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Empty Spaces Quotes By Anita Shreve

She's a good person to hug, because her body fills up all the empty spaces. — Anita Shreve

Empty Spaces Quotes By Jan Siegel

There was a long pause. "you know," he went on, "I sometimes think mankind is dangerously arrogant. We do a few sums, and then claim we have the universe off pat. we measure the spaces between the stars, and declare them empty. We set a limit on infinity. We are like the occupants of a closed room; having worked out everything within the range of our knowledge, we announce that the room and its contents are all that exists. Nothing beyond. Nothing unseen or unknown, incalculable or neffable. This is it. And then every so often God lifts the veil - twitches the curtain - and gives us a glimpse, just a glimpse, of something more. As if He wishes to show us how narrow is our vision, how meaningless the boundaries we have set for ourselves. I felt that when Fern was talking. Just for a minute I though: This is truth, there's a world beyond all the jargon of unbelief. — Jan Siegel

Empty Spaces Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

If hers are the stars in the nighttime sky, mine are the haunted empty spaces in between. — Nicholas Sparks

Empty Spaces Quotes By Thomas Browne

There are no grotesques in nature; not anything framed to fill up empty cantons, and unnecessary spaces. — Thomas Browne

Empty Spaces Quotes By John Paul Caponigro

Mysterious spaces cause us to turn inward. Amid a rich upwelling of association, we encounter many aspects of ourselves. As we grow still, we come in contact with a unified, empty, yet full ground of our being. As our consciousness grows more spacious, we find connections between us and the wider world, a shared greater reality. — John Paul Caponigro

Empty Spaces Quotes By Deepak Chopra

The body is made up of atoms and subatomic particles that are moving at lightning speed around huge empty spaces and the body gives off fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void, so essentially your body is proportionately as void as intergalactic space, made out of nothing, but the nothing is actually the source of information and energy. — Deepak Chopra

Empty Spaces Quotes By Jeannie Lin

She played with her eyes closed. He closed his own eyes, joining her in the darkness. She had said the song depicted a battle, but nothing of the sort came to mind, no lofty images of horses and banners waving or battalions clashing over hills. Only darkness and a pure sound that filled him, creeping into spaces he hadn't known were empty. — Jeannie Lin

Empty Spaces Quotes By Mina V. Esguerra

Before I met him, I wondered how I could possibly fit a relationship into my life. My days felt full, of people, things, and concerns, and I wondered what I'd give up to accommodate someone new. Anton made it seem easy. He didn't take me out of my life; instead, he sort of slid into the empty spaces and made himself comfortable. — Mina V. Esguerra

Empty Spaces Quotes By Neal Shusterman

I have no doubt that, one way or another, you'll fill the empty spaces left behind. — Neal Shusterman

Empty Spaces Quotes By Raymond Chandler

I was as hollow and empty as the spaces between stars. — Raymond Chandler

Empty Spaces Quotes By Harry Chapin

There's a vacancy, won't you come to me And fill my empty spaces I'm a motel man in a promised land That's filled with empty faces So won't you bring your sorrows bring your dreams, It's a place for you to be There's no more tomorrow or that's how it seems Won't you come to me? I've got a vacancy — Harry Chapin

Empty Spaces Quotes By Steve Pemberton

Immeasurable voids and endless questions are often created when a father deliberately abandons his child. Far too often, those empty spaces are filled by opportunists who see that vulnerability as something to exploit. — Steve Pemberton

Empty Spaces Quotes By John Ajvide Lindqvist

Children. There was no particular gurney for children and few things made Benke feel as uncomfortable as seeing the empty spaces left over on the trolley when he was transporting the body of a child; the little figure under the white cover, pushed up against the headboard. The lower half empty, the sheet smooth. That flat sheet was death itself. — John Ajvide Lindqvist

