hanson

Female Musicians Quotes By Robert Plant

I absolutely adore and idolise women. All women. I think they are all amazing. The female musicians I've met have been far more inspiring than the male ones. Women tend to be much more creative and ambitious. I think I may have been a woman in a past life. — Robert Plant

Female Musicians Quotes By Weyes Blood

I'm definitely a victim of some weird twisted form of not really relating to female musicians. — Weyes Blood