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Top Famous Psychology Quotes

Famous Psychology Quotes By Paul Gibbons

Malcolm Gladwell puts the "pop" in pop psychology, and although revered in lay circles, is roundly dismissed by experts - even by the researchers he makes famous. — Paul Gibbons

Famous Psychology Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

Just to let you know I don't post my books and things on the net in hopes of being rich. The reason is. "I am a person with Bipolar Disorder" and they're are a lot of great minds on the "Famous Bipolar" list that died penniless. If I do the same it's no big deal but having a form of mental Illness I would love to get my name on the Bipolar list also one day. Preferably while I'm still living so I can make sure they spelled it right — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Famous Psychology Quotes By Luther E. Vann

It has been my personal experience that as I allow the painting to speak I become lost, it is delicious and at the same time frightening. The best ones, to me, have a life of their own. — Luther E. Vann

Famous Psychology Quotes By Aberjhani

This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls. — Aberjhani

Famous Psychology Quotes By Robert Sternberg

There was already a famous Sternberg in psychology and it was obvious there would not be another. — Robert Sternberg

Famous Psychology Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

When it comes to most true bipolars, consider this thought: Genius by birth, bipolar by design. — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Famous Psychology Quotes By Claudia Hammond

I see the last two millennia as laid out in columns, like a reverse ledger sheet. It's as if I'm standing at the top of the twenty-first century looking downwards to 2000. Future centuries float as a gauzy sheet stretching over to the left. I also see people, architecture and events laid out chronologically in the columns. When I think of the year 1805, I see Trafalgar, women in the clothes of that era, famous people who lived then, the building, etc. The sixth to tenth centuries are very green, the Middle Ages are dark with vibrant splashes of red and blue and the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are brown with rich, lush colours in the furniture and clothing. — Claudia Hammond

Famous Psychology Quotes By Adel Abouhana

I'm Noah, and you are the ship coasting along the banks and as long as you are my valentine I will sail between your eyes.. — Adel Abouhana

Famous Psychology Quotes By David J. Schwartz

The great psychologist Dr. George W. Crane said in his famous book Applied Psychology, "Remember, motions are the precursors of emotions. You can't control the latter directly but only through your choice of motions or actions. . . . To avoid this all too common tragedy (marital difficulties and misunderstandings) become aware of the true psychological facts. Go through the proper motions each day and you'll soon begin to feel the corresponding emotions! Just be sure you and your mate go through those motions of dates and kisses, the phrasing of sincere daily compliments, plus the many other little courtesies, and you need not worry about the emotion of love. You can't act devoted for very long without feeling devoted. — David J. Schwartz