Empty Spaces Quotes By Z.A. Maxfield

Something settled inside me then, a deep serenity, the kind I thought I would get from rehab, but didn't. It wasn't S ... He was part of the picture, but I knew better than to expect someone to fill my empty spaces. I thought it might have been the act of standing in one place long enough to look around. I was taking stock in St. Nacho's, making a new list of what I didn't want and, maybe more importantly, what I did — Z.A. Maxfield

Empty Spaces Quotes By Bette Greene

And marking off time struck me as something like counting empty spaces - spaces you know can't ever be filled. — Bette Greene

Empty Spaces Quotes By Raymond Queneau

I don't know how long I stayed in that particular place my poor memory is not a chronometer nor a movie camera nor a phonograph nor any other sort of finely tuned machine. It's more like nature with holes empty spaces hidden nooks and crannies with rivers that trickle away so that you can never dip your foot in the same water twice and with patches of light and darkness. — Raymond Queneau

Empty Spaces Quotes By Evelyn Waugh

I walked down the empty Broad to breakfast, as I often did on Sundays, at a tea-shop opposite Balliol. The air was full of bells from the surrounding spires and the sun, casting long shadows across the open spaces, dispelled the fears of night. The tea-shop was hushed as a library; a few solitary men in bedroom slippers from Balliol and Trinity looked up as I entered, then turned back to their Sunday newspapers. I ate my scrambled eggs and bitter marmalade with the zest which in youth follows a restless night. I lit a cigarette and sat on, while one by one the Balliol and Trinity men paid their bills and shuffled away, slip-slop, across the street to their colleges. It was nearly eleven when I left, and during my walk I heard the change-ringing cease and, all over the town, give place to the single chime which warned the city that service was about to start. — Evelyn Waugh

Empty Spaces Quotes By Adrian Frutiger

When I put my pen to a blank sheet, black isn't added but rather the white sheet is deprived of light. [] Thus I also grasped that the empty spaces are the most important aspect of a typeface. — Adrian Frutiger

Empty Spaces Quotes By Tom Clancy

Time is something that fills the empty spaces of life — Tom Clancy

Empty Spaces Quotes By John Banville

The dead are my dark matter, filling up impalpably the empty spaces of the world. — John Banville

Empty Spaces Quotes By Sarah Ockler

When it's like this, I don't notice the cold. I don't hear the wind howling through the empty spaces. I don't feel like a small, broken-winged bird trapped in a rusty cage. — Sarah Ockler

Empty Spaces Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I took his wildness from him and tried to fold it into myself, filling up the empty spaces all those second place finishes left behind. — Sarah Dessen

Empty Spaces Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Walk in the narrow streets after midnight under moonlight! Tranquillity is like a sugar for the mind; you think better in the silence of empty spaces! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Empty Spaces Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

Was she strong enough to allow both of them to be themselves? Bahama had instilled in her an honoring of promises, but she could not keep her promise unless she was willing to allow Nik to be Nik, not a projection of someone who could fill in all her empty spaces, heal all her wounds. — Madeleine L'Engle

Empty Spaces Quotes By Anselm Kiefer

I believe in empty spaces; they're the most wonderful thing. — Anselm Kiefer

Empty Spaces Quotes By John Hart

Art, after all, is traditionally displayed against vacancies: paintings on dun walls, sculptures in empty spaces, music in quiet halls. — John Hart

Empty Spaces Quotes By Sarah Kay

No matter your wreckage. There will be someone to find you beautiful, despite the cruddy metal. Your ruin is not to be hidden behind paint and canvas. Let them see the cracks. Someone will come to sing into these empty spaces. — Sarah Kay

Empty Spaces Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Most give
empty spaces
where people should
be. — Charles Bukowski

Empty Spaces Quotes By Derek Landy

Skulduggery: What do you get if you kill the Elders?
Stephanie: This sounds like a joke
Skulduggery: Valkyrie --
Stephanie: I don't know
Skulduggery: Yes, yes you do.. not think what would killing the Elders result in?
Stephanie: Panic, fear? Three empty spaces in the Sanctuary - Skulduggery Pleasant — Derek Landy

