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Experiencer Francais Quotes By Antonio Damasio

When you deal with something like compassion for physical pain, which we know is very, very old in evolution - we can find evidence for it in nonhuman species - the brain processes it at a faster speed. Compassion for mental pain took many seconds longer. — Antonio Damasio

Experiencer Francais Quotes By George R R Martin

Half-truths are worth more than outright lies. — George R R Martin

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Lea Thompson

If I don't have to act, I'd rather not. I'd rather not act cold. I'd rather actually be cold. That's my weird way of acting. If the door is supposed to be locked, I'd rather have it locked. But of course, most of the time, we have to act, and that's okay, too. — Lea Thompson

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Alanis Morissette

Getting married and starting a family has been a lifelong goal and one that I have persevered through different paths up to it! — Alanis Morissette

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Lydia M. Child

I think every individual, and every society, is perfected just in proportion to the combination, and cooperation, of masculine and feminine elements of character. He is the most perfect man who is affectionate as well as intellectual; and she is the most perfect woman who is intellectual as well as affectionate. Every art and science becomes more interesting, viewed both from the masculine and feminine points of view. — Lydia M. Child

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Dan Montgomery

Once we see that our salvation has never depended on anything we do, we have nothing to fear and nothing to prove. God in Christ has already provided every proof we need to be acquitted of every charge against us. — Dan Montgomery

Experiencer Francais Quotes By George Ellery Hale

Some think that solar work is pretty well played out. In reality, it is only beginning. — George Ellery Hale

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Jennifer DeLucy

I don't care what it seems like," he said. "The only place I'll ever be is here with you. — Jennifer DeLucy

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Vladimir Sorokin

Orthodox churches, autocracy and national traditions are supposed to form a new national ideology in Russia. This would mean that Russia would be overtaken by its past, and our past would be our future. — Vladimir Sorokin

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Herb Caen

A good column is one that sells paper. It doesn't matter how beautifully it is written and how much you admire the author ... if it doesn't sell any papers, it's not a good column. It's a terrible yardstick to use, but in the newspaper business, that's the whole thing. — Herb Caen

Experiencer Francais Quotes By Grace Jones

I like dressing like a guy. I love it. When I was modeling I used to do pictures where I would dress up like my little brother. No makeup and I looked like a boy. — Grace Jones