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Top Endangered Species Quotes

Endangered Species Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

Man is an endangered species. — L. Ron Hubbard

Endangered Species Quotes By Richard Louv

The children and nature movement is fueled by this fundamental idea: the child in nature is an endangered species, and the health of children and the health of the Earth are inseparable. — Richard Louv

Endangered Species Quotes By Jes Fuhrmann

It takes hundreds of people to turn their backs on an endangered species and just two to make a difference. — Jes Fuhrmann

Endangered Species Quotes By Jack Hanna

The snow leopard is absolutely magnificent. It represents really what endangered species are all about. — Jack Hanna

Endangered Species Quotes By Richard Louv

Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart. If we are going to save environmentalism and the environment, we must also save an endangered indicator species: the child in nature. — Richard Louv

Endangered Species Quotes By Kerry Patterson

Search for the Elusive And The best at dialogue refuse Fool's Choices by setting up new choices. They present themselves with tougher questions - questions that turn the either/or choice into a search for the all-important and ever-elusive and. (It is an endangered species, you know.) Here's how this works. — Kerry Patterson

Endangered Species Quotes By Gary Wright

I scored a movie called 'Endangered Species'. I worked on another movie called 'Staying Alive'. A German film called 'Fire and Ice'. — Gary Wright

Endangered Species Quotes By Mike Judge

Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it begins to simply reward those who reproduce the most and leave the intelligent to become an endangered species. — Mike Judge

Endangered Species Quotes By Norah Gallagher

Part of my life no longer made sense. A life of meetings stretched between appointments, half listening to people, always running late. A life dictated by clocks and money and computers and cars, without hawks and lakes and wild roses. A world increasingly without surprise or humor. I thought of how we as a species have endangered not only animals and plants around us but the wild nature of our own lives. We have fabricated this world, to paraphrase the writer Phillip Sherrard, and our punishment is that we have to adapt to it. — Norah Gallagher

Endangered Species Quotes By Andrew Vachss

Life is a fight, but not everyone's a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species. — Andrew Vachss

Endangered Species Quotes By Bradley J. Birzer

The most endangered species The honest man Will still survive annihilation Forming a world State of integrity Sensitive, open and strong — Bradley J. Birzer

Endangered Species Quotes By Vivienne Westwood

I do think we're an endangered species. But that we do have a plan to save the rainforest. — Vivienne Westwood

Endangered Species Quotes By Anonymous

The very opposition between "conservative" and "progressive" politics can be conceived of in the terms of Darwinism: ultimately, conservatives defend the right of those with might (their very success proves that they won in the struggle for survival), while progressives advocate the protection of endangered human species, i.e., of those losing the struggle for survival. — Anonymous

Endangered Species Quotes By Marty Rubin

We are fighting now to save that endangered species-the individual. — Marty Rubin

Endangered Species Quotes By Stephen J. O'Brien

Taxonomy, also called systematics, is the science-based hierarchical classification of the world's species. The area had traditionally been an obscure academic discipline dominated by erudite and professional dons who would memorize and interpret thousands of Latin species names. Advances seldom made the newspapers and caustic disputes lingered in the dust scientific literature for generations. That academic innocence would be lost forever when precise taxonomic recognition of species and subspecies came to be the basis for protection under the Endangered Species Act. — Stephen J. O'Brien

Endangered Species Quotes By Elizabeth Kolbert

Right now, in the amazing moment that to us counts as the present, we are deciding, without quite meaning to, which evolutionary pathways will remain open and which will forever be closed. No other creature has ever managed this and it will, unfortunately, be our most enduring legacy. — Elizabeth Kolbert

Endangered Species Quotes By Dale Jamieson

Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an achievement that much of the Republican Party has been trying to undo over the past several decades. Richard Nixon signed into law four landmark federal bills: the Clean Air Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Environmental Pesticide Control Act, and the Endangered Species Act. He established the Environmental Protection Agency, and made many strong environmental appointments in his administration. As we saw in Section 2.2, it was when the Reagan administration came to power in 1980 that environmental concern began to become a partisan issue. — Dale Jamieson

