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Top Famous 50 Word Quotes

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Kristen Proby

Julianne, your beautiful face is only outmatched by what's inside you.
What the fuck? No one, no man anyway, has ever said anything about what's inside me. Unless he was referring to his dick. — Kristen Proby

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Catherine Ryan Hyde

It's like if someone had a loaded gun in your face. I don't know how else to describe how it felt to try to talk to my father. Even on a good day. If someone always has a loaded gun in your face, you weigh every word before you say it. You only dare say it if it might save you. But you're never sure, so there's this tendency to freeze. Say nothing at all. — Catherine Ryan Hyde

Famous 50 Word Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

And at that moment, Thibaut knew he was a murderer. He had murdered his brother that night; he had taken away his brother's soul. — C. JoyBell C.

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Nicole Polizzi

The guys you see me bring home, we're only cuddling and making out like any other person would do, but we're on camera and the whole world's seeing it, and it does look like I'm having sex. — Nicole Polizzi

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Anonymous

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. — Anonymous

Famous 50 Word Quotes By David Icke

In 1946, Bertrand Russell, a friend of Einstein, said it was necessary to use the fear of nuclear weapons to force all nations to give up their sovereignty and submit to the dictatorship of the United Nations.11 — David Icke

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Laura Esquivel

Look ma'am, those narcos that mutilate, torture, and kill others are no longer a part of us. They're no longer part of any family or community; they act against everyone. They are worth nothing. But when you bury a narco, you allow him to be a part of you again. He becomes dust, food, our brother once more. His body - dissolved in the earth - now sustains life again, instead of destroying it. — Laura Esquivel

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Jean Tirole

I should pay attention to what I know and not talk more just because I won a Nobel Prize. — Jean Tirole

Famous 50 Word Quotes By Kid Cudi

I hate playing the bass, bro. I've been playing the bass because it's there and I don't want anyone else to play it. — Kid Cudi