Empty Spaces Quotes By Tove Jansson

They never asked, "Were you able to work today?" Maybe they had, twenty or thirty years earlier, but they'd gradually learned not to. There are empty spaces that must be respected - those often long periods when a person can't see the pictures or find the words and needs to be left alone.
When Mari came in, Jonna was on a ladder building shelves in her front hall. Mari knew that when Jonna started putting up shelves she was approaching a period of work. Of course the hall would be far too narrow and cramped, but that was immaterial. The last time, it was shelves in the bedroom and the result had been a series of excellent woodcuts. She glanced into the bathroom as she passed, but Jonna had not yet put printing paper in to soak, not yet. Before Jonna could do her graphic work in peace, she always spent some time printing up sets of earlier, neglected works - a job that had been set aside so she could focus on new ideas. After all, a period of creative grace can be short. — Tove Jansson

Empty Spaces Quotes By Betsy Cornwell

Everything was a broken line for me in those days. I was slipped into the empty spaces between words. — Betsy Cornwell

Empty Spaces Quotes By Sara Wolf

Two closets wait to be filled with shoes or condoms or failed exams or whatever else college kids fill empty spaces with. Broken dreams, maybe. — Sara Wolf

Empty Spaces Quotes By Matthew Neill Null

The boulderfields, the spaces empty of people--a lonesomeness city-dwellers could never comprehend. Sometimes it seems like you know animals more intimately than people. Beaver heads cutting wake in the water, bear shit jeweled with seeds, deer quenching themselves in the river's cool. Her family has lived here for three hundred years. But the place is wretchedly poor and backward and may never be right. — Matthew Neill Null

Empty Spaces Quotes By Sarah McCarry

You think that the world we live in is ordinary. We make noise and static to fill the empty spaces where ghosts live. We let other people grow our food, bleach our clothes. We seal ourselves in, clean the dirt from our skins, eat of animals whose blood does not stain our hands. We long ago left the ways of our ancestors, oracles and blood sacrifice, traffic with the spirit world, listening for the voices out of stones and trees. But maybe sometimes you have felt the uncanny, alone at night in a dark wood, or waiting by the edge of the ocean for the tide to come in. We have paved over the ancient world, but that does not mean we have erased it. — Sarah McCarry

Empty Spaces Quotes By Andy Kindler

The Comedy Bar is an intimate club, which I prefer. I refuse to play theatres, because large empty spaces make me nervous, and I don't enjoy the echo. I'm no sell out. Literally. — Andy Kindler

Empty Spaces Quotes By Cameron Dokey

As long as a thing is unknown, it belongs to us in a way that well-known things do not. For we have the opportunity to fill the empty, unknown spaces for ourselves, and in them there is room for imagination and for hope. — Cameron Dokey

Empty Spaces Quotes By Nora Roberts

When you wait all your life for something and then you find it, it's like a miracle. All the parts inside you that've been on hold, they open up and start beating. You were okay before, you were good. You had purpose and direction and everything was just fine. But now it's more. You can't explain what the more is, but you know, if you lose it, you'll never be able to fill those empty spaces in just the same way again. Not ever. That's terrifying. I'm afraid that what's inside me is just a trick. That I'll wake up tomorrow and what's beating in here will have stopped. It'll be quiet again. I won't feel this way. I won't feel the way I've waited all my life to feel.
I can stand you not loving me back. There's always hope that you will. But I don't know if I can stand not loving you. It would be like ... like having something stolen from inside of me. I don't know if I can handle going back to the way I was. — Nora Roberts

Empty Spaces Quotes By Pope Francis

The secret of Christian living is love. Only love fills the empty spaces caused by evil. — Pope Francis

Empty Spaces Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

It was the exact opposite
for me. At first all I
wanted was sex with her,
but soon I wanted more.