Endangered Species Quotes By Jef I. Richards

In the world of commercial speech, tobacco advertising bears the earmarks of an endangered species. — Jef I. Richards

Endangered Species Quotes By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Animals are, like us, endangered species on an endangered planet, and we are the ones who are endangering them, it, and ourselves. They are innocent sufferers in a hell of our making. — Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Endangered Species Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Dane was shaking his head firmly. "Don't bring it here, Ella. No babies."
I gave him a dark look. "What if it were a baby polar bear or a baby Galapagos penguin? I bet you'd want it then."
"I'd make an exception for endangered species," he allowed.
"This baby is endangered. It's with my mother. — Lisa Kleypas

Endangered Species Quotes By Wavy Gravy

It had an enormous impact to the point of the United Nations passing a resolution against the killing and hunting of these whales as they are an endangered species. This was a documentary on the plight of the whales. — Wavy Gravy

Endangered Species Quotes By Jared Diamond

There is nothing new about prophecies to the effect that the end of the world is near if we do not repent. What is new is that such a prophecy is now true, for two obvious reasons. First, nuclear weapons give us the means to wipe ourselves out quickly: no humans possessed this means before. Second, we already appropriate about forty per cent of the Earth's net productivity (that is, the net energy captured from sunlight). With the world's human population now doubling every forty-one years, we will soon have reached the biological limit to growth, at which point we will have to start fighting each other in deadly earnest for a slice of the world's fixed pie of resources. In addition, given the present rate at which we are exterminating species, most of the world's species will become extinct or endangered within the next century, but we depend on many species for our own life support. — Jared Diamond

Endangered Species Quotes By Lynda Obst

Love and friendship, two of life's abiding rewards, are endangered species in Hollywood. People crave both, mistaking alliance for friendship, lust for love, and ambition for both. — Lynda Obst

Endangered Species Quotes By Marina Keegan

People are strange about animals. Especially large ones. Daily, on the docks of Wellfleet Harbor, thousands of fish are scaled, gutted, and seasoned with thyme and lemon. No one strokes their sides with water. No one cries when their jaws slip open. Pilot whales are not an endangered species, yet people spend tens of thousands of dollars in rescue efforts, trucking the wounded to aquariums and in some places even airlifting them off beaches. — Marina Keegan

Endangered Species Quotes By Stephen J. O'Brien

Field biologists studying large and charismatic animals wanted to know if their own species had genetic problems. I listened carefully to stories of koalas in Australia, giant pandas in China, black-footed ferrets in the Midwest, elephants, rhinos, and leopards in Africa, and orangutans in Asia--all threatened or endangered species attended by packs of worried field biologists. If cheetahs paid a price for their brush with extinction, did these species suffer the same? — Stephen J. O'Brien

Endangered Species Quotes By Howard Hodgkin

To be a painter now is to be part of a very small, endangered species. — Howard Hodgkin

Endangered Species Quotes By R.M. DAmato

We will become an endangered species in the next century. Machines will take over. Ideas won't matter. Performance alone will count. — R.M. DAmato

Endangered Species Quotes By John Young

If you want to see an endangered species, get up and look in the mirror. — John Young

Endangered Species Quotes By Jim Saxton

It is a drastic mistake to eliminate the provisions that have to do with the protection of habitat for endangered species. It is my opinion that the Endangered Species Act is 99 percent about protecting critical habitat. — Jim Saxton

Endangered Species Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Government barriers on Business For example, the Endangered Species Act prevents 'disturbing the habitat' of the spotted owl. That has restricted 4.2 million acres of forest from development, leading to the loss of 30,000 lumber-related jobs and the annual loss of 1.1 billion board feet of lumber. This has driven up the cost of houses by at least $4,000 each. In addition, regulators ordered a Kansas City bank to install a Braille keypad on its drive-through automatic teller machine, presumably to aid any blind drivers. The list goes on and on. — Rush Limbaugh

