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Empowerment For Women Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

If men could see us as we really are, they would be a little amazed; but the cleverest, the acutest men are often under an illusion about women: they do not read them in a true light: they misapprehend them, both for good and evil: their good woman is a queer thing, half doll, half angel; their bad woman almost always a fiend. — Charlotte Bronte

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

Now, it is frequently asserted that, with women, the job does not come first. What (people cry) are women doing with this liberty of theirs? What woman really prefers a job to a home and family? Very few, I admit. It is unfortunate that they should so often have to make the choice. A man does not, as a rule, have to choose. He gets both. Nevertheless, there have been women ... who had the choice, and chose the job and made a success of it. And there have been and are many men who have sacrificed their careers for women ... When it comes to a choice, then every man or woman has to choose as an individual human being, and, like a human being, take the consequences. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Mike Madrid

Wonder Woman represented modern America as leader of
the free world, and champion of the downtrodden. She forsook her kingdom and immortality to make the whole world a better place and, most of all, to fight for the rights of females. Just as America emerged as a global peacekeeper, Wonder Woman's adventures took her wherever women were in peril and their freedom was threatened, like the planet Venus with its butterfly-winged women, or the subterranean paradise Eveland.'Ihe "loving ways of the Amazons" that she was sent to teach the world were presumably the wisdom of the matrilineal society that predated the Greeks. "I can make bad men good and weak woman strong!" she says, as she spreads her message of empowerment across "man's world. — Mike Madrid

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

I would have you come into the heart of the outer world and meet reality. Merely going on with your household duties, living your life in the world of household conventions and the drudgery of household tasks - you were not made for that! If we meet, and recognize each other, in the real world, then only will our love be true. — Rabindranath Tagore

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Diriye Osman

i have been told many times by family, friends, colleagues and strangers that I, a black African Muslim lesbian, am not included in this vision; that my dreams are a reflection of my upbringing in a decadent, amoral Western society that has corrupted who I really am. But who am I, really? Am I allowed to speak for myself or must my desires form the battleground for causes I do not care about? My answer to that is simple: 'no one allows anyone anything.' By rejecting that notion you discover that only you can give yourself permission on how to lead your life, naysayers be damned. In the end something gives way. The earth doesn't move but something shifts. That shift is change and change is the layman's lingo for that elusive state that lovers, dreamers, prophets and politicians call 'freedom'. — Diriye Osman

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Nikki Rowe

She wasn't ordinary, I liked her that way. Mystery oozed from her pours as she walked so lightly I could have mistaken her for an angel. — Nikki Rowe

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Emma Watson

The saddest thing a girl can do is dumb herself down for a guy. — Emma Watson

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Lucy H. Pearce

These are burning times. And they call for Burning Women. Women embodied in their passion. Woman feeling in their bodies. Creative women. Courageous women. Women who have learned to run on a different power source to the world which is falling into flames around her. She has already disentangled herself from the wreckage of the patriarchal culture, so she will not be dazed, confused and disorientated by the systemic changes happening around her. Centred within herself, receptive to the Earth beyond her, she knows how to cultivate from the ashes, she knows how to find the embers to fuel the new fire.

Burning Women arise.
Our time is now.
Our time has come. — Lucy H. Pearce

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Cameron Diaz

As women in today's society, we are encouraged to compare ourselves to other women when what we need to do is focus on our own strengths, our own capabilities, our own beauty. — Cameron Diaz

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Twinkle Khanna

Women have been looking for a cape and have been handed an apron for centuries.
But here was a man who wanted to help women swing their apron around, let it flutter down their backs and watch them soar through the clear blue skies — Twinkle Khanna

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Aysha Taryam

Our Arab mothers and sisters are suffering from injustices like domestic violence, sexual harassment, child marriages and honour killings, some are still fighting for their right to drive or travel without male custody therefore our powerful Arab media was not only expected to broadcast this particular one of a kind Women's march it should have held panels to dissect the issues being brought forth in order for the Arab world to better understand that gender equality is not an idea that one believes in, it is a planned movement that requires an enormous effort on the part of both men and women to reach. — Aysha Taryam

