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Everything Alright Quotes By A.E. Via

I have the reports from Gemson and Boyd," Syn replied. His boots were up on the corner of his desk as he reclined back in his chair, skimming the contents of the file.

"How are they?" God asked. He removed his leather coat and draped it over the back of his chair.

"Detailed. Good," Syn answered. He brought his feet down and gave God a pointed look.

The big man shook his head, already knowing what Syn wanted. He wanted everything they knew about this case. Now.

"Alright Syn. Chill out. We're not used to you yet. But we know what it means to have a Sergeant on our team. You're the team's go to, and have just as much command and input regarding decision making as we do," Day responded as God stared. Day chuckled. "Tito was just as important as the other Jacksons."

Syn threw a pen at Day, which he dodged easily. Syn couldn't help but laugh at Day's fucked up comparison. "I'm no fucking Tito, shithead. — A.E. Via

Everything Alright Quotes By Douglas Adams

This is rather as if you imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, 'This is an interesting world I find myself in - an interesting hole I find myself in - fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!' This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything's going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for. — Douglas Adams

Everything Alright Quotes By Julia Barkey

"Alright, who's first?" Crystal asked once Carrie was in the chair that she had instructed her to sit in.
Everyone was quiet.
"Who wants to draw straws?" Matt asked. Carrie hadn't realized until this moment that the subtle smile on his face never faded. It was as though he found humor in everything that was going on.
Will slowly raised his hand, his other hand was left shoved in the pocket of his blue jeans, "I'll do it." — Julia Barkey

Everything Alright Quotes By Maya Starling

For you. The reader. Smile.
Be yourself.
Don't try to be someone else, because you are awesome and beautiful just the way you are.
Be yourself, and strive to be the best you can be. Everything will be alright. — Maya Starling

Everything Alright Quotes By Roshan Sharma

Till the time, you are enjoying the outside process, everything seems alright, but when the query arises, about why life, you search for the deeper meaning with life. — Roshan Sharma

Everything Alright Quotes By Khaled Hosseini

For you, a thousand times over. Then I turned and ran. It was only a smile, nothing more. It didn't make everything alright. It didn't make anything all right. Only a smile. A tiny thing. But I'll take it. With open arms. — Khaled Hosseini

Everything Alright Quotes By Douglas Adams

Shh!" said Ford. "It's conical. So what you do is, you see, you fill it with fine white sand, alright? Or sugar. Fine white sand, and/or sugar. Anything. Doesn't matter. Sugar's fine. And when it's full, you pull the plug out ... are you listening?" "I'm listening." "You pull the plug out, and it all just twirls away, twirls away you see, out of the plughole. "Clever." "That's not the clever bit. This is the clever bit, I remember now that this is the clever bit. The clever bit is that you then thread the film in the projector ... backwards!" "Backwards?" "Yes. Threading it backwards is definitely the clever bit. So then, you just sit and watch it, and everything just appears to spiral upwards out of the plughole and fill the bath. See?" "And that's how the Universe began is it?" said Arthur. "No," said Ford, "but it's a marvelous way to relax. — Douglas Adams

Everything Alright Quotes By A. Violet End

You think all I can do is frog legs? I got Legs on my mind, alright, but yours. I'll do whatever it takes the save the ass on top of 'em and everything else, you hear me? — A. Violet End

Everything Alright Quotes By Derek Landy

Or you have twelve hours for us to save you, if you want to be half-glass full about it. Cheer up, Geoffrey, you have our full attention focused on your dilemma. Wait, where's my hat?"
Valkyrie picked it up off the armchair and handed it to him.
"Perfect," he said. "Now you have our full attention."
Scrutinous smiled gratefully, suddenly reassured that everything was going to be alright. The skeleton detective and Valkyrie Cain were on the case, and they would stop at nothing to solve it.
"I'm hungry," Valkyrie said.
Skulduggery nodded decisively, said, "Then let's get you something to eat," and Scrutinous sagged. — Derek Landy