More sex, yes, in unusual
places, and all different kinds.
But that wasn't all. I wanted
her to fill the empty spaces

left by a father who never
once praised me, 'friends' who
used me, an ice princess mom
who raised me with glass kisses. — Ellen Hopkins

Empty Spaces Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

The empty spaces of your soul are the ones you search for, pray for and want so desperately to be filled. They are also the spaces that will never be filled, until you are ready to do something you have never done. — Shannon L. Alder

Empty Spaces Quotes By Robert Henri

Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body cannot defeat it. Nor will a "pretty" face make it, for "pretty" faces are often dull and empty, and beauty is never dull and it fills all spaces. — Robert Henri

Empty Spaces Quotes By Gerasimos I. Kambites

Everyone's existence is filled with special stories. But my life is my story; an amazing journey, a bouncing steel ball in a living pinball machine flying through the molecules and empty spaces of primal experience. — Gerasimos I. Kambites

Empty Spaces Quotes By Brian Herbert

She did not want conversation or company, just the presence of other people; she hoped the background drone of their lives would fill the empty spaces in her mind. — Brian Herbert

Empty Spaces Quotes By Norman Mailer

The Waldorf looked like one of the dead and empty spaces which collect about the exit of a man who has lost a million in an hour. — Norman Mailer

Empty Spaces Quotes By Marc Acito

So I kept reading, just to stay alive. In fact, I'd read two or three books at the same time, so I wouldn't finish one without being in the middle of another
anything to stop me from falling into the big, gaping void. You see, books fill the empty spaces. If I'm waiting for a bus, or am eating alone, I can always rely on a book to keep me company. Sometimes I think I like them even more than people. People will let you down in life. They'll disappoint you and hurt you and betray you. But not books. They're better than life. — Marc Acito

Empty Spaces Quotes By Teju Cole

I often paint a detailed picture in my mind of what I would like the end of my life to look like. I think of saying goodbye to Clara and other people I love, then I picture an empty house, perhaps a large, rambling rural mansion somewhere near the marshes where I grew up; I imagine a bath upstairs, which I can fill with warm water; and I think of music playing all through this big house, Crescent, maybe, or Ascension, filling the spaces not taken up by my solitude, reaching me in the bath, so that when I slip across the one-way border, I do so to the accompaniment of modal harmonies heard from far away. — Teju Cole

Empty Spaces Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

The burnt-off connectors and shadows where Ravan once filled my spaces - those, I think, are the sensations of grief. — Catherynne M Valente

Empty Spaces Quotes By Thomas Mann

M. He has waited so long-and we all know what torture waiting can be! His whole life is waiting-waiting for the next walk in the open, a waiting that begins as soon as he is rested from the last one. Even his night consists of waiting; for his sleep is distributed throughout the whole
twenty-four hours of the day, with many a little nap on the grass in the garden, the sun shining down warm on his coat, or behind the curtains of his kennel, to break up and shorten the empty spaces of the day. — Thomas Mann

Empty Spaces Quotes By Simone Weil

Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void. — Simone Weil

Empty Spaces Quotes By Deepak Chopra

The whole material world. It doesn't actually exist. Matter is not material. It's made up of atoms that are moving at lightning speeds around huge empty spaces. So as you go beyond the appearance of molecules, you end up with a subatomic world, and if you go beyond that you end up with nothing. Nothing is the source of everything. — Deepak Chopra

Empty Spaces Quotes By Robert Frost

They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
Between stars - on stars where no human race is.
I have it in me so much nearer home
To scare myself with my own desert places. — Robert Frost

Empty Spaces Quotes By Gayle Forman

Sometimes you can only feel something by its absence. By the empty spaces it leaves behind. — Gayle Forman

Empty Spaces Quotes By Terry Pratchett

It was a shack, somewhere out on the outskirts of the Plains town of Scrote. Scrote had a lot of outskirts, spread so widely-a busted cart here, a dead dog there-that often people went through it without even knowing it was there, and really it only appeared on the maps because cartographers get embarrassed about big empty spaces. — Terry Pratchett

Empty Spaces Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

You turn to shit, alright. But maybe you can leave something good behind you.' She barked empty laughter at him. 'What do we leave behind but things not done, not said, not finished? Empty clothes, empty rooms, empty spaces in the ones who knew us? Mistakes never made right and hopes rotted down to nothing? — Joe Abercrombie

