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Top Equalizer Trailer Quotes

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Henry James Sumner Maine

The most superficial student of Roman history must be struck by the extraordinary degree in which the fortunes of the republic were affected by the presence of foreigners, under different names, on her soil. — Henry James Sumner Maine

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Mark Millar

The breadth of the potential readership is also a factor. — Mark Millar

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Virginia Woolf

All great writers have, of course, an atmosphere in which they seem most at their ease and at their best; a mood of the general mind which they interpret and indeed almost discover, so that we come to read them rather for that than for any story or character or scene of seperate excellence. — Virginia Woolf

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Leonardo DiCaprio

I have learned from my experiences in this industry that there is absolutely no way to control people's opinions on your performance in your movie. You go out there, promote your film and hope people like the work you did. — Leonardo DiCaprio

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Epictetus

Inner peace begins when we stop saying of things, 'I have lost it' and instead say, 'It has been returned to where it came from.' Why should it be any concern of yours who gives your things back to the world that gave them to you? The important thing is to take great care with what you have while the world lets you have it. — Epictetus

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Vince Cable

Banks operate like a man who either wears his trousers round his chest, stifling breathing, as now, or round his ankles, exposing his assets. We want their trousers tied round their middle: steady lending growth; particularly to productive British business, especially small scale enterprise. — Vince Cable

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Charlaine Harris

He picked some unwise words. Saying, "I'll enjoy killing you for my lord", is just not the way to make my acquaintance. — Charlaine Harris

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Michael Jackson

We are behaving like people without compassion and love for the most vulnerable section of society. The children of the universe are without a spokesperson, they are voiceless ... We are all touched by the atrocities committed against children: sexual, physical abuse, child slave labor, educational neglect. We feel ashamed. Angry. Appalled. But there is no action ... No action. — Michael Jackson

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Edwin Land

The world is like a fertile field that's waiting to be harvested. The seeds have been planted, and what I do is go out and help plant more seeds and harvest them. — Edwin Land

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Devon Monk

Should I take anything?" I asked, as Shamus slammed the trunk shut.
"A healthy sense of self-preservation would be good," he said. — Devon Monk

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By J.R. Ward

With his fantastic mane of multicoloured hair, Phury should have been in Hollywood's league with the ladies, but he'd stuck with his vow of celibacy. There was room for one and only one love in his life, and it had been slowly killing him for years. — J.R. Ward

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Richard Castle

Go ahead. Rip my bodice. — Richard Castle

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Linda Barnes

Probably the only thing my mom and dad agreed on was the vital importance of guilt. — Linda Barnes

Equalizer Trailer Quotes By Tennessee Williams

The theatre is a place where one has time for the problems of people to whom one would show the door if they came to one's office for a job. — Tennessee Williams