Everything Alright Quotes By Doug Keeler

woman behind the counter glided over. She looked early-to-mid thirties, casually dressed in well-worn jeans and a tight fitting top, and easy on the eyes. She gave me a warm smile. "Finding everything alright?" "I think — Doug Keeler

Everything Alright Quotes By Van Morrison

I forgot that love existed, troubled in my mind. Heartache after heartache, worried all the time. I forgot that love existed Then I saw the light Everyone around me make everything alright. — Van Morrison

Everything Alright Quotes By Truman Capote

What we want most is to be held ... and told..that everything (everything is a funny thing, is baby milk and papa's eyes, is roaring logs on a cold morning, is hoot owls and the boy who makes you cry after school, is mama's long hair, is being afraid and twisted faces on the bedroom wall) ... is going to be alright. — Truman Capote

Everything Alright Quotes By Neville Bonner

As they were leading me up, I looked up and around the galleries and I could feel the whole Aboriginal race, of those who had gone before, were all up there, and I could visualise, I could hear voices and amongst those voices was the voice of my grandfather saying, 'It's alright now boy, you are finally in the council with the Australian Elders. Everything is now going to be alright.' — Neville Bonner

Everything Alright Quotes By Dana Marie Bell

You're a ... " Becky swallowed hard at Emma's slow nod. "And they're ... " Emma watched as Becky absorbed the information. When she blew out a hard breath, Emma relaxed. "This is going to cost you a fortune in Tidy Cat." Becky's laugh was shaky but Emma knew everything would be alright. — Dana Marie Bell

Everything Alright Quotes By Al Barr

Well my wife and I just had a baby ourselves and it makes it harder to be on the road. It isn't for everybody and it can burn people out, and that's what's happened in the past. We've just kept the ship running y'know what I mean? You change engineers from time to time and as long as everybody coming aboard knows what direction the ship is, everything's alright. — Al Barr

Everything Alright Quotes By Dan Groat

Everything will be fine. I've heard that my whole life. Everything will be fine. That's baloney. — Dan Groat

Everything Alright Quotes By Scarlet Wolfe

My body is on fire, aching and clawing at me to set it free. It wants to come out to play alright. It wants recess with Ian. He's everything I'm not, and I love it. — Scarlet Wolfe

Everything Alright Quotes By Corallie Buchanan

My dear sister, you can't escape God, and you can't escape your skeletons in the closet. They will always be there until you take them out from behind those dusty old moth-eaten coats. Your exterior facade of 'everything is alright' only works for a little while, and then the cracks begin to show. You can only hide behind yourself for so long. You can't keep running! — Corallie Buchanan

Everything Alright Quotes By Ilona Andrews

They really kicked me out?"
"Refunded the tuition and everything."
Julie blinked a couple of times coming to grips with this tidbit. "So what happens now?"
"I expect you'll be a bum. Homeless and jobless begging on the street for a crust of bread ... "
"Oh, alright, I suppose if you come by the office once in a while I'll give you a sandwich. You can squat in the office on the floor when it gets too cold outside. We can even get you a little blanket to lie on ... — Ilona Andrews

Everything Alright Quotes By Roy Orbison

A candy coloured clown they call the sandman
Tiptoes into my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and whisper;
"Go to sleep, everything is alright" — Roy Orbison

Everything Alright Quotes By Deborah Moggach

Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it is not the end. — Deborah Moggach

Everything Alright Quotes By Schoolboy Q

We're living or dying. We're already dead, the living dead. So do what you gotta do. Take care of your family, of yourself as a whole, and everything will be alright. — Schoolboy Q

Everything Alright Quotes By Annette J. Dunlea

Remember me as the girl who married you, the woman who had your babies, who kept your house, weeded your garden, your soul mate and best friend. I was the woman who could make you laugh and cry. I could calm you when you were upset but yet infuriate you also like no other. For the passion and the love we shared, I thank-you. I could read your mind and finish your sentences. I knew everything you loved and hated and we had no secrets from one another. I knew what to say when you were upset to make things alright again. I felt your pain and I shared your joy. I embraced your strengths and celebrated your differences. I love you and everything about you and the physical limitations of worlds will not change that". — Annette J. Dunlea