Empty Spaces Quotes By K.M. Alexander

The silhouettes of Lovat now dominated the skyline. Nine levels stretching skyward. Five hundred meters high at its apex. Each level housing buildings of various sizes sagged on the backs of buildings below. Thousands of sodium lamps twinkled in their recesses.
Lovat was the oldest and largest city on the coast, and it showed its age by the haphazard mess it had become. Roads rose and dipped, elevators and staircases criss-crossed, and floors would end and then begin across the city leaving large empty spaces between levels. — K.M. Alexander

Empty Spaces Quotes By Franklin Veaux

Be flexible. Be compassionate. Rules can never cure insecurity. Integrity matters. Never try to script what your relationships will look like. Love is abundant. Compatibility matters. You cannot sacrifice your happiness for that of another. Own your own shit. Admit when you fuck up. Forgive when others fuck up. Don't try to find people to stuff into the empty spaces in your life; instead, make spaces for the people in your life. If you need a relationship to complete you, get a dog. It is almost impossible to be loving or compassionate when all you feel is fear of loss. Trust that your partners want to be with you, and that if given the freedom to do anything they please, they will choose to cherish and support you. Most relationship problems can be avoided by good partner selection. Nobody can give you security or self-esteem; you have to build that yourself. — Franklin Veaux

Empty Spaces Quotes By Pedro Almodovar

Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness. — Pedro Almodovar

Empty Spaces Quotes By Derek Landy

What would killing the Elders result in?"
"Panic? Fear? Three empty parking spaces in the Sanctuary? — Derek Landy

Empty Spaces Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

There are memories for both of us, of course, but I've learned that memories can have a physical, almost living presence, and in this, Savannah and I are different as well.If hers are stars in the nighttime sky, mine are the haunted empty spaces in beetween ... — Nicholas Sparks

Empty Spaces Quotes By Avijeet Das

A writer observes. A writer records for posterity. The moments in the transience of the labyrinth of time that would go unrecorded otherwise! A writer records for value. A writer records for sentimentalism. A writer tries in earnest to carry the emotions and sentiments that make us what we ultimately are. For what are we? Empty spaces in an atom! — Avijeet Das

Empty Spaces Quotes By Tessa Dare

The further he raided, the closer he came to the other rooms. Those unused, cobwebbed chambers of her heart. Would he dare to venture there? She doubted. Jumping off a cliff was a flashy sort of courage, but a man would need true strength and valor to break through those padlocked doors. There were dark, uncharted spaces within her that had been built to house love, and even she was afraid to explore them. Terrified to learn just how vast and how achingly empty they truly were. — Tessa Dare

Empty Spaces Quotes By Gary Busey

I'll tell you this: You have to remember to chase and catch your dreams, because if you don't, your imagination will live in empty spaces, and that's nowhere land. — Gary Busey

Empty Spaces Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

If there's empty spaces in your heart,
They'll make you think it's wrong,
Like having empty spaces,
Means you never can be strong,
But I've learned that all these spaces,
Means there's room enough to grow,
And the people that once filled them,
Were always meant to be let go,
And all these empty spaces,
Create a strange sort of pull,
That attract so many people,
You wouldn't meet if they were full,
So if you're made of empty spaces,
Don't ever think it's wrong,
Because maybe they're just empty,
Until the right person comes along. — Ernest Hemingway,

Empty Spaces Quotes By Paul Christensen

Childhood is bound like the Gordian knot with my memories of the Black Sea, and I still feel its waters welling up within me today. Sometimes these waters are leaden, as grey as the military ships that sail on their curved expanses, and sometimes they are blue as pigmented cobalt. Then would come dusk, when I would sit and watch the seabirds waver to shore, flitting from open waters to the quiet empty vastlands in darkening spaces behind me, the same birds Ovid once saw during his exile, perhaps; and the same waters the Argonauts crossed searching for the fleece of renewal.