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Gary A. Haugen

As Dr. Hamid Rashid, the senior Bangladeshi economist and a leader of the UNDP's Legal Empowerment of the Poor program, has flatly stated: "With limited and insecure land rights, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the poor to overcome poverty."80 And once again, it is the women in the developing world who are most devastated by the lawless chaos of insecure property rights. In the absence of clear and documented legal rights to property, there are two other social forces that step into the vacuum and settle who gets what: 1) brute force, and 2) traditional cultural norms. And under both influences women generally lose - and brutally so. — Gary A. Haugen

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

We women are weak," replied Bimala. "So I suppose we must join in the conspiracy of the weak."
"Women weak!" I exclaimed with a laugh. "Men belaud you as delicate and fragile, so as to delude you into thinking yourselves weak. But it is you women who are strong. Men make a great outward show of their so-called freedom, but those who know their inner minds are aware of their bondage. They have
manufactured scriptures with their own hands to bind themselves; with their very idealism they have made golden fetters of women to wind round their body and mind. If men had not that extraordinary faculty of entangling themselves in meshes of their own contriving, nothing could have kept them bound. But as for
you women, you have desired to conceive reality with body and soul. You have given birth to reality. You have suckled reality at your breasts. — Rabindranath Tagore

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Michelle Bachelet

My top priority for 2012 will be to make a renewed push for women's economic empowerment and political participation. — Michelle Bachelet

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Respect should be found in your own heart and never demanded, sacraficed, begged for or negotiated. If you have to explain why you deserve it then you never had it. — Shannon L. Alder

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Laurie Penny

Only by remembering to say 'no' will the women of 21st century regain their voice and remember their power. 'No' is the most important word in a woman's dialectic arsenal, and it is the one word that our employers, our leaders, and quite often, the men in our lives would do anything to prevent us from saying. No, we will not serve. No, we will not settle for the dirty work, the low-paid work, the unpaid work. No, we will not stay late at the office, look after the kids, sort out the shopping. We refuse to fit the enormity of our passion, our creativity, and our potential into the rigid physical prison laid down for us since we were small children. No. We refuse. We will not buy your clothes and shoes and surgical solutions. No, we will not be beautiful; we will not be good. Most of all, we refuse to be beautiful and good. — Laurie Penny

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

If we want a world with greater equality, we need to acknowledge that women are less likely to keep their hands up. We need institutions and individuals to notice and correct for this behavior by encouraging, promoting, and championing more women. And women have to learn to keep their hands up, because when they lower them, even managers with the best intentions might not notice. — Sheryl Sandberg

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Miya Yamanouchi

There is a need for promoting women's sexual agency in today's society, because if it wasn't an issue, terms such as 'female sexual empowerment' would be made redundant. The fact that we merely have this vocabulary is indicative of that. — Miya Yamanouchi

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Annastacia Dickerson

For me, the times that I dressed provocatively had been empowering. It felt good. It's those times that I felt comfortable in my own skin. Like really, really comfortable. And let's face it, body self-esteem issues are a hurdle many women struggle to overcome.
So when a person tears a woman down for how's she's dressed, they are tearing her down at a moment she feels at the top of her game. That's where the real shame is - not in how a woman is dressed, but in the desire to minimise her self-worth and empowerment. That's not kind, or well meaning. It's rude and cruel. — Annastacia Dickerson

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Caroline George

Men tend to treat women as fragile creatures, but our bodies were built to withstand pain and hard work, think with profound insight. We were created to do what men can't. And if that isn't reason enough for us to be treated equal, I'm not sure what is. — Caroline George

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Aung San Suu Kyi

The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all. — Aung San Suu Kyi

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Lasean Rinique

When you stop making excuses, you start making progress! — Lasean Rinique

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Emma Watson

If you want to run for Prime Minister, you can. If you don't, that's wonderful, too. Shave your armpits, don't shave them, wear flats one day, heels the next. These things are so irrelevant and surface to what it is all really about, and I wish people wouldn't get caught up in that. We want to empower women to do exactly what they want, to be true to themselves, to have the opportunities to develop. — Emma Watson

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Maya Angelou

Sometimes guns really matter. Protecting those who need protection - children, women, minorities in rough parts of town, old folks living in places where cops aren't nearby. Guns are true empowerment for the powerless. — Maya Angelou

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Moderata Fonte

[M]en, though they know full well how much women are worth and how great the benefits we bring them, nonetheless seek to destroy us out of envy for our merits. It's just like the crow, when it produces white nestlings: it is so stricken by envy, knowing how black it is itself, that it kills its own offspring out of pique. — Moderata Fonte

