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Top Fangsworthy Quotes

Fangsworthy Quotes By Ali Shaw

After a long while he sat upright with great effort, exhaled a sigh and reached for a clean sheet of lined paper, smoothing it out on the desk. He unscrewed the lid of his fountain pen, laid it perpendicular to his paper, and began to write. Often he compared his writing to white water. He had only to leap in to be dragged away on its rapids, thrown this way and that with his own will rendered impotent. While writing he found the words came from the muscles in his hands, the feel of the shaft of his pen, the locked joint of his elbow. the scratching noise of the nib marking paper and, underneath all that, some coordinating impulse in his guts. Certainly not from his mind. — Ali Shaw

Fangsworthy Quotes By Sandi Lynn

There's no limit to what I wouldn't do for you. Just ask and it will be done, no matter the sacrifice. — Sandi Lynn

Fangsworthy Quotes By Nine Naughty Novelists

His icy lovecicle pressed against her dewy portal, demanding admittance to her passion chamber. How did a guy with no heartbeat, no pulse, get an erection? Who cares? — Nine Naughty Novelists

Fangsworthy Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

He didn't look a lot like his father, save when he wanted something badly. She pulled herself up a bit, shaking her head to clear the dizziness, and Roger looked up at her, distracted by her movement. For an instant, she saw Jerry look out of his eyes, and the world swam afresh. She closed her own, though, and gulped her tea, scalding as it was. Mum — Diana Gabaldon

Fangsworthy Quotes By Gayle Nix Jackson

The truth is for those that seek it! — Gayle Nix Jackson

Fangsworthy Quotes By Marcel Dzama

Yoko Ono is someone who's music I've discovered more recently. The current cd rereleases of her albums all had bonus tracks recorded just with a tape recorder and I'm really into these at the moment because they have a great intimate feel. — Marcel Dzama

Fangsworthy Quotes By Anthony Bourdain

1993, my return to the 'bigs'. I'd been — Anthony Bourdain

Fangsworthy Quotes By Angie Stone

I get a special joy in knowing people feel comfortable if they see me in Wal-Mart or in a no-frills section trying to get something on a discount. — Angie Stone

Fangsworthy Quotes By Nine Naughty Novelists

He knew how hot those rumbly-grumbly, gravel-voiced noises made her: hotter than two rats wrestling in a wool sock ... only not as scratchy. Or as smelly. Probably less squeaky, too. But she had to be strong. For the sake of her children. For the sake of her winery. For the sake of her poor, battered heart. For the sake of this story, which would be over far too quickly if she gave in to him now. — Nine Naughty Novelists

Fangsworthy Quotes By Monique Roffey

'The White Woman on the Green Bicycle' is a love story mapped onto an unfolding political tragedy: that of the failure of the Independence era in Trinidad. — Monique Roffey

Fangsworthy Quotes By William Shakespeare

That man that hath a tongue, I say is no man, if with his tongue he cannot win a woman. — William Shakespeare