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Top Ewings Of Dallas Quotes

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Plato

Trees and fields tell me nothing: men are my teachers. — Plato

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Frederick Lenz

There's a source, there's a perennial source from which all things come forth. We call it the Godhead, Nirvana, the Tao, enlightenment. It's big; it's bright; it's perfect, as are all of its children, as are we. — Frederick Lenz

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Michelle Sagara West

Trying," he said at last, "is good. It always is. But failing? Everyone fails, one time or another. It's how you deal with failure that counts, in the end. It's the successes that you're known for-but it's the failures make you what you are. — Michelle Sagara West

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Albert Camus

There is but one freedom, To put oneself right with death. After that everything is possible. I cannot force you to believe in God. Believing in God amounts to coming to terms with death. When you have accepted death, the problem of God will be solved, and not the reverse. — Albert Camus

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Kenneth L. Pike

The price that one pays for refusing to act on the truth as one sees it, is to be led to believe untruth to avoid guilt. — Kenneth L. Pike

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Richard Cezar

Certainly, I believed that our democratic system of government was the best thing going. I was a flag-waver from way back. I was proud of my country. It was the moral weakness of our leaders that concerned me. They were prone to the same frailties of arrogance, greed, and sanctimony as those of any other country. The primitive concept of 'might makes right' still reigned supreme. Hadn't thousands of years of history taught us anything? — Richard Cezar

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Daisy Prescott

He's not weird, just not super normal. — Daisy Prescott

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Philip K. Howard

We've been trained to squint into a legal microscope, hoping that we can judge any dispute against the standard of a perfect society, where everyone will agree what's fair, and where accidents will be extinct, risk will be no more. — Philip K. Howard

Ewings Of Dallas Quotes By Peter Kreeft

God wants us to worry about our sins before we sin; the devil wants us to worry after we sin. God wants us to feel free after we repent (for we really are free then); the devil is a deceiver). The devil tempts us to cavalier pride before we sin and worrisome despair afterward, since pride and despair both separate us from God, and anything that separates us from God is the devil's friend and our enemy, while anything that brings us close to God is the devil's enemy and our friend. — Peter Kreeft