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Queen Rania Of Jordan

I work in areas related to child protection and family safety, women's empowerment, the creation of opportunities for youth, and culture and tourism. Daunting? Yes. Impossible? No. In fact, such challenges energize me. — Queen Rania Of Jordan

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Elizabeth Dole

What empowerment is all about [is] finding something which infuses you with a sense of mission, with a passion for your life's work. I don't believe there is one path for women or one nature to fulfill. Real fulfillment, real empowerment is often different than we imagine and better than we plan. — Elizabeth Dole

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

I am not an angel,' I asserted; 'and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself. Mr. Rochester, you must neither expect nor exact anything celestial of me - for you will not get it, any more than I shall get it of you: which I do not at all anticipate. — Charlotte Bronte

Empowerment For Women Quotes By C.S. O'Kelly

For all the girls in all the worlds.
May you feel strength with your first breath,
realize your unlimited potential for greatness on your second, and follow your dreams on your third. — C.S. O'Kelly

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Tabby Biddle

Our generation of women is clearing the path for our daughters, granddaughters, women and girls down the line, to be safe to be the woman or girl they are. — Tabby Biddle

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Why do you consult [women's] words when it is not their mouths that speak? Consult their eyes, their colour, their breathing, their timid manner, their slight resistance, that is the language nature gave them for your answer. The lips always say 'No,' and rightly so; but the tone is not always the same, and that cannot lie. Has not a woman the same needs as a man, but without the same right to make them known? Her fate would be too cruel if she had no language in which to express her legitimate desires except the words which she dare not utter. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Debajani Mohanty

Complete financial independence for women - my dream. — Debajani Mohanty

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

Neglect of women is the major cause for the society's downfall. — Abhijit Naskar

Empowerment For Women Quotes By PatriciaV. Davis

If I had a daughter, here's what I'd tell her:
One day, when you've worked hard for what you want, when people see that you are confident and intelligent and that you recognize your own self-worth, when you take care of yourself, support yourself, and stand up for yourself, that is the day that the world will call you "a cruel and selfish bitch."
It's a tough title to earn and you should be and proud of it. — PatriciaV. Davis

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Mary Pope Osborne

I think today's young women are an especially powerful breed. They will be taking on even greater challenges, which is why achieving personal empowerment is so important for them. These women are going to be holding positions of significant authority, owning more businesses, and shaping public policy. — Mary Pope Osborne

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Alyssa Cole

Women helped each other in ways small and large every day, without thinking, and that was what kept them going even when the world came up with new and exciting ways to crush them. — Alyssa Cole

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Sue Morter

Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth. Let go. — Sue Morter

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Wilkie Collins

Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his own temper. — Wilkie Collins

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Coco Chanel

It's probably not just by chance that I'm alone. It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he's terribly strong. And if he's stronger than I, I'm the one who can't live with him. ... I'm neither smart nor stupid, but I don't think I'm a run-of-the-mill person. I've been in business without being a businesswoman, I've loved without being a woman made only for love. The two men I've loved, I think, will remember me, on earth or in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness. I've done my best, in regard to people and to life, without precepts, but with a taste for justice. — Coco Chanel

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

MT [Mother Teresa] was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction. — Christopher Hitchens

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Johanna Sigurdardottir

Gender equality and empowerment of women is key to the success of the Millennium Development Goals. Not only as a specific target, but for the goals in general. Women bear a heavier burden of the world's poverty than men, because of the discrimination they face in education, health care, employment and control of assets. — Johanna Sigurdardottir

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Aysha Taryam

The Women's March had restored my faith as I am sure it has introduced the young generation to the new wave of feminism. A feminist movement that was made up of both sexes and all ages and creeds, one that did away with the arguments and stood arm in arm for a greater cause, a cause which the Arab media did not wish to project. — Aysha Taryam

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Joanna Denny

The whore or the saint: these seemed to be the prototypes set up by the Church's historic misogyny. But was there no alternative model to follow?

Yes, for Anne had seen for herself that it was possible to be an independent thinker, set free from the pattern of sinful Eve or patient Griselda. She had been in the company of clever, strong-willed women like the Regent Margaret of Austria and Margaret of Navarre. The influence of evangelism had enabled women of character to take an alternative path, one that offered Anne Boleyn a different future. — Joanna Denny

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Buffy Stainte-Marie

Don't wait for someone else's magic. Pick up your own want and start waving it around. — Buffy Stainte-Marie

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Zaeema J. Hussain

When they (the men, the scavengers)
come for you, do not give yourself
to them so easily.

