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Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Jill Alexander Essbaum

As fussy as they were about cleanliness and order, the Swiss seemed to Anna to be rather lax about graffiti. — Jill Alexander Essbaum

Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Vita Sackville-West

Gardening is a luxury occupation: an ornament, not a necessity, of life ... Fortunate gardener, who may preoccupy himself solely with beauty in these difficult and ugly days! He is one of the few people left in this distressful world to carry on the tradition of elegance and charm. A useless member of society, considered in terms of economics, he must not be denied his rightful place. He deserves to share it, however humbly, with the painter and poet. — Vita Sackville-West

Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Wei Wu Wei

As long as there is a 'you' doing or not-doing, thinking or not-thinking, 'meditating' or 'not-meditating' you are no closer to home than the day you were born. — Wei Wu Wei

Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Sabrina Jeffries

You may find this hard to believe, Mr. Pinter," she went on defensively, "but some men enjoy my company. They consider me easy to talk to."
A ghost of a smile touched his handsome face. "You're right. I do find that hard to believe."
Arrogant wretch.
-Jackson and Celia — Sabrina Jeffries

Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God always rewards openly what was done in the secret. — Sunday Adelaja

Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Ruth Minsky Sender

[N]ever stop being yourself. — Ruth Minsky Sender

Famous Jamie Fraser Quotes By Bantu Holomisa

The ANC is very concerned (about shedding votes), hence they are pinning their hopes that those rogue elements will run the elections, so rigging will be on the high. There is no doubt about that — Bantu Holomisa