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Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By S. Jae-Jones

Her grandmother had told her to beware the wolves that prowled in the wood, but the little girl knew the little boy was not dangerous, even if he was the king of the goblins. Will you marry me, Elisabeth? the little boy asked, and the little girl did not wonder at how he knew her name. Oh, she replied, but I am too young to marry. Then I will wait, the little boy said. I will wait as long as you remember. And — S. Jae-Jones

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Shue

I was on my own at Wellesley, surrounded by a lot of young women who were motivated and intellectually curious. I started to read because I was required to do so for class, but I soon found myself enjoying the seclusion of the library. I came to see reading as an important way to learn about people, including myself. — Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Elliot

A young woman asked the great preacher Charles Spurgeon if it was possible to reconcile God's sovereignty and man's responsibility. "Young woman," said he. "You don't reconcile friends — Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Ingeborg Bachmann

Elisabeth had not had her future and her parents had not had theirs, there was nothing to this so-called future which was always promised to the young. — Ingeborg Bachmann

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Liane Moriarty

However, at the end of the night I saw Nick stomping out to the car park, obviously in a terrible mood. They take their lives so seriously, these young people. "Just appreciate the fact that you can stomp so energetically," I wanted to say to him. I'd pay a million dollars to be Alice and Elisabeth's age again for just one day. I'd dance like Olivia's butterfly and bite into crisp green apples and run across hot sand into the surf, and I'd walk, as far as I wanted, wherever I wanted, in big loping, leaping strides, with my head held high and my lungs filling with air. — Liane Moriarty

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Elliot

It takes a while for revelry to turn to reverence, and much repetition of truth to eventual turn young zeal into habitual channels for good. — Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Ellie Elisabeth

That was the funny thing. What happened to John would pass for his classmates, but for John it was a long challenging road ahead of him. Who knew where he would be sent, maybe a juvenile detention center? He might keep in touch with a few friends if his parents let him, but he would never return to Wakefield High. His peers had no clue the journey ahead of him, that his life was changed forever.
And they had no idea what lay ahead for Lilly. No one knew she had been given a task by the Archangels to fight a war against pure evil. They had no idea that Lilly would spend most of her free time not training for a marathon, but training to kill demons. John and Lilly were not all too different. — Ellie Elisabeth

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Jennifer Elisabeth

I lost my innocence very young and it had nothing to do with sex. — Jennifer Elisabeth

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Shue

I want to be involved with young people in some way. Teenagers. Because that's the most vulnerable time. I have a fantasy of becoming a teacher one day. — Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Sheff

It isn't polyamory that is only for the young and carefree, I explain, but activism. — Elisabeth Sheff

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Children who die young are some of our greatest teachers. We are allowed to die when we have taught what we came to teach and when we have learned what we came to learn. — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Badinter

Increased responsibility for babies and young children has proved just as restrictive, if not more so, than sexism in the home or in the workplace. — Elisabeth Badinter

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Elliot

The preoccupations of young women-their looks, their clothes, their social life-don't seem to change much from generation to generation. But in every generation there are a few that make others choices. — Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Elo

But a bond is a bond. And when you're young and haven't yet learned to live in your own solitude, even a destructive bond can seem better than none. — Elisabeth Elo

Elisabeth Young-bruehl Quotes By Elisabeth Elliot

Amy rang the bell when morning to gather the servants for prayers. The cook's small boy, pointing to the bell, said, "It's a god."
'I looked at the thing, it had a scratched face on the handle, and the face, he declared, was Ram's. I think the young scamp meant nothing more serious than a bit of mischief, but I knocked the bell handle off and pushed it into a fire which was burning near. He could never say that again! They all looked on, servants and coolies, and nobody said a word. Would a god let me do that? I asked them, and walked off, caring the battery bell. — Elisabeth Elliot