Wear your strength like armour,
fight like a beast.
Do not let them tell you that
you belong to them.

Be fearless.
Be a lion.
Be like lava.
Rip them apart,
and burn their bones.

And when you are done,
tell the world that
you belong to no man.
That you are a lady,
a warrior,
a tsunami,
and you belong only to yourself. — Zaeema J. Hussain

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Jamie Collins

Suddenly, it hit me. Why not do a talk show that featured not one, but four engaging female hosts of varying ages and perspectives. . . create a "kitchen table" forum for discussion. If it was on their minds, ya gotta figure that it's on the minds of half of American women, right? — Jamie Collins

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Warren Farrell

When divorces meant marriage no longer provided security for a lifetime, women adjusted by focusing on careers as empowerment. But when the sacrifice of a career met the sacrifices in a career, the fantasy of a career became the reality of trade-offs. Women developed career ambivalence. — Warren Farrell

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Kofi Annan

It is impossible to realize our goals while discriminating against half the human race. As study after study has taught us, there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. — Kofi Annan

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Tasha Smith

I have been doing so much. Speaking engagements ... producing ... developing a half-hour sitcom ... working on a movie ... leading acting workshops all over the world ... and hosting 'My Black Is Beautiful,' an empowerment TV show I'm doing on BET for women. — Tasha Smith

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Elizabeth I

[F]rom my years of understanding ... I happily chose this kind of life in which I yet live [i.e., unmarried], which I assure you for my own part hath hitherto best contented myself and I trust hath been most acceptable to God. From the which if either ambition of high estate offered to me in marriage by the pleasure and appointment of my prince ... or if the eschewing of the danger of my enemies or the avoiding of the peril of death ... could have drawn or dissuaded me from this kind of life, I had not now remained in this estate wherein you see me. But so constant have I always continued in this determination ... yet is it most true that at this day I stand free from any other meaning that either I have had in times past or have at this present. — Elizabeth I

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Sharon Law Tucker

You are that blue-white diamond, so treat yourself like a Tiffany. — Sharon Law Tucker

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Kofi Annan

There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls and the empowerment of women ... When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately: families are healthier; they are better fed; their income, savings, and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and, eventually, whole countries. — Kofi Annan

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Christine De Pizan

Not all men (and especially the wisest) share the opinion that it is bad for women to be educated. But it is very true that many foolish men have claimed this because it displeased them that women knew more than they did. — Christine De Pizan

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Patricia Hill Collins

Despite long-standing claims by elites that Blacks, women, Latinos, and other similarly derogated groups in the United States remain incapable of producing the type of interpretive, analytical thought that is labeled theory in the West, powerful knowledges of resistance that toppled former social structures of social inequality repudiate this view. Members of these groups do in fact theorize, and our critical social theory has been central to our political empowerment and search for justice. — Patricia Hill Collins

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Nicholas D. Kristof

Women's empowerment helps raise economic productivity and reduce infant mortality. It contributes to improved health and nutrition. It increases the chances of education for the next generation. — Nicholas D. Kristof

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Nina George

I don't know why we women believe that sacrificing our desires makes us more attractive to men. What on earth are we thinking? That someone who goes without her wishes deserves to be loved more than she who follows her dreams? — Nina George

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

In fact, there is perhaps only one human being in a thousand who is passionately interested in his job for the job's sake. The difference is that if that one person in a thousand is a man, we say, simply, that he is passionately keen on his job; if she is a woman, we say she is a freak. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Andrea Jung

I think the economic empowerment of women that has been growing over the past decade is at the 'inflection point' with this global recession. Women are, we believe, the solution for their families in their ability to go out and increase household income. — Andrea Jung

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Julian Of Norwich

But for I am a woman should I therefore live that I should not tell you the goodness of God? — Julian Of Norwich

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Stephen King

Thank you, Men, for the railroads. Thank you, Men, for inventing the automobile and killing the red Indians who thought it might be nice to hold on to America for a while longer, since they were here first. Thank you, Men, for the hospitals, the police, the schools. Now I'd like to vote, please, and have the right to set my own course and make my own destiny. Ince I was chattel, but now that is obsolete. My days of slavery must be over; I need to be a slave no more than I need to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny boat with sails. Jet planes are safer and quicker than little boats with sails and freedom makes more sense than slavery. I am not afraid of flying. Thank you, Men. — Stephen King