And out in the distance, invisible, the towering heights of Caucasus, where once-bright memories of the fire-thief have transmuted into something weird and many-faceted, and beyond these, pitch-black Karabakh in dolorous Armenia. — Paul Christensen

Empty Spaces Quotes By Christine Fonseca

Every spot his mouth touches closes the empty spaces inside. — Christine Fonseca

Empty Spaces Quotes By Umberto Eco

And then I have a secret. Did you know what will happen if you eliminate the empty spaces from the universe, eliminate the empty spaces in all the atoms? The universe will become as big as my fist.
Similarly, we have a lot of empty spaces in our lives. I call them interstices. Say you are coming over to my place. You are in an elevator and while you are coming up, I am waiting for you. This is an interstice, an empty space. I work in empty spaces. While waiting for your elevator to come up from the first to the third floor, I have already written an article! — Umberto Eco

Empty Spaces Quotes By Laura Ruby

In despair, he left that farm and came to Bone Gap when it was a huge expanse of empty fields, drawn here by the grass and the bees and the strange sensation that this was a magical place, that the bones of the world were little looser here, double-jointed, twisting back on themselves, leaving spaces one could slip into and hide. — Laura Ruby

Empty Spaces Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

An empty street sucks your fullness; a full street fills your emptiness! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Empty Spaces Quotes By Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Empty Spaces

I wanted to feel less.
To not be burdened by emotion,
To not feel sadness,
To not know loss.
I envied the inanimate,
The trees that stand proudly in winter,
Not missing their leaves.
I wanted to be weightless,
To not experience limitation.
I didn't want time to pass,
The blur of days, months, years.
It moved too quickly,
I wanted to grasp on,
Hold it.
It eluded me,
Like light.
I wanted to preserve life before you were gone.
I didn't want to know grief.

But the pain kept me connected.
It meant that I loved you,
It meant that I would always be a little broken,
It meant that our love filled all of the empty spaces.
It meant that you would be with me... forever. — Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Empty Spaces Quotes By Fred Arroyo

Good writing arises out of obsession. With obsession there is emotional depth and a certain weight and gravity to the language and story. Without obsession I would be empty, and, literally, I wonder if I would even have any substance. The body is like a cathedral, and the cathedral needs music and prayer filling its grand spaces. Obsession turning over and over within the body creates music, prayer, substance that, although providing the depth, weight, and gravity I first evoked, also allows for lyricism, lightness, and flight up into the various arches and ellipses of the cathedral. Obsession is filled with slowness - and so obsession in my writing, for good or bad, doesn't come about because of an immediate intellectual idea or problem, nor a quick flash of inspiration. There's this slow energy at work, and I begin to become a part of that when I'm very close to silence. — Fred Arroyo

Empty Spaces Quotes By Jon Krakauer

Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past. — Jon Krakauer

Empty Spaces Quotes By Margaret Lazarus Dean

We visit the Launch Control building, where on one wall of the seventies-style lobby are hung the mission patches of every human spaceflight that has ever been launched from here, 149 to date. Beneath each mission patch is a small plaque showing the launch and landing dates. Two of them - Challenger's STS-51L and Columbia's STS-107 - are missing landing dates, because both of these missions ended in disasters that destroyed the orbiters and killed their crews. The blank spaces on the wall where those landing dates should have been are discolored from the touch of people's hands. This would be unremarkable if this place were a tourist attraction, or regularly open to the public. But with the rare exception of Family Days, this building is open only to people who work here. In other words, it's launch controllers, managers, and engineers who have been touching these empty spaces with their hands, on their way to and from doing their jobs. After — Margaret Lazarus Dean

Empty Spaces Quotes By Joyce Hollyday

I ponder the rhythms of letting go and embracing whatever is around the corner, trusting that the empty spaces will be filled. And knowing that sometimes community can happen only in the gaps where mystery resides. — Joyce Hollyday

