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Top Equipment Maintenance Quotes

Equipment Maintenance Quotes By Dennis Kucinich

Utilities used deregulation to effect a series of mergers limiting competition. In order to accelerate profits, cost cutting ensued, involving the layoff of thousands of utility company employees, including some who were responsible for maintenance of generation, transmission, and distribution systems. A number of investor-owned utilities stopped investing in the maintenance and repair of their own equipment, and, instead, cut costs to enhance the value of their stock rather than spending money to enhance the value of their service. — Dennis Kucinich

Equipment Maintenance Quotes By F.H. Batacan

The arctic atmosphere, necessary for the maintenance of broadcast equipment, is air-conditioner sterile, with occasional stray smells of brewed coffee and toner for photocopying machines. — F.H. Batacan

Equipment Maintenance Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

On the third, we got into troubles. Baz Jesek had gotten more and more involved with equipment and maintenance - he is a good engineer, I'll give him that - I was tactical commander, and Oser - I thought by default, but now I think design - took up the administrative slack. Could have been good, each doing what he did best, if Oser'd been working with and not against us. In the same situation, I'd have sent assassins. Oser employed guerilla accountants. — Lois McMaster Bujold

Equipment Maintenance Quotes By Joel Brenner

Obama was apparently relying, at least in part, on intelligence disclosed more than a year earlier by a senior CIA official who, according to the Wall Street Journal, "told a meeting of utility company representatives in New Orleans that a cyberattack had taken out power equipment in multiple regions outside the U.S."47 Later that year, CBS News identified one of the countries involved as Brazil, which reportedly suffered a series of attacks, one of which "affected more than three million people in dozens of cities over a two-day period" and knocked the world's largest iron ore producer off-line, costing that company alone $7 million. The utility's later assertion that the blackouts were caused by routine maintenance failures are difficult to credit. — Joel Brenner

Equipment Maintenance Quotes By S. Paul Kashap

What is Civil Engineering? Technology could be a skilled engineering regulation that chargeable for appearance, structure, and maintenance of the substantial surroundings. An Engineer, he is practices as an applied scientist and use the technology equipments throughout testing technique of foundation, for the period of this method engineer get appear at the actual a part of transportation. Civil engineering lab testing equipments square measured and utilized by civil engineers. — S. Paul Kashap