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Ex De Medici Quotes & Sayings

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Ex De Medici Quotes By Susan Carroll

I have been intrigued by Catherine de Medici and the legends surrounding her for a long time. — Susan Carroll

Ex De Medici Quotes By Sarah Dunant

Together he [Girolamo Savonarola] and his archenemy Lorenzo [de' Medici] would have been the stuff of gargoyles. One could almost imagine the diptych in which their profiles confronted each other, their noses as powerful as their personalities. — Sarah Dunant

Ex De Medici Quotes By Amin Maalouf

I, Hasan the son of Muhammad the weigh-master, I, Jean-Leon de Medici, circumcised at the hand of a barber and baptized at the hand of a pope, I am now called the African, but I am not from Africa, nor from Europe, nor from Arabia. I am also called the Granadan, the Fassi, the Zayyati, but I come from no country, from no city, no tribe. I am the son of the road, my country is the caravan, my life the most unexpected of voyages. — Amin Maalouf

Ex De Medici Quotes By Lorenzo De' Medici

Too much knowing is misery. — Lorenzo De' Medici

Ex De Medici Quotes By Ashley Warlick

Catherine de Medici brought her cooks to France when she married, and those cooks brought sherbet and custard and cream puffs, artichokes and onion soup, and the idea of roasting birds with oranges. As well as cooks, she brought embroidery and handkerchiefs, perfumes and lingerie, silverware and glassware and the idea that gathering around a table was something to be done thoughtfully. In essence, she brought being French to France. — Ashley Warlick

Ex De Medici Quotes By Mary Pope Osborne

I think it might be nice if there was a Cosimo de' Medici around today, offering commissions to the poor, but talented artists. — Mary Pope Osborne

Ex De Medici Quotes By Michelangelo

Lorenzo de' Medici seeks highly skilled, aesthetically oriented individual to conceive and implement several major public projects. You are a generalist with sound training in structural engineering, synthesis of pigments and Christian iconography. Some climbing involved — Michelangelo

Ex De Medici Quotes By Sandra Gulland

The Confessions of Catherine de Medici is a dramatic, epic novel of an all-too-human woman whose strength and passion propelled her into the center of grand events. Meticulously-researched, this engrossing novel offers a fresh portrait of a queen who has too often been portrayed as a villain. Bravo Mr. Gortner! — Sandra Gulland

Ex De Medici Quotes By Voltaire

I already began to inspire the men with love. My breast began to take its right form, and such a breast! white, firm, and formed like that of the Venus de' Medici; my eyebrows were as black as jet, and as for my eyes, they darted flames and eclipsed the luster of the stars, as I was told by the poets of our part of the world. My maids, when they dressed and undressed me, used to fall into an ecstasy in viewing me before and behind; and all the men longed to be in their places. — Voltaire

Ex De Medici Quotes By Lucius Beebe

I admire most of all The Renaissance Man, and if it can be said without pretentiousness, I like to think of myself as one, at least in some small measure. Not a Michelangelo, mark you, but perhaps a poor man's Cellini or a road company Cosimo de' Medici ... the Renaissance Man did a number of things, many of them well, a few beautifully. He was no damned specialist. — Lucius Beebe

Ex De Medici Quotes By Bayard Taylor

So far as female beauty is concerned, the Circassian women have no superiors. They have preserved in their mountain home the purity of the Grecian models, and still display the perfect physical loveliness, whose type has descended to us in the Venus de Medici. — Bayard Taylor

Ex De Medici Quotes By John F. Kennedy

There is a connection, hard to explain logically but easy to feel, between achievement in public life and progress in the arts. The age of Pericles was also the age of Phidias. The age of Lorenzo de Medici was also the age of Leonardo da Vinci. The age Elizabeth also the age of Shakespeare. And the New Frontier for which I campaign in public life, can also be a New Frontier for American art. — John F. Kennedy

Ex De Medici Quotes By Lorenzo De' Medici

I wish that death had spared me until your library had been complete. — Lorenzo De' Medici

Ex De Medici Quotes By Roland Delicio

Even French pilferage has not relegated Italian culinary genius to the darker corners of gastronomy. Marie de' Medici brought Italian cookery to France, where Gallic duplicity quickly undermined the integrity of good ingredients with unctuous sauces. The French will always confuse egregious decorative effects with creative integrity. They have a genius for appearances. Trompe l'oeil will do for a Frenchman, but not for an Italian. — Roland Delicio

Ex De Medici Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I will say with Lorenzo de Medici that those who do not hope for another life are always dead to this one. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Ex De Medici Quotes By Lorenzo De' Medici

What I have dreamed in an hour is worth more than what you have done in four. — Lorenzo De' Medici