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Scott Lynch

Now, it's undeniably true that male writers (including yours truly) are generally and commercially allowed to write about "girl stuff" without being penalized for doing so. In part this is the same old shit it's always been ... I've said before that men who write mostly about men win prizes for revealing the human condition, while women who write about both men and women are filed away as writing "womens' issues." Likewise, in fantasy, the imprimatur of a dude somehow makes stuff like romance, relationship drama, introspection, and adorable animal companions magically not girly after all.
In a sense, we male fantasists are allowed to be like money launderers for girl cooties."
[Game of Thrones and Invisible Cootie Vectors (blog post, March 30, 2014)] — Scott Lynch

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Lisa Bloom

Happiness doesn't just happen. I'm convinced that for the most part, those who focus their minds on it, obtain it. — Lisa Bloom

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

Gender equality and women's empowerment have been a top priority for me from day one as Secretary-General. And I am committed to making sure that the U.N. leads by example. — Ban Ki-moon

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Narendra Modi

Economic freedom is very important for women empowerment. They must be partners in economic development also. I have seen that women are very good at adapting to latest technology. We should link women and technology up-gradation. — Narendra Modi

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Allison Pearson

There are some men who will always prefer to deal with another man, any man, rather than a woman ... I can see him struggling to place me: I'm not married to him, clearly I'm not his mother, I didn't go to school with his sister and I'm sure as hell not going to go to bed with him. So what, he must be asking himself as he chews on his pigeon, is this girl doing here? What is she for? — Allison Pearson

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

Dare to be bold and brave, my BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. Dare to believe that you can. Dare to make your dreams a reality. Dare to get out of your comfort zone and soar! Dare to live your life limitlessly. Dare to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. DARE. — Stephanie Lahart

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Maureen Chiquet

This book is for those of you who are tired of trying to squeeze into constrained categories, who long for a life without limits on who you are or who you will become. — Maureen Chiquet

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Hope Alcocer

It's called an inner voice for a reason. It's the gnawing feeling inside your stomach telling you yes or no. It's the one voice in your life that isn't tampered by other's biased opinions, scars, feelings or thoughts. Go with it, you know yourself better than anyone ever does. — Hope Alcocer

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Shahla Khan

I can quote you several examples where women were physically and violently hurt by men but at the same time, they were also supported by men. The numbers of course would always be out of proportion. The ones who care are always lesser than the ones who hurt. That is simply a quality vs. quantity argument. A hundred men who hurt you will fail against one man who cares for you. — Shahla Khan

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Mark Millar

The success [of the X-Men], I think, is for two reasons. The first is that, creatively, the book was close to perfect ... but the other reason is that it was a book about being different in a culture where, for the first time in the West, being different wasn't just accepted, but was also fashionable. I don't think it's a coincidence that gay rights, black rights, the empowerment of women and political correctness all happened over those twenty years and a book about outsiders trying to be accepted was almost the poster-boy for this era in American culture. — Mark Millar

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Ariel Levy

Women's liberation and empowerment are terms feminists started using to talk about casting off the limitations imposed upon women and demanding equality. We have perverted these words. The freedom to be sexually provocative or promiscuous is not enough freedom; it is not the only 'women's issue' worth paying attention to. And we are not even free in the sexual arena. We have simply adopted a new norm, a new role to play: lusty, busty exhibitionist. There are other choices. If we are really going to be sexually liberated, we need to make room for a range of options as wide as the variety of human desire. We need to allow ourselves the freedom to figure out what we internally want from sex instead of mimicking whatever popular culture holds up to us as sexy. That would be liberation. — Ariel Levy

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Vera Caspary

For this was the age of The Girl. We had come out of the back parlor, out of the kitchen and nursery, we turned our backs upon the blackboards, shed aprons and paper cuffs. A war had freed us and given women a new kind of self-respect.
The adjective poor no longer preceded the once disreputable "working girl". It was honorable, it was jolly, it was even superior to be a "career girl". — Vera Caspary

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Bella Abzug

Imperfect though it may be, the Beijing Platform for Action is the strongest statement of consensus on women's equality, empowerment and justice ever produced by governments. — Bella Abzug

