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Top Equilibrated Quotes

Equilibrated Quotes By Jesse Jackson

You can be out of slavery and have the right to vote, but unless you have access to capital, industry and technology, you can't fulfill your dreams. — Jesse Jackson

Equilibrated Quotes By Anonymous

THE study of suggestion has shown us that the thoughts of hystericals are not equilibrated; that under diverse influences one of them may develop to an extreme extent and live, so to say, isolated, its own life, to the great detriment of the mental organism. — Anonymous

Equilibrated Quotes By Malin Akerman

I like when you watch a film and you feel like you're a part of somebody's life for an hour and a half. — Malin Akerman

Equilibrated Quotes By George Berkeley

Few men think; yet all have opinions. — George Berkeley

Equilibrated Quotes By Leah Reader

Don't put your life on hold for someone, or you'll wake up at forty-two with an empty house and a terrifying sense of freedom and no energy or innocence left to enjoy it. — Leah Reader

Equilibrated Quotes By Matthew Donnelly

Everyone thinks that teachers are automatically above the taught The teachers are the taught. — Matthew Donnelly

Equilibrated Quotes By Antoine Francois Prevost D'Exiles

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. — Antoine Francois Prevost D'Exiles

Equilibrated Quotes By James W. Fowler

Piaget- ... A stage then, we may say, is an integrated set of operational structures that constitute the thought processes of a person at a given time. Development involves the transformation of such " structures of the whole" in the direction of greater internal differentiation, complexity, flexibility and stability. A stage represents a kind of balanced relationship between a knowing subject and his or her environment. In this balanced or equilibrated position the person assimilates what is to be "known" in the environment into her or his existing structures of thought. When a novelty or challenge emerges that cannot be assimilated into the present structures of knowing then, if possible, the person accommmodates, that is , generates new structures of knowing. A stage transition has occured when enough accommodation has been undertaken to require ( and make possible) a transformation in the operational pattern of the structural whole of intellectual operations. — James W. Fowler

Equilibrated Quotes By Craig Stone

A watched pot never boils, but if I took my eyes from these negative thoughts for a second they would spill over the edges of my lips, and boil the beautiful moment alive as we lived it. — Craig Stone

Equilibrated Quotes By Jason Aaron

I've traversed countless different dimensions and parallel realities and i've yet to encounter a single problem that couldn't be solved with a series of well-placed bullets — Jason Aaron

Equilibrated Quotes By Bertrand Russell

a vast collection of electric charges in violent motion. — Bertrand Russell

Equilibrated Quotes By Elie Wiesel

The silence of two people is deeper than the silence of one. — Elie Wiesel

Equilibrated Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

As God is omnipresent in the cosmos but is undisturbed by its variety, so man, who as a soul is individualized Spirit, must learn to participate in this cosmic drama with a perfectly poised and equilibrated mind. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Equilibrated Quotes By Brett Dennen

I have ideas for songs all the time, but musical ideas, like melodies, really come out when I'm in nature. — Brett Dennen

Equilibrated Quotes By Aleister Crowley

For when all is equilibrated, when all is beheld from without all, there is joy, joy, joy that is but one facet of a diamond, every other facet whereof is more joyful than joy itself. — Aleister Crowley

Equilibrated Quotes By Thomas Adams

The Bible is to us what the star was to the wise men; but if we spend all our time in gazing upon it, observing its motions, and admiring its splendor, without being led to Christ by it, the use of it will be lost on us. — Thomas Adams

Equilibrated Quotes By Thomas Wolfe

Man is born to live, to suffer, and to die, and what befalls him is a tragic lot. There is no denying this in the final end. But we must deny it all along the way. — Thomas Wolfe

Equilibrated Quotes By Camila Alves

My waist used to be tiny. I just saw a picture of Miley Cyrus with a little crop top and low pants, and I'm like, 'That was me growing up in Brazil!' I had the typical model body, but after babies, it changed. I look more like a woman. — Camila Alves

Equilibrated Quotes By Adrienne Rich

I don't trust them but I'm learning to use them. — Adrienne Rich