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Top Experiencing True Love Quotes

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Evan Stark

The majority of people I've come across in life have treated me unfairly. I'd be a liar if I said it didn't hurt; I have this deep wound in my soul I feel all the time, but I still choose to love despite my moments of anger and selfishness. Love is the only true, everlasting thing we all live for and who am I to rob someone of experiencing that? — Evan Stark

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Vironika Tugaleva

The outside world can only trigger or block your experience of your true nature. Each time something beautiful takes your breath away, that's you experiencing yourself. Each time you fall in love with someone, that's you experiencing yourself. Each time a child's smile gives you unspeakable joy, that's you experiencing yourself. Your true nature is beautiful. Life is the art of rediscovering yourself, again and again, in different forms, celebrating, rejoicing, welcoming. You are beautiful. You are life itself. — Vironika Tugaleva

Experiencing True Love Quotes By John Timpane

But many people just love to be in the midst of that poetry, to keep experiencing what's perplexing, what's beautiful, what's true. — John Timpane

Experiencing True Love Quotes By David Hoffmeister

Relationships without a Divine Aim always "break up," for they are based on nothing. Divine Purpose could be described as forgiveness -- the undoing and releasing of the ego. Belief in the ego prevents awareness of True Union and Intimacy. The underlying fear of Intimacy and Union is the ego's fear of loss of itself, the 'personal self' and the 'personal world. — David Hoffmeister

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Aaron Tippin

The romantic stuff comes a lot easier when you're experiencing true love. It feels better, it feels more natural to record love songs when you're in love. — Aaron Tippin

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Adyashanti

In order to be truly free, you must desire to know the truth more than you want to feel good. Because, if feeling good is your goal, then as soon as you feel better you will lose interest in what is true. This does not mean that feeling good or experiencing love and bliss is a bad thing. Given the choice, anyone would choose to feel bliss rather than sorrow. It simply means that if this desire to feel good is stronger than the yearning to see, know, and experience Truth, then this desire will always be distorting the perception of what is Real, while corrupting one's deepest integrity. — Adyashanti

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Sheri Dew

Discipleship requires at least three things of us: first, coming to love the Lord more than we love anything in the world; second, experiencing a change of heart so that we have no "disposition to do evil, but to do good continually"57 - which doesn't mean we no longer make mistakes, it just means we don't want to; and third, behaving like true followers. — Sheri Dew

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Kenneth G. Ortiz

True love is real. Sadly only few will ever have the joy in experiencing it. If you have the opportunity to be able to share your life with the one person that makes you most alive, most comforted, most happy, do not pass up the opportunity
for anything in the world. You may be passing up one of the best experiences of your life. It may be the one you desire, or it may be the one that desires you. Sometimes the best couples comes from the most unlikely of pairs. You may be passing up the opportunity on joining with the other half that will make you whole. Love is a risk, but a risk worth taking. — Kenneth G. Ortiz

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Cheri Huber

When you're experiencing peace, it's coming from within you; you're 'doing' peace and this is true of anything else you might be looking for. Love, happiness, contentment, well-being come from within. Nothing external needs to change for you to have what you want ... If you want to be happier - be happier. If you want to be more relaxed - relax. If you want more friends - be friendly. Sounds simple. It is. — Cheri Huber

Experiencing True Love Quotes By Steve Maraboli

My love for you spans over the lines of my past, present, and future. You are what I love remembering, what I love experiencing, and what I love looking forward to. — Steve Maraboli