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Want to talk third wave feminism, you could cite Ariel Levy and the idea that women have internalized male oppression. Going to spring break at Fort Lauderdale, getting drunk, and flashing your breasts isn't an act of personal empowerment. It's you, so fashioned and programmed by the construct of patriarchal society that you no longer know what's best for yourself.
A damsel too dumb to even know she's in distress. — Chuck Palahniuk

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

I have written this book to encourage women to dream big, forge a path through the obstacles, and achieve their full potential. I am hoping that each woman will set her own goals and reach for them with gusto. And I am hoping that each man will do his part to support women in the workplace and in the home, also with gusto. As we start using the talents of the entire population, our institutions will be more productive, our homes will be happier, and the children growing up in those homes will no longer be held back by narrow stereotypes. — Sheryl Sandberg

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Ali Binazir

A sequoia seedling is always a sequoia at every point along its path to becoming a towering tree. And so are you always an empowered, fulfilled woman on your way to even greater empowerment and fulfillment. — Ali Binazir

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

For, what is the purpose of true love, other than to rescue another from one's self? Why is that not the first thing we look for? — Shannon L. Alder

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Aysha Taryam

The Women's March did what it set out to do and that is to show the sheer magnitude of passion that the female voice can project and most importantly, for our future generations, it has shattered the falsity of the patriarch myth that women do not support other women. — Aysha Taryam

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Nocturnus Libertus

With the way a lot of men function, I'd say "single" womyn are a threat to society. In fact, I'd go as single womyn are a threat to the system. As a womyn, if you aren't spending all your time looking for what you were socialized to, you're doing something productive. I'd say that scares a hell of a lot of people. — Nocturnus Libertus

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Darwun St. James

People come to New Orleans to forget themselves and party like a pagan. They gorge themselves on exotic spicy foods and five to seven course meals, taking hours to consume. They behave badly in bars and routinely encourage their willing female counterparts to flash their tits for cheap plastic beads. Beads women would never wear anywhere else but in New Orleans become triumphant symbols of one's insatiable allure. — Darwun St. James

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Eleesha

It is only upon life's new journey & pathway that your greatest learning - will be experienced. — Eleesha

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth ... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all. — Ban Ki-moon

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Lael Brainard

President Obama has called for economic and political empowerment of women globally. The Equal Futures Partnership promotes removal of policy, legal, and regulatory barriers that hold women back at local, state and national levels. — Lael Brainard

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Mahnaz Afkhami

Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights. — Mahnaz Afkhami

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Kris Waldherr

What exactly was it about Egypt that encouraged women rulers to set their caps so high? The historian Herodotus proposed that things were just different there: 'The people, in most of their manners and customs, exactly reverse the common practice of mankind. For example women attend the markets and trade, while men sit at home at the loom..., Women urinate standing up, men sitting down.... — Kris Waldherr

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

Are You Listening Attentively? There's so much power in listening! I challenge you to listen more. Really pay attention to what people are saying. What are they REALLY talking about? Many times we overlook and/or make excuses for people's conversations. Don't allow people to dump garbage in your spirit. What we listen to can have a negative effect on what, and how, we think. Be choosy about the relationships you entertain. Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. People that are positive, inspiring, and genuine. Remember: Value your time! Don't waste it on dead-end and/or fake relationships. — Stephanie Lahart

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Eleesha

Your empowerment remains Soulfully supported from within. — Eleesha

Empowerment For Women Quotes By H. L. Balcomb

She lives fearlessly in the light of her own truth. — H. L. Balcomb

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Eleesha

Nurture the Power & Wisdom of your Own Inner Strengths, with Good Intent. — Eleesha

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Dana Arcuri

Being stuck serves a spiritual purpose. It's a bountiful harvest for transformation to occur. It tells us that a change is needed. More than any type of outward change, what's really being asked of us is an inner change. It could be a change of heart, change of priorities, a change of beliefs, or even a change of perspective. — Dana Arcuri

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Elizabeth Strout

society's been drugging its women for years — Elizabeth Strout

Empowerment For Women Quotes By Gene Simmons

Women, you have all this power, I'm telling you. In business, you have something called an inferred fiduciary duty to yourself. Look at the other hugely successful women in industry, commerce, science and everywhere else and you'll see women who are feminine, beautiful but also do not rely on men for their self-empowerment. — Gene Simmons