Empty Spaces Quotes By Louise Penny

What did falling in love do for you? Can you ever really explain it? It filled empty spaces I never knew were empty. It cured a loneliness I never knew I had. It gave me joy. And freedom. I think that was the most amazing part. I suddenly felt both embraced and freed at the same time. — Louise Penny

Empty Spaces Quotes By Simone Weil

All the natural movements of the soul are controlled by laws analogous to those of physical gravity. Grace is the only exception. Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void. The imagination is continually at work filling up all the fissures through which grace might pass. — Simone Weil

Empty Spaces Quotes By Bert Murray

How far is too far? When you love a band so much that its songs fill the empty spaces inside your head and heart, is that too far? — Bert Murray

Empty Spaces Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

They were never scared of the kids who might die, or the empty spaces they would leave behind. They were afraid of us-the ones who lived. — Alexandra Bracken

Empty Spaces Quotes By Nicola Sturgeon

We all need support and friendship, regardless of circumstances. But where do people turn when friends and family are simply no longer there, or can't help us through a difficult time, or need all our care and attention and can't give us any in return? Thank goodness for befriending projects, who help fill the empty spaces where care, support and a listening ear need to be. — Nicola Sturgeon

Empty Spaces Quotes By T.A. Barron

You know what I like best about looking at the stars? Not the stars themselves, but all those empty spaces between the stars. That's where I can imagine traveling for ever and ever. That's where I can imagine infinity. — T.A. Barron

Empty Spaces Quotes By Ray Bradbury

..holding a book but reading the empty spaces. — Ray Bradbury

Empty Spaces Quotes By Eleni Zoe

I wanted intimacy in caps lock but I got it in parentheses. We curled into each other, upside down, my empty spaces filled by another. "Give me the three minute version of your life story," he said. I nailed it it one then refused to throw the question back as etiquette governs. He wanted to know where I'd been. I wanted to know who he was. — Eleni Zoe

Empty Spaces Quotes By Aimee Bender

He moved his fingers down her whole spine, one by one by one, and during the time it took to do that, his brain remained absolutely quiet.
It is these empty spaces you have to watch out for, as they flood up with feeling before you even realize what's happened; before you find yourself, at the base of her spine, different. — Aimee Bender

Empty Spaces Quotes By Anna Banks

It makes the ocean seem inconsequential, the moon unimportant, everything else nonexistent.
It fills all the empty spaces inside him, the ones he didn't know were there, and the ones he thought he'd already filled. And the future is laid plain before him. Their future. — Anna Banks

Empty Spaces Quotes By Frederick Espiritu

Love is silent. Yet it could fill the spaces no other sound can ever do. Truth is there's no sound without silence. We can listen to all the beautiful songs, but unless we can hear where the music is coming from, the empty spaces of our lives can never be filled and the song we sing will have no meaning. — Frederick Espiritu

Empty Spaces Quotes By Jane Oakley

A need to wander was in most Russians' blood, particularly the less well-off classes, and without positions, property, and status to fetter them, they would often pack a bundle of a few clothes and minimum food and set off on a week's, a a few clothes and minimum food and set off on a week's, a month's, a year's pilgrimage from monastery to town, or just traversing the vast empty spaces of their country, stopping as they chose, going where they willed. — Jane Oakley

Empty Spaces Quotes By Brian Andreas

Empty Spaces:
After his father died he carried his life more gently & left an empty space for the birds & other creatures. — Brian Andreas

Empty Spaces Quotes By Italo Calvino

All that can be done is for each of us to invent our own ideal library of our classics; and I would say that one half of it would consist of books we have read and that have meant something for us and the other half of books which we intend to read and which we suppose might mean something to us. We should also leave a section of empty spaces for surprises and chance discoveries. — Italo Calvino

Empty Spaces Quotes By Freya Stark

Accuracy is the basis of style. Words dress our thoughts and should fit; and should fit not only in their utterances, but in their implications, their sequences, and their silences, just as in architecture the empty spaces are as important as those that are filled. — Freya Stark

