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Electrical Circuit Quotes By Thomas R. Insel

Neuroscientists talk a lot about brain circuits. In fact, the word 'circuit' is probably misleading. We do not know where most circuits begin and end. And unlike an electrical circuit, brain connections are heavily reciprocal and recursive, so that a direction of information flow can be inferred but sometimes not proven. — Thomas R. Insel

Electrical Circuit Quotes By John Ajvide Lindqvist

It was like a blackout in reverse. Since around nine o'clock, no lamps could be switched off, no electrical appliances powered down. If you tried to pull out the plug there was an alarming crackling sound and sparks flew between the outlet and the plug, preventing the circuit from being broken. — John Ajvide Lindqvist

Electrical Circuit Quotes By Edward Boyden

I was interested in big unknowns, and the brain is one of the biggest, so building tools that allow us to regard the brain as a big electrical circuit appealed to me. — Edward Boyden

Electrical Circuit Quotes By Bertrand Meyer

Writing a class without its contract would be similar to producing an engineering component (electrical circuit, VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) chip, bridge, engine ... ) without a spec. No professional engineer would even consider the idea. — Bertrand Meyer

Electrical Circuit Quotes By TSD Training

Voltage is measured in volts. Current is measured in amperes. Resistance is measured in ohms. One volt is the electrical pressure required to cause 1 ampere of current to flow through a resistance of 1 ohm. Scientists have made experiments which show that 6280 trillion electrons pass a given point each second when there is 1 ampere of current in a circuit. — TSD Training

Electrical Circuit Quotes By Steven Magee

The toxicity of an electrical wiring error is a function of the dirty electricity and the electrical items plugged into the faulty electrical circuit. — Steven Magee

Electrical Circuit Quotes By Daniel Kahneman

System 2 and the electrical circuits in your home both have limited capacity, but they respond differently to threatened overload. A breaker trips when the demand for current is excessive, causing all devices on that circuit to lose power at once. In contrast, the response to mental overload is selective and precise: System 2 protects the most important activity, so it receives the attention it needs; "spare capacity" is allocated second by second to other tasks. In our version of the gorilla experiment, we instructed the participants to assign priority to the digit task. We know that they followed that instruction, because the timing of the visual target had no effect on the main task. If the critical letter was presented at a time of high demand, the subjects simply did not see it. When the transformation task was less demanding, detection performance was better. — Daniel Kahneman

Electrical Circuit Quotes By Robert Byrne

Byrne's Law: In any electrical circuit, appliances and wiring will burn out to protect fuses. — Robert Byrne