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Top Evalyn Knapp Quotes

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Sumangali Morhall

Meditation is like hearing a voice on the telephone: there might be slight delays if the line is not perfect, but it is otherwise direct and requires no effort other than listening — Sumangali Morhall

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Laura Hillenbrand

I lived for four years in the 1930s with these individuals and the only time that I wasn't thinking about dealing with physical suffering is when I was working on this book. I've never been more alive as when I worked on this book. — Laura Hillenbrand

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

What you lose pursuing your dreams is waiting for you once you achieve them. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By David Wong

I just realized he was phrasing all of his questions as statements. Wasn't there a character in Alice in Wonderland who did that? Did Alice punch him in the face? — David Wong

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

My books didn't fit a marketing niche. — Chuck Palahniuk

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Paulo Coelho

We are bound to our lives, to our pasts, to the laws of what we consider right or wrong, and suddenly, everything changes. We — Paulo Coelho

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Lysa TerKeurst

Toxic thoughts leave no room for truth to flourish. And in the absence of truth, lies reign. Spend some time soaking in your favorite verses from Scripture tonight. The more we read God's truths and let truth fill our minds, the less time we'll spend contemplating untruths and toxic thoughts. — Lysa TerKeurst

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By John Green

I had no doubt that Tiny thought he got depressed, but that was probably because he had nothing to compare it to. Still, what could I say? that I didn't just feel depressed - instead, it was like the depression was the core of me, of every part of me, from my mind to my bones? That if he got blue, I got black? That I hated those pills so much because I knew how much I relied on them to live?
No, I couldn't say any of this because when it all comes down to it, nobody wants to hear it. No matter how much they like you or love you, they don't want to hear it. — John Green

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Donald Trump

It's inconceivable that you don't have to show identification in order to vote or that that the identification doesn't have to be somewhat foolproof. — Donald Trump

Evalyn Knapp Quotes By Frank Skinner

Professional footballers - those virile young stags of our modern culture - are near perpetual fountains of sputum. — Frank Skinner