Everything Alright Quotes By Mark R. Woodward

A definition of faith: everything will be alright by God's standards, maybe not ours, but by His for sure. — Mark R. Woodward

Everything Alright Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Everything's alright, form is emptiness and emptiness is form, and we're here forever, in one form or another, which is empty. Everything's alright, we're not here, there, or anywhere. — Jack Kerouac

Everything Alright Quotes By Henry Rollins

She liked me because she said that we both hated everything and knew that friendship was an act of desperation. She said that for a man I was alright. She said that people were half-way and if it was up to her a lot of people would get killed and a lot of men would be walking around without their balls. She said that they should go on sale for women to hang off their rearview mirrors. — Henry Rollins

Everything Alright Quotes By Jun Mochizuki

Accept everything, even if it's pain, even if it's sadness, because there's nothing absolute in this world. If everything were to disappear, at least I was thinking it didn't matter anyway. Even if in the future, everyone left me, it would be alright. I would never get hurt. — Jun Mochizuki

Everything Alright Quotes By George Orwell

But it was alright, everything was alright, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother. — George Orwell

Everything Alright Quotes By Douglas Adams

1) everything that's already in the world when you're born is just normal;
2) anything that gets invented between then and before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting and creative and with any luck you can make a career out of it;
3) anything that gets invented after you're thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it until it's been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really. — Douglas Adams

Everything Alright Quotes By Lisa Mischelle Wood

Before you go to sleep tonight, let go of your day; everything is alright. Just bow your head, speak your prayer, and trust in Him who will forever care. — Lisa Mischelle Wood

Everything Alright Quotes By Neil Leckman

Wheneve someone asks me, "Did you find everything alright?" I wonder to myself, "Is this a trick question?"
Maybe there is something that is not all right, and if I mention it first I get some exotic prizes!! — Neil Leckman

Everything Alright Quotes By Drake

And this is the only sound you should fear, man these kids wear crowns over here and everything is alright — Drake

Everything Alright Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

And if when everything ends, nothing is left in my hands ... that's alright. — Natsuki Takaya

Everything Alright Quotes By Pete Yorn

Convince yourself that everything is alright. Cause it already is. — Pete Yorn

Everything Alright Quotes By Tana French

For a moment, I felt as if the universe had turned upside down and we were falling softly into an enormous black bowl of stars, and I knew, beyond any doubt, that everything was going to be alright. — Tana French

Everything Alright Quotes By Veronica Roth

But then I stopped allowing myself to dream, because it was more painful to long for things and never get them than to deal with whatever was in front of me. [ ... ] I'm too old to hear confront nonsense anymore. Too old to believe that everything will be alright. — Veronica Roth

Everything Alright Quotes By Stevie Wonder

Baby, everything is alright, uptight, out of sight. — Stevie Wonder

Everything Alright Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Enlightenment is really worth seeking. It is the only thing that gives you permanent happiness. When you experience the ecstasy of enlightenment, everything is alright. — Frederick Lenz

Everything Alright Quotes By Shelly Crane

I winced and Caleb stuck his head inside the door. "Everything alright in here?"
"Yes, prince," my guard said sarcastically as he crossed his arms in the corner. "A needle stick isn't supposed to feel like cherries in springtime."
I snorted a laugh. Caleb raised his eyebrow at me with a twist of his lips. — Shelly Crane

Everything Alright Quotes By Sally Gardner

The floor had become a sea and the bed a ship, seen from a great distance. I could hear their voices calling me from far away. It lasted a minute or less. Maybe I dreamed it. Maybe I did not. It was an image that came to haunt me, and I have often wondered what would have happened if I had done as I was told and left the silver shoes alone. Would everything then have been alright? — Sally Gardner

Everything Alright Quotes By Ross Turner

It seemed everything would be alright after all. — Ross Turner

Everything Alright Quotes By Jack Kerouac

I know everything's alright but I want proof and the Buddhas and the Virgin Marys are there reminding me of the solemn pledge of faith in this harsh and stupid earth where we rage our so-called lives in a sea of worry, meat for Chicagos of Graves - right this minute my very father and my very brother lie side by side in mud in the North and I'm supposed to be smarter than they are - being quick I am dead. — Jack Kerouac

Everything Alright Quotes By Liz Reinhardt

And then I save up for a ring and ask you to marry me. And then, if everything goes the way I want, you agree. And then whatever you want. As long as you're with me, I know things will be alright — Liz Reinhardt

Everything Alright Quotes By Jean Johnson

Stumped, Ia sat there and tried to comprehend her crew's acceptance. It was possible; it had clearly happened, but . . . she had come here expecting protests, a struggle, a fight to get at least some of them to understand . . .

"Everything alright?" Harper asked her, leaning close.

"I . . . think so?" she said, looking up at him. "Actually, everything just went . . . really well. Too well. I think I may need to worry about this for a while."

He chuckled and shook his head. "Just accept it, Ia. If you said it's necessary, this crew would follow you into Hell itself, no questions asked."

"Excuse me, but I'd ask questions," Helstead argued from his other side. "Like how many demons are we taking out, which ones we're supposed to leave in place, and whether or not we're taking over permanently or just visiting, and if so, for how long? — Jean Johnson

Everything Alright Quotes By Tyler Perry

God gives everyone a lane and no one can beat you in your lane. Just stay focused on Him and what you are supposed to do. And everything will be alright. — Tyler Perry

Everything Alright Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

Have patience and keep working. Everything will come alright in time. — Abhijit Naskar

Everything Alright Quotes By Gregory Corso

I just trust people and they sense everything's gonna be alright. — Gregory Corso

Everything Alright Quotes By Wendy Mass

How can you, of all people, say everything will be alright?"
He has a point. I consider my answer. "Well, it's better than saying 'Keep on crying, I'm sure things will just get worse,' right? — Wendy Mass

Everything Alright Quotes By Antonia Michaelis

Just a tiny little pain,
Three days of heavy rain,
Three days of sunlight,
Everything will be alright,
Just a tiny little pain. — Antonia Michaelis

Everything Alright Quotes By J.G. Ballard

One rule in life", he murmured to himself. "If you can smell garlic, everything is alright. — J.G. Ballard

Everything Alright Quotes By Jacqueline Rayner

He saw the statue - she shrank back as he hurried forward. And then he realized it wasn't her. Rose was taken aback. She hadn't known - how could she know - what her disappearence had done to him. This Doctor had a look of such despair in his eyes that her heart almost stopped in pity. She wanted more than anything else to go to him, tell him that everything was going to be alright. But ... what with possibly ripping time and space apart, that was probably a bad idea. — Jacqueline Rayner

Everything Alright Quotes By Adam Levin

Why do we weep once we know that everything will be alright? We weep because the only way everything could ever be alright is in fiction. We weep because what we've seen can't be true, no matter how badly we wish it were. We weep at the truth. — Adam Levin

Everything Alright Quotes By Brian A. Jackson

Everything is going to be alright' doesn't mean stubbing your toe won't hurt anymore, but it reinforces that what takes place today, good or bad, is just a small piece of the larger puzzle — Brian A. Jackson

Everything Alright Quotes By Alice Thomas Ellis

Death is the last enemy: once we've got past that I think everything will be alright. — Alice Thomas Ellis

Everything Alright Quotes By Kris Kidd

I gave them everything I had, and I guess it feels
I gave them my body,
and they use it every night. — Kris Kidd

Everything Alright Quotes By Alberto Caeiro

If I knew I was going to die tomorrow,
And Spring came the day after tomorrow,
I would die peacefully, because it came the day after tomorrow.
If that's its time, when else should it come?
I like it that everything is real and everything is right;
And I like that it would be like this even if I didn't like it.
And so, if I die now, I die peacefully
Because everything is real and everything is right. — Alberto Caeiro