Endangered Species Quotes By Gaylord Nelson

If we human beings learn to see the intricacies that bind one part of a natural system to another and then to us, we will no longer argue about the importance of wilderness protection, or over the question of saving endangered species, or how human communities must base their economic futures - not on short-term exploitation - but on long-term, sustainable development. — Gaylord Nelson

Endangered Species Quotes By Erica Jong

We need poetry most at those moments when life astounds us with losses, gains, or celebrations. We need it most when we are most hurt, most happy, most downcast, most jubilant. Poetry is the language we speak in times of greatest need. And the fact that it is an endangered species in our culture tells us that we are in deep trouble. — Erica Jong

Endangered Species Quotes By Carl Sagan

Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring
not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive ... If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds. — Carl Sagan

Endangered Species Quotes By Sarah Ockler

Aunt Jayne asks if we'd like to stop somewhere for dessert, and since nodding and smiling is easier than shaking our heads and inventing a reason for not wanting dessert, we okay it without thinking.
And since the universe has worked in its own mysterious way all vacation, tonight shouldn't be any different, which is why neither of us is particularly surprised to discover that Jayne is craving a smoothie.
Once Sam returns to his post behind the counter, Frankie stops kicking me and we slurp down our drinks in about two minutes, anxious to get out of here before anyone recognizes us. Uncle Red and Aunt Jayne, on the other hand, act like this is the last smoothie shop they'll ever see, like smoothies are an endangered species to be appreciated and savored and drawn out as long as possible. With each passing minute, Frankie and I sink lower in our chairs, praying to the God of Annoying Coincidences that Jake doesn't show up and blow our cover. — Sarah Ockler

Endangered Species Quotes By Dan Quayle

The Democrats talked about putting people first. Well, they put people first unless you happen to be a spotted owl or a giant garter snake or some other endangered species and then that seems to have priority. Obviously, you take the bald eagle and things of that sort, of course you're going to make sure that they are saved and that they can live and you're going to take every precaution that you can. But others - we just need a little flexibility. — Dan Quayle

Endangered Species Quotes By Lawrence Anthony

Workable solutions for Earth are urgently needed. Saving seals and tigers, or fighting yet another oil pipeline through a wilderness area, while laudable, is merely shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. — Lawrence Anthony

Endangered Species Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

What Tyler says about the crap and the slaves of history, that's how I felt. I wanted to destroy something beautiful I'd never have. Burn the Amazon rain forests. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight up to gobble the ozone. Open the dump valves on supertankers and uncap offshore oil wells. I wanted to kill all the fish I couldn't afford to eat, and smother the French beaches I'd never see. I wanted the whole world to hit bottom. Pounding that kid, I really wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every endangered panda that wouldn't screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground — Chuck Palahniuk

Endangered Species Quotes By Lev Grossman

He knew for a fact that one of the girls had managed to take over the plenary session of the national model UN and push through a motion sanctioning the use of nuclear weapons to protect an endangered species of sea turtle. This while representing Lesotho. — Lev Grossman

Endangered Species Quotes By Larry Correia

Fish and Wildlife wants to fine us for killing a giant mutant Tennessee River catfish because it was endangered. Sure it had just crawled up on land and eaten some teenagers, but it was still an endangered species. — Larry Correia

Endangered Species Quotes By Charles Clover

Celebrity chefs are the leaders in the field of food, and we are the led. Why should the leaders of chemical businesses be held responsible for polluting the marine environment with a few grams of effluent, which is sublethal to marine species, while celebrity chefs are turning out endangered fish at several dozen tables a night without enduring a syllable of criticism? — Charles Clover

Endangered Species Quotes By Bruce Babbitt

Well, I think breathing life into the Endangered Species Act, taking those wolves back into Yellowstone, restoring the salmon in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. — Bruce Babbitt