Empty Spaces Quotes By Andrew Root

Here we see a young man in an empty room, checking his watch as no one comes to share in the refreshments he has carefully placed on the table behind him. There is some comfort for those of us taking the theological turn in youth ministry to hear of Bonhoeffer's own failures, especially with young adults. We also often find it hard to create the spaces to connect with young adults. And if Bonhoeffer is our forefather, it is important to recognize his failures as much as his glowing successes. — Andrew Root

Empty Spaces Quotes By Paulo Coelho

The warrior knows that the most important words in all languages are the small words. Yes. Love. God. They are words that are easy enough to say and which fill vast empty spaces. — Paulo Coelho

Empty Spaces Quotes By Grimes

There used to be a lot of industry in Montreal, and now there's not, so it's really easy to get huge, empty spaces where you can practice and make music or make art for very, very cheap. — Grimes

Empty Spaces Quotes By Rachel Naomi Remen

I looked at the place on my finger again. This time it really was an empty space. And silent. It was big. For the first time I faced a loss with a sense of curiosity. What would come to fill up this space? Would I make another ring? Or would I find another ring in a secondhand shop, or even in another country? Perhaps someday someone I had not even met would give me a ring because he loved me. I was thirty-five and I had never trusted life before. I had never allowed any empty spaces. I had believed that empty spaces remained empty. Life had been about hanging on to what you had and medical training had only reinforced the avoidance of loss at all costs. Anything I had ever let go of had claw marks on it. Yet this empty space had become different. It held all the excitement and anticipation of a wrapped Christmas present. — Rachel Naomi Remen

Empty Spaces Quotes By Federico Garcia Lorca

While the poet wrestles with the horses on his brain and the sculptor wounds his eyes on the hard spark of alabaster, the dancer battles the air around her, air that threatens at any moment to destroy her harmony or to open huge open empty spaces where her rhythm will be annihilated. — Federico Garcia Lorca

Empty Spaces Quotes By Kirsten Bakis

There was something in her black eyes that was as insubstantial as light but at the same time slower and darker than water, slower than anything I had ever seen. It reminded me of one of those moments of sadness that sometimes come when you're waiting for an inconsequential thing, like an elevator or a stop on the subway, and feel a pause that is so still that it seals itself up around you, lifts away from the stream of time, and hangs suspended there. I felt drawn toward her, the way molecules in motion are drawn toward empty spaces. — Kirsten Bakis

Empty Spaces Quotes By Beau Taplin

I'm tired of trying to fill up my empty spaces with things I don't need and people I don't like. — Beau Taplin

Empty Spaces Quotes By Kiran Desai

The fact was that one was left empty-handed. There was no system to soothe the unfairness of things; justice was without scope; it might snag the stealer of chickens, but great evasive crimes would have to be dismissed because, if identified and netted, they would bring down the entire structure of so-called civilization. For crimes that took place in the monstrous dealings between nations, for crimes that took place in those intimate spaces between two people without a witness ... — Kiran Desai

Empty Spaces Quotes By Miles Harvey

A map has no vocabulary, no lexicon of precise meanings. It communicates in lines, hues, tones, coded symbols, and empty spaces, much like music. Nor does a map have its own voice. It is many-tongued, a chorus reciting centuries of accumulated knowledge in echoed chants. A map provides no answers. It only suggests where to look: Discover this, reexamine that, put one thing in relation to another, orient yourself, begin here... Sometimes a map speaks in terms of physical geography, but just as often it muses on the jagged terrain of the heart, the distant vistas of memory, or the fantastic landscapes of dreams. — Miles Harvey

Empty Spaces Quotes By Henri Matisse

The whole arrangement of my picture is expressive. The place occupied by the figures or objects, the empty spaces around them, the proportions, everything plays a part. — Henri Matisse

Empty Spaces Quotes By Kelly Creagh

Like a serpent, this demon had coiled and nested into those empty and cavernous spaces of his heart. Like a harpy, she had preyed on his absolute aloneness. — Kelly Creagh

Empty Spaces Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It is the nature of grace always to fill spaces that have been empty. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe