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Emotionally Challenged Quotes By Richard Wright

A dread of white people now came to live permanently in my feelings and imagination. As the war drew to a close, racial conflict flared over the entire South, and though I did not witness any of it, I could not have been more thoroughly affected by it if I had participated directly in every clash. The war itself had been unreal to me, but I had grown able to respond emotionally to every hint, whisper, word, inflection, news, gossip, and rumor regarding conflicts between the races. Nothing challenged the totality of my personality so much as this pressure of hate and threat that stemmed from the invisible whites. I would stand for hours on the doorsteps of neighbors' houses listening to their talk, learning how a white woman had slapped a black woman, how a white man had killed a black man. It filled me with awe, wonder, and fear, and I asked ceaseless questions. One evening I heard a tale that rendered — Richard Wright

Emotionally Challenged Quotes By Oche Otorkpa

, I have experienced firsthand how easy it is for a
ten year old to obtain marijuana for next to nothing, this trend
seems to have been taken to a new dimension with the abuse of
pharmaceutical products especially prescription medicines in
schools and communities, increasing the number of mentally
and emotionally challenged men and women on our streets and
diverting young people from classrooms and lecture halls to prisons
and drug rehabilitation centers. — Oche Otorkpa

Emotionally Challenged Quotes By Tom Robbins

In technological development, in production of material goods and creature comforts, we've challenged the very gods, but psychologically, emotionally, we're scarcely more than chimpanzees with bulldozers, baboons with big bombs. — Tom Robbins