Everything Alright Quotes By Bryant McGill

A moment of truth is very powerful. Instead of smiling to be polite, just frown. Instead of laughing when you are nervous or uncomfortable, just speak your truth. Instead of acting like everything is all right, proclaim it isn't alright, and talk about your feelings! Honor your truth. Honor yourself. Be real. — Bryant McGill

Everything Alright Quotes By Michael Jackson

I'm a collector of cartoons. All the Disney stuff, Bugs Bunny, the old MGM ones. It's real escapism, it's like everything's alright. It's like the world is happening now in a far away city. Everything's fine. — Michael Jackson

Everything Alright Quotes By J. California Cooper

It's always something to remind you that everything ain't never gonna be alright! — J. California Cooper

Everything Alright Quotes By Taylor Swift

Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22 ... — Taylor Swift

Everything Alright Quotes By David Almond

Yes. But sad's alright. Sad's just apart of everything — David Almond

Everything Alright Quotes By Jeannie Davide-Rivera

I had no one. No one to talk to, at least that is how I felt. No one to hold on to, or who would hold tightly back. No one to tell me everything was going to be alright. No one to say, yes, me too, I know how you feel - No one. — Jeannie Davide-Rivera

Everything Alright Quotes By Ais

I had more to say," Sin said, still looking frustrated. "But it doesn't come out right when I try. I always say the wrong things."
Boyd nodded but he was so caught by their proximity, by the green of Sin's eyes, that at first he struggled with his own words.
"It's alright," he said at last. "As long you don't hate me, it's enough."
"That is not enough," Sin growled. "Not by a goddamn long shot. You just have no idea, Boyd. No fucking clue."
"About what?"
"Everything. Why I acted the way I did ... Why I was so pissed off. It will never make any sense to you because I don't know how to explain."
"So try," Boyd pressed. "Please."
"I don't know how. — Ais

Everything Alright Quotes By Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Faith is enough to make everything we're going through in life alright. — Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Everything Alright Quotes By Samantha Shannon

If I never returned-if you never see me again-it will mean that everything is alright. That I have ended her. But if I return, it will mean I have failed. That there is still danger. And then I will find you — Samantha Shannon

Everything Alright Quotes By Alicia Keys

Everything's gonna be alright. — Alicia Keys

Everything Alright Quotes By Shane Johnson

Sadly when I want someone to hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright, I have no one. I miss you so much and I wish there was someone to love me when I am down. — Shane Johnson

Everything Alright Quotes By Theresa Pecku-Laryea

Your struggles and tears will NEVER be wasted but will be transformed into a healing balm after your victory, release and manifestation comes. You've won already. Hold on just a little while longer. Everything will be alright. We serve a God whose Name is FAITHFUL. — Theresa Pecku-Laryea

Everything Alright Quotes By Alfie Deyes

Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be alright. — Alfie Deyes

Everything Alright Quotes By India.Arie

Go on and love yourself, cause everything's gonna be alright. — India.Arie

Everything Alright Quotes By Bill Bruford

Entertainment is about telling everybody that everything is alright but music is on the side of the upsetters and that's where I'm at. — Bill Bruford

Everything Alright Quotes By Jack Kerouac

But that's alright because now everything'll be alright & we'll soothe the forever boys & girls & before we're thru we'll find a name for this Goddam Golden Eternity & tell a story too — Jack Kerouac

Everything Alright Quotes By Jack Kerouac

In our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever ... listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, It is all one vast awakened thing. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere: Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That which passes into everything is one thing. It's a dream already ended. — Jack Kerouac

Everything Alright Quotes By Kevin Durant

Reggie when I first met you, You didn't say two words to me, I didn't know who you were, But we instantly clicked, And you became one of my best friends man ... Words can't express how much I care about you, Your well-being, How you feeling, Not even just basketball man, But off the court, I always make sure you're alright. You're such a humble person man. You do everything for the team. You always put yourself last. And I learned a lot from you. Thank you man, thank you. — Kevin Durant