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Top Faculty Development Quotes

Faculty Development Quotes By John Ambrose Fleming

We are apt to consider that invention is the result of spontaneous action of some heavenborn genius, whose advent we must patiently wait for, but cannot artificially produce. It is unquestionable, however, that education, legal enactments, and general social conditions have a stupendous influence on the development of the originative faculty present in a nation and determine whether it shall be a fountain of new ideas or become simply a purchaser from others of ready-made inventions. — John Ambrose Fleming

Faculty Development Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

To leave a man's ego bigger, retweet him. To leave his faculty of reasoning better, challenge his tweet. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Faculty Development Quotes By Haile Selassie

As man's faculty attains higher level of development and sophistication, so do his wants in life — Haile Selassie

Faculty Development Quotes By Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Justice is a faculty that may be developed. This development is what constitutes the education of the human race. — Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Faculty Development Quotes By Edward Thorndike

For origin and development of human faculty we must look to these processes of association in lower animals. — Edward Thorndike

Faculty Development Quotes By Anna Brownell Jameson

Morally a woman has a right to the free and entire development of every faculty which God has given her to be improved and used to His honor. Socially she has a right to the protection of equal laws; the right to labor with her hands the thing that is good; to select the kind of labor which is in harmony with her condition and her powers; to exist, if need be, by her labor, or to profit others by it if she choose. These are her rights, not more nor less than the rights of the man. — Anna Brownell Jameson

Faculty Development Quotes By Carla L. Rueckert

It is easy to confuse hope with faith. Yet faith is blind; faith does not have eyes that see, nor does it need them. Faith is an inner sureness and is an invaluable ally to the spiritual seeker. In no way would we discourage any from the cultivation of the faculty of faith, for it is one of the great tools of learning available to you upon the spiritual path. Yet there are situations in which a focused vision has its place and is far more effective than blind faith. That faculty is hope. Hope is the development of faith upon a specific area of intent or interest so that there is a vision which is developed which affirms all that is best in a situation, all that is requisite in an outcome. — Carla L. Rueckert

Faculty Development Quotes By Mark Foley

By offering an education centered on values, the faculty in Catholic schools can create an interactive setting between parents and students that is geared toward long-term healthy character and scholastic development for all enrolled children. — Mark Foley

Faculty Development Quotes By Henry Rosovsky

The president [of American research institute] can act as the CEO and make a firm decision about the long-term development of the institution, but he or she does so in constant consultation with the faculty. It may not always work this way, but the greatest advances occur when governance is truly shared. — Henry Rosovsky

Faculty Development Quotes By Simone Weil

The development of the faculty of attention forms the real object and almost the sole interest of studies. — Simone Weil

Faculty Development Quotes By Arthur M. Cohen

development starts with awarding a one-credit-hour payment to each faculty member who participates in a weeklong program in August. The program continues with three credit hours of release time during the fall term, which allow new faculty to meet once a week with campus mentors and attend an intensive four-day instructional skills workshop in the spring. The college also pays for program costs. — Arthur M. Cohen

Faculty Development Quotes By Aldo Leopold

The only true development in American recreational resources is the development of the perceptive faculty in Americans. All of the other acts we grace by that name are, at best, attempts to retard or mask the process of dilution. — Aldo Leopold