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Top Ex Bf/gf Quotes

Ex Bf/gf Quotes By George MacDonald

The greatest forces lie in the region of the uncomprehended. — George MacDonald

Ex Bf/gf Quotes By Mark Hanna

The Bf 109 is, without doubt, the most satisfying and challenging aircraft that I have ever flown. — Mark Hanna

Ex Bf/gf Quotes By Elle Kennedy

My phone buzzes, and I shut off YouTube so I can access my messages.

Logan: Just found the perfect xmas present for you in Boston.

A photo promptly appears, summoning a loud groan from my throat. The asshole sent me a pic of a novelty My Little Pony dildo. Damn thing is bright pink, with rainbow sparkles on the handle.

Logan: And it's rechargeable! U don't have to buy batteries. THAT'S handy!

Me: Hardy-har-har. You = comedian.

Then I message Grace: Tell your BF to stop being mean to me.

She texts back a smiley face. Traitor. — Elle Kennedy

Ex Bf/gf Quotes By Tom Spanbauer

A person without her or his own truth ain't a person at all, Ida said. Anybody who tells you different - is a jackass, and no longer deserves to be called human being. — Tom Spanbauer

Ex Bf/gf Quotes By George Spirakis

if you may edit, edit yourself — George Spirakis

Ex Bf/gf Quotes By Stephen Fry

One of the most intensely unlikeable figures of the twentieth century, fanatical anti-Semite, enemy of labour unions and proud recipient of medals from Nazi Germany, where Hitler held him in veneration, Henry Ford was also an employer who paid his workers more than his competitors, an innovator who pioneered the assembly line and a visionary whose part in the creation of the twentieth century was so great that Aldous Huxley, in his Brave New World, prefigured a society whose calendar was divided into BF and AF-Before Ford and After Ford. — Stephen Fry