Endangered Species Quotes By Rita Mae Brown

I'm beginning to feel that the real endangered species on planet earth are not the whales and the elephants but those of us who can laugh at the world and ourselves ... I fear the dry turn of the American mind, this focus on the literal, as much as I fear our capacity for self-destruction. We've become hagridden by facts, obsessed with product instead of process. Where's the energetic wit, the looney outlook, the frivolity, the lightness of comforting laughter? It has become fashionable to know and unfashionable to feel, and you can't really laugh if you can't feel. — Rita Mae Brown

Endangered Species Quotes By Rafe Esquith

Good teachers are an endangered species because they're giving up because of the tests and everything. — Rafe Esquith

Endangered Species Quotes By Steve Irwin

Take the crocodile, for example, my favorite animal. There are 23 species. Seventeen of those species are rare or endangered. They're on the way out, no matter what anyone does or says, you know. — Steve Irwin

Endangered Species Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

My good mood felt like an endangered species. — Maggie Stiefvater

Endangered Species Quotes By Jonathan Ott

I firmly believe that contemporary spiritual use of entheogenic drugs is one of humankind's brightest hopes for overcoming the ecological crisis from which we threaten the biosphere and jeopardize our own survival, for Homo sapiens is close to the head of the list of endangered species. — Jonathan Ott

Endangered Species Quotes By Helen Keeble

You can't hurt him. He's an endangered species!"
"Vampires are not endangered." Van's tone made it clear that it was his life's work to rectify this regrettable situation.
"No, not that," Zack said dismissively. "He's a Victorian!"
"Brainwashed," Van muttered.
"Crazy," Sarah proclaimed.
"Steampunk," I corrected with a sigh. — Helen Keeble

Endangered Species Quotes By Ana Claudia Antunes

Now it's the bee... Gees! Bees are now endangered species... Without them life won't be sweet! — Ana Claudia Antunes

Endangered Species Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

One saw a bird dying, shot by a man. It was flying with rhythmic beat and beautifully, with such freedom and lack of fear. And the gun shattered it; it fell to the earth and all the life had gone out of it. A dog fetched it, and the man collected other dead birds. He was chattering with his friend and seemed so utterly indifferent. All that he was concerned with was bringing down so many birds, and it was over as far as he was concerned. They are killing all over the world. Those marvellous, great animals of the sea, the whales, are killed by the million, and the tiger and so many other animals are now becoming endangered species. Man is the only animal that is to be dreaded. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Endangered Species Quotes By David Mixner

I often laugh and say I should go down to the Department of the Interior and register as an endangered species. I'm a gay man over 60 and I'm alive. — David Mixner

Endangered Species Quotes By Ellis Marsalis Jr.

At a time when individualism is becoming an endangered species, jazz represents a celebration of the individual. — Ellis Marsalis Jr.

Endangered Species Quotes By Douglas Brinkley

It's Nixon who created the Environmental Protection Agency. Clean Air and Water Acts. Endangered Species Act. Promoted affirmative action. One could go on and on with Nixon as a New Deal liberal on domestic policy and a hawk, but one with great geo-political skills. — Douglas Brinkley

Endangered Species Quotes By Arianna Huffington

It's no longer an exaggeration to say that middle-class Americans are an endangered species. — Arianna Huffington

Endangered Species Quotes By Rodger Kamenetz

Our ancient sources of wisdom call on human beings to rise to their highest capacity and behave in extraordinarily open and generous ways to one another, under difficult circumstances to transcend differences and create understanding across all barriers of convention and fear. This wisdom is fragile as our environment is fragile, threatened by an overwhelming material culture. I believe in a spiritual ecology. In today's world, Judaism and Tibetan Buddhism and other wisdom traditions are endangered species. — Rodger Kamenetz

Endangered Species Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

Each terrarium functions as an island park for the animals inside it. Ascensions cause hybridization and ultimately new species. The more traditional biomes conserve species that on Earth are radically endangered or extinct in the wild. Some terraria even look like zoos; more are purely wilderness refugia; and most mix parkland and human spaces in patterned habitat corridors that maximize the life of the biome as a whole. As such, these spaces are already crucial to humanity and the Earth. And — Kim Stanley Robinson

