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Top Famous Chips Quotes

Famous Chips Quotes By Maureen Dowd

As blue chips turn into penny stocks, Wall Street seems less like a symbol of America's macho capitalism and more like that famous Jane Austen character Mrs. Bennet, a flibbertigibbet always anxious about getting richer and her 'poor nerves.' — Maureen Dowd

Famous Chips Quotes By Jonathan Stroud

At Lockwood & Co., George was famous for not being able to throw or catch with any accuracy. Back in the kitchen at Portland Row, even the casual passing out of fruit or bags of chips became an exercise fraught with danger. — Jonathan Stroud

Famous Chips Quotes By Stephen Fry

The desire to be famous is infantile, and humanity has never lived in an age when infantilism was more sanctioned and encouraged than now. Infantile foods in the form of crisps, chips, sweet fizzy drinks and pappy burgers or hot dogs smothered in sugary sauce are considered mainstream nutrition for millions of adults. Intoxicating drinks disguised as milkshakes and soda pops exist for those whose taste buds haven't grown up enough to enjoy the taste of alcohol. As in food so in the wider culture. Anything astringent, savoury, sharp, complex, ambiguous or difficult is ignored in favour of the colourful, the sweet, the hollow and the simple. — Stephen Fry

Famous Chips Quotes By Susan Kitson

Jason's Famous Muesli Serves many For the oat mixture: 4 cups jumbo rolled oats 1 cup flax seeds 1 cup coconut (chips or desiccated) For the seed mixture: ½ cup pumpkin seeds ½ cup sunflower seeds ½ cup almonds ½ cup sesame seeds ½ cup raisins (optional) ½ cup diced apricots (optional) 1. Combine the oat mixture into one jar and the seed mixture into another. Shake to achieve an even distribution. 2. Each morning after eating breakfast, — Susan Kitson