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Energy Conserving Quotes & Sayings

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Top Energy Conserving Quotes

Energy Conserving Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

I ask citizens and governments everywhere to do their part by conserving energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels for the good of the world community. This is our duty to those who share this world with us and to those who follow us: Wherever we see a threat to our environment we must take action — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Energy Conserving Quotes By Samrat

My silence is not my weakness, I am conserving my energy to destroy the evil — Samrat

Energy Conserving Quotes By Jeff Kinney

Mom always says I need to spend less time on the couch and more time being active. But the way I see it. I'm just conserving my energy for later on. When all my friends are in their eighties and their bodies are broken down, I'll just be getting started. — Jeff Kinney

Energy Conserving Quotes By Helen Fisher

I think romantic love evolved to enable you to focus your mating energy on just one individual at a time, thereby conserving mating time and energy. — Helen Fisher

Energy Conserving Quotes By David Suzuki

Conserving energy and thus saving money, reducing consumption of unnecessary products and packaging and shifting to a clean-energy economy would likely hurt the bottom line of polluting industries, but would undoubtedly have positive effects for most of us. — David Suzuki

Energy Conserving Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

He's treating her like she's fourteen and he's a normal adult, acting like he's taken her under his wing. Like he needs her detecting skills, same as Barrons did to Mac, and she's falling for it, same as Mac. He's lining up his dominoes, so they fall more easily when he feels like pushing them over, conserving energy so he doesn't have to hunt her when he's ready to kill her. — Karen Marie Moning

Energy Conserving Quotes By Jane D. Hull

I also want to thank Arizona citizens for their efforts at conserving energy last summer. — Jane D. Hull

Energy Conserving Quotes By Veerappa Moily

If I can save 25 billion dollars in terms of reduction of import, I will be adding one percent to the GDP. By conserving the oil energy by the people, the GDP will become 5.5 percent, and this will change the economy of the country. — Veerappa Moily

Energy Conserving Quotes By Twyla Tharp

Energy and time are finite resources; conserving them is very important. — Twyla Tharp

Energy Conserving Quotes By Martin Rees

The challenge of global warming should stimulate a whole raft of manifestly benign innovations - for conserving energy and generating it by 'clean' means (biofuels, innovative renewables, carbon sequestration, and nuclear fusion). — Martin Rees

Energy Conserving Quotes By Walter Russell

You have to gather your energy together ... conserving it and insulating it from dissipation in every direction other than that of your purpose. — Walter Russell

Energy Conserving Quotes By Robin Day

There's this very vulnerable planet of ours with finite resources. Architects and designers have, I think, a fair responsibility for conserving energy and materials, and making things durable. — Robin Day

Energy Conserving Quotes By Christopher McDougall

But there's a problem," Dr. Bramble said. He tapped his forehad. "And it's right up here." Our greatest talent, he explained, also created the monster that could destroy us. "Unlike any other organism in history, humans have a mind-body conflict: we have a body built for performance, but a brain that's always looking for efficiency." We live or die by our endurance, but remember: endurance is all about conserving energy, and that's the brain's department. "The reason some people use their genetic gift for running and others don't is because the brain is a bargain shopper. — Christopher McDougall