Endangered Species Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

According to Indian crop ecologist Vandana Shiva, humans have eaten some 80,000 plant species in our history. After recent precipitous changes, three-quarters of all human food now comes from just eight species, with the field quickly narrowing down to genetically modified corn, soy, and canola. If woodpeckers and pandas enjoy celebrity status on the endangered-species list (dubious though such fame may be), food crops are the forgotten commoners. We're losing them as fast as we're losing rain forests. An enormous factor in this loss has been the new idea of plant varieties as patentable properties, rather than God's gifts to humanity or whatever the arrangement was previously felt to be, for all of prior history. — Barbara Kingsolver

Endangered Species Quotes By Gerard K. O'Neill

It is the hope of those who work toward the breakout from planet Earth that the establishment of permanent, self-sustaining colonies of humans off-Earth will ... make human life forever unkillable, removing it from the endangered species list, where it now stands on a fragile Earth overarmed with nuclear weapons. Second, the opening of virtually unlimited new land areas in space will reduce territorial pressures and therefore diminish warfare on Earth itself. — Gerard K. O'Neill

Endangered Species Quotes By Stacey Jay

Soul-mated pairs are becoming an endangered species. — Stacey Jay

Endangered Species Quotes By Jay Leno

(Gray) Davis said yesterday that he is going to fight like a Bengal tiger, which I believe is also an endangered species. — Jay Leno

Endangered Species Quotes By Geoff Dyer

Not having children is seen as supremely selfish, as though the people having children were selflessly sacrificing themselves in a valiant attempt to ensure the survival of our endangered species and fill up this vast and underpopulated island of ours. — Geoff Dyer

Endangered Species Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Why the conservatives, who controlled all three branches of the federal government, were still so enraged
at respectful skeptics of the Iraq War, at gay couples who wanted to get married, at bland Al Gore and cautious Hillary Clinton, at endangered species and their advocates, at taxes and gas prices that were among the lowest of any industrialized nation, at a mainstream media whose corporate owners were themselves conservatives, at the Mexicans who cut their grass and washed their dishes
was somewhat mysterious to Walter. — Jonathan Franzen

Endangered Species Quotes By Richard Di Natale

We have environmental laws for a reason: to protect endangered biodiversity. And as a country that has one of the highest loss of species anywhere in the world, they're important. — Richard Di Natale

Endangered Species Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

Bubble-gum angels swooped from top margins, or scraped their wings between teeming paragraphs. Maidens with golden hair dripped sea-blue tears into the books spine. Grape-colored whales spouted blood around a newspaper item (pasted in) listing arrivals to the endangered species list. Six hatchlings cried from shattered shells near an entry made on Easter. Cecilia had filled the pages with a profusion of colors and curlicues, Candyland ladders and striped shamrocks. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Endangered Species Quotes By Loretta Lynch

We all have a responsibility to protect endangered species, both for their sake and for the sake of our own future generations. — Loretta Lynch

Endangered Species Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

Corporate corruption has ecological merits. It's helping to preserve that species known as Democrats - thought to be endangered as recently as the year 2000. — P. J. O'Rourke

Endangered Species Quotes By Yaya Toure

My biggest concern and main engagement with UNEP is focused on endangered species and illegal wildlife trade - mostly elephants, rhinos, etc. — Yaya Toure

Endangered Species Quotes By Lionel Shriver

The way I see it, the world is divided into the watchers and the watchees, and there's more and more of the audience and less and less to see. People who actually do anything are a goddamned endangered species. — Lionel Shriver

Endangered Species Quotes By Steven Hall

The environmental assessment should give us the answers to all the issues that have been raised: potential lead migration, endangered species, noise abatement and proper disposal of shot, shells and things. — Steven Hall

Endangered Species Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Please think of me like an endangered species and just observe me quietly from far away. If you try to talk to me or touch me casually, I may get intimidated and bite you. So please be careful. — Haruki Murakami

