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Top Epitome Networks Quotes

Epitome Networks Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Old age brings along with its uglinesses the comfort that you will soon be out of it, - which ought to be a substantial relief to such discontented pendulums as we are. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Epitome Networks Quotes By Jalal Talabani

The Western governments will be encouraged and persuaded to deal with the real representatives and listen to the real voice of the Kurdish people. — Jalal Talabani

Epitome Networks Quotes By Lori Lesko

Why do writers write? Why do actors act? Why do painters paint? It doesn't pay much, unless you're very successful. It's who we are. — Lori Lesko

Epitome Networks Quotes By Christopher Morley

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning. A man should be learning as he goes; and he should be earning bread for himself and others; and he should be yearning, too: yearning to know the unknowable. — Christopher Morley

Epitome Networks Quotes By George Eliot

The intensity of her religious disposition, the coercion it exercised over her life, was but one aspect of a nature altogether ardent, theoretic, and intellectually consequent: and with such a nature struggling in the bands of a narrow teaching, hemmed in by a social life which seemed nothing but a labyrinth of petty courses, a walled-in maze of small paths that led no whither, the outcome was sure to strike others as at once exaggeration and inconsistency. The thing which seemed to her best, she wanted to justify by the completest knowledge; and not to live in a pretended admission of rules which were never acted on. Into this soul-hunger as yet all her youthful passion was poured; the union which attracted her was one that would deliver her from her girlish subjection to her own ignorance, and give her the freedom of voluntary submission to a guide who would take her along the grandest path. — George Eliot

Epitome Networks Quotes By Richard Brautigan

Punitive ghosts like steam-driven tennis courts
haunt the apples in my nonexistent orchard.
I remember when there were just worms out there
and they danced in moonlit cores on warm September
nights. — Richard Brautigan

Epitome Networks Quotes By Peter Serafinowicz

Twitter taught me how to become better at writing jokes because it forces you to chip away at all the extraneous words. — Peter Serafinowicz

Epitome Networks Quotes By Adrian Grenier

I'm a filmmaker, I'm a storyteller, an entertainer, if you will, so what can I do to participate? Well, I'm not a scientist; I'm not an expert on environmental law; I'm a guy that can tell stories. So I always look for a way to communicate ideas and help to spread excitement for change. — Adrian Grenier

Epitome Networks Quotes By Paula McLain

There was only today to throw yourself into without thinking about tomorrow, let alone forever. To keep you from thinking, there was liquor, an ocean's worth at least, all the usual vices and plenty of rope to hang yourself with. Love is a beautiful liar. — Paula McLain

Epitome Networks Quotes By Vincent Van Gogh

I feel that there's nothing more genuinely artistic than to love people. — Vincent Van Gogh

Epitome Networks Quotes By Seth Godin

If it's work, we try to figure out how to do less, If it's art, we try to figure out how to do more — Seth Godin