Endangered Species Quotes By Joe Roman

It may be underfunded and at times mismanaged, but the [Endangered Species] Act is an unprecedented attempt to delegate human-caused extinction to the chapters of history we would rather not revisit: the Slave Trade, the Indian Removal Policy, the subjection of women, child labor, segregation. The Endangered Species Act is a zero-tolerance law: no new extinctions. It keeps eyes on the ground with legal backing-the gun may be in the holster most of the time, but its available if necessary to keep species from disappearing. I discovered in my travels that a law protecting all animals and plants, all of nature, might be as revolutionary-and as American-as the Declaration of Independence. — Joe Roman

Endangered Species Quotes By Oche Otorkpa

Increasingly, the girl child is becoming an endangered specie as
pedophiles' continue to roam free in our societies terrorizing
the lives of our children and stripping them of all the joy and
excitement that comes with childhood. — Oche Otorkpa

Endangered Species Quotes By Adrienne Rich

Strangers are an endangered species ... — Adrienne Rich

Endangered Species Quotes By Henry Rollins

If you think about it, every single species is endangered. Homo sapiens at the front of the line, mosquitoes and lawyers at the back. — Henry Rollins

Endangered Species Quotes By Martin Jenkins

When it comes to looking after all the species that are already endangered, there's such a lot to do that sometimes it might all seem to be too much, especially when there are so many other important things to worry about. But if we stop trying, the chances are that pretty soon we'll end up with a world where there are no tigers or elephants, or sawfishes or whooping cranes, or albatrosses or ground iguanas. And I think that would be a shame, don't you? — Martin Jenkins

Endangered Species Quotes By Yao Ming

Endangered species are our friends. — Yao Ming

Endangered Species Quotes By Susanna Moore

Each year, I await with dread the federal government's catalog of endangered and threatened species in the Hawaiian Islands, where I was raised and where I live. — Susanna Moore

Endangered Species Quotes By Patrice Leconte

Married people from my generation are like an endangered species! — Patrice Leconte

Endangered Species Quotes By Don Young

We wonder why we have got the Freemen or the militants. We wonder why we have got unrest in this country. It is because our government, in fact, has got out of hand and out of line, with the Endangered Species Act. — Don Young

Endangered Species Quotes By Azar Nafisi

It is not just bookstores and libraries that are disappearing but museums, theaters, performing arts centers, art and music schools - all those places where I felt at home have joined the list of endangered species. The San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and my own hometown paper, The Washington Post, have all closed their weekend book review sections, leaving books orphaned and stranded, poor cousins to television and the movies. In a sign of the times, the Bloomberg News website recently transferred its book coverage to the Luxury section, alongside yachts, sports clubs and wine, as if to signal that books are an idle indulgence of the super-rich. But if there is one thing that should not be denied to anyone rich or poor it is the opportunity to dream. — Azar Nafisi

Endangered Species Quotes By Karen Rieser

Maybe ," Kate replied, "but sometimes I worry about what we're doing. I know in my heart it's right to save these endangered species; I just wish we didn't need to do it from behind walls."
" I know," Alice sighed. "There's so much we humans have to learn. For starters, we have to stop taking habitat that doesn't belong to us. The animals could then reproduce and live healthy lives where they belong. — Karen Rieser

Endangered Species Quotes By Chris Cannon

For over 30 years the Endangered Species Act has suffered from many fundamental flaws, the most notable being a blatant disregard for property rights,. — Chris Cannon

Endangered Species Quotes By Dave Barry

The real threat to whales is whaling, which has endangered many whale species. — Dave Barry

Endangered Species Quotes By Jay Inslee

What is a fish without a river? What is a bird without a tree to nest in? What is an Endangered Species Act without any enforcement mechanism to ensure their habitat is protected? It is nothing. — Jay Inslee

Endangered Species Quotes By Anonymous

The Oregon chub is to be the first fish to ever leave the endangered species list. — Anonymous

Endangered Species Quotes By Prince Philip

Your country is one of the most notorious centres of trading in endangered species. — Prince Philip

Endangered Species Quotes By Terry Tempest Williams

I think an erotics of place may be one of the reasons why environmentalists are seen as subversive. There is a backlash now: ... [ellipsis in source] take all the regulations away; weaken existing legislation; the endangered species act is too severe, too restrictive; let there be carte blanche for real-estate developers. Because if we really have to confront wildness, solitude, and serenity, both the fierceness and compassionate nature of the land, then we ultimately have to confront it in ourselves, and it's easier to be numb, to be distracted, to be disengaged. — Terry Tempest Williams

Endangered Species Quotes By Chris Martin

Even though the album is an endangered species, can we try and make a coherent and good one, even if it's like making a horse and cart at a Nascar conference? — Chris Martin

Endangered Species Quotes By David Quammen

And so in 1975, the grizzly bear was put on, as I said - on the endangered species list as threatened. And new measures were taken, for instance, bear-proofing garbage, creating new regulations to - essentially to try and keep people and people's food away from the bears, let the bears adjust to eating the abundant wild food that's available in Yellowstone and allow them to be more wild, to be independent of humans as sources of foods for the good of both sides. And that has been quite successful. — David Quammen

Endangered Species Quotes By Terence McKenna

You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness. — Terence McKenna

Endangered Species Quotes By Amy Ridenour

Listing the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act could harm bear conservation efforts by eliminating revenues from the carefully-regulated sport hunting of polar bears by Americans and the importation of polar bear meat and trophies into the U.S. As hunting by non-Americans would replace hunting by Americans, nothing would be accomplished in terms of reducing the number of polar bears killed, but the revenue currently generated by American sport hunters for conservation and research efforts would be eliminated. — Amy Ridenour

Endangered Species Quotes By Aldo Leopold

If education really educates, there will, in time, be more and more citizens who understand that relics of the old West add meaning and value to the new. Youth yet unborn will pole up the Missouri with Lewis and Clark, or climb the Sierras with James Capen Adams, and each generation in turn will ask: Where is the big white bear? It will be a sorry answer to say he went under while conservationists weren't looking. — Aldo Leopold

Endangered Species Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

Apparently textbooks were an endangered species here in Bixby, Oklahoma. — Scott Westerfeld

Endangered Species Quotes By Frances Beinecke

The San Gabriel Mountains rise like a rampart at the edge of the city, safeguarding more than 500,000 acres of mature forests, mountain streams, dramatic waterfalls, and towering peaks that reach over 9,000 feet. These untamed places attract bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and other threatened or endangered species. — Frances Beinecke

Endangered Species Quotes By Joel Sartore

[My work as a photographer is a] mission to document endangered species and landscapes in order to show a world worth saving. — Joel Sartore

Endangered Species Quotes By Michele Jaffe

Little Life Lesson 51: When selecting a member of a group to put on the Endangered Species List, it's probably best not to pick the least popular person, because there is always a chance everyone will shrug and be like, "Um, okay. Hey, anyone want pizza?" and leave. — Michele Jaffe

Endangered Species Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

Man," said Terl, "is an endangered species. — L. Ron Hubbard

Endangered Species Quotes By Lawrence Block

I try to avoid eating endangered species, let alone mythical ones. You — Lawrence Block

Endangered Species Quotes By Christopher Hampton

I like L.A., but I think what's changed is that the kinds of films I do, the mid-range dramatic film, has become an endangered species. — Christopher Hampton

Endangered Species Quotes By Joseph Rotblat

Indeed, the whole human species is endangered, by nuclear weapons or by other means of wholesale destruction which further advances in science are likely to produce. — Joseph Rotblat

Endangered Species Quotes By Anonymous

Portland and Seattle and Vancouver, they were beautiful cities, with their own positive qualities . . . but what they weren't was infinitely capable of expansion. There were protected wetlands and forests to every side, mountain microclimates and endangered species under the protection of the federal government. The Pacific Northwest was already full, sorry, and it wasn't looking to double its population any time soon. — Anonymous