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Top Eclipses Quotes

Eclipses Quotes By Gail Caldwell

The other thing I know now, is that we survive grief merely and surely by outlasting it. The ongoing fact of the narrative eclipses the heartbreak within. A deal that seems to be the price we pay for getting to hold on to our beloved dead. — Gail Caldwell

Eclipses Quotes By Brennan Manning

When belonging to an elite group eclipses the love of God, when I draw life and meaning from any source other than my belovedness, I am spiritually dead. When God gets relegated to second place behind any bauble or trinket, I have swapped the pearl of great price for painted fragments of glass. — Brennan Manning

Eclipses Quotes By Victor Hugo

But who among us is perfect? Even the greatest strategists have their eclipses, and the greatest blunders, like the thickest ropes, are often compounded of a multitude of strands. Take the rope apart, separate it into the small threads that compose it, and you can break them one by one. You think, 'That is all there was!' But twist them all together and you have something tremendous. — Victor Hugo

Eclipses Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

The physical ego serves as its own worst enemy when, by delusive material behavior, it eclipses its true nature as the ever blessed soul. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Eclipses Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

Rudeness is better than any argument; it totally eclipses intellect. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Eclipses Quotes By Brahmagupta

As the sun eclipses the stars by its brilliancy, so the man of knowledge will eclipse the fame of others in assemblies of the people if he proposes algebraic problems, and still more if he solves them. — Brahmagupta

Eclipses Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

There are obvious psychological stresses on a person in a group, but there may be even greater stresses on a person in isolation. Most higher primates, including humans, are intensely social, and there are few examples of individuals surviving outside of a group. A modern soldier returning from combat goes from the kind of close-knit situation that humans evolved for into a society where most people work outside the home, children are educated by strangers, families are isolated from wider communities, personal gain almost completely eclipses collective good, and people sleep alone or with a partner. Even if he or she is in a family, that is not the same as belonging to a large, self-sufficient group that shares and experiences almost everything collectively. Whatever the technological advances of modern society - and they're nearly miraculous - the individual lifestyles that those technologies spawn may be deeply brutalizing to the human spirit. — Jonathan Franzen

Eclipses Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Eclipses Quotes By Ariel Pink

I hate not understanding the words, because it kind of squashes the song. It shrinks the visual landscape that you've made for the sounds. And, all of a sudden, the content eclipses things. — Ariel Pink

Eclipses Quotes By Sebastian Junger

A modern soldier returning from combat - or a survivor of Sarajevo - goes from the kind of close-knit group that humans evolved for, back into a society where most people work outside the home, children are educated by strangers, families are isolated from wider communities, and personal gain almost completely eclipses collective good. — Sebastian Junger

Eclipses Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I stare at him through the dim light as instant lust eclipses anger, will, time, place. — Karen Marie Moning

Eclipses Quotes By Dalai Lama

Anger may bring extra energy, but it eclipses the best part of our brain: its rationality. The energy of anger is almost always unreliable. — Dalai Lama

Eclipses Quotes By Annie Dillard

I'd seen a great many partial eclipses, but a partial eclipse has the same relation to a total eclipse as flirting with a man does to marrying him. It's completely different. — Annie Dillard

Eclipses Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

When we have God in clear focus, His powerful presence eclipses our fear. — Charles R. Swindoll

Eclipses Quotes By David Garnett

Wonderful or supernatural events are not so uncommon, rather they are irregular in their incidence. Thus there may be not one marvel to speak of in a century, and then often enough comes a plentiful crop of them; monsters of all sorts swarm suddenly upon the earth, comets blaze in the sky, eclipses frighten nature, meteors fall in rain, while mermaids and sirens beguile, and sea serpents engulf every passing ship, and terrible cataclysms beset humanity. — David Garnett

Eclipses Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let us, if we must have great actions, make our own so. All action is of infinite elasticity, and the least admits of being inflated with celestial air, until it eclipses the sun and moon. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Eclipses Quotes By Randy Alcorn

No death, no suffering. No funeral homes, abortion clinics, or psychiatric wards. No rape, missing children, or drug rehabilitation centers. No bigotry, no muggings or killings. No worry or depression or economic downturns. No wars, no unemployment. No anguish over failure and miscommunication. No con men. No locks. No death. No mourning. No pain. No boredom. No arthritis, no handicaps, no cancer, no taxes, no bills, no computer crashes, no weeds, no bombs, no drunkenness, no traffic jams and accidents, no septic-tank backups. No mental illness. No unwanted e-mails. Close friendships but no cliques, laughter but no put-downs. Intimacy, but no temptation to immorality. No hidden agendas, no backroom deals, no betrayals. Imagine mealtimes full of stories, laughter, and joy, without fear of insensitivity, inappropriate behavior, anger, gossip, lust, jealousy, hurt feelings, or anything that eclipses joy. That will be Heaven. — Randy Alcorn

Eclipses Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

Our kiss eclipses all others, real, imagine, dreamed of. It is the beginning of time, it is the end of the ages. — Ellen Hopkins

Eclipses Quotes By Markus Zusak

You see, to me, for just a moment, despite all of the colors that touch and grapple with what I see in this world, I will often catch an eclipse when a human dies.
I've seen millions of them.
I've seen more eclipses than I care to remember — Markus Zusak

Eclipses Quotes By Bob Dylan

The handmade blade, the child's balloon
Eclipses both the sun and moon
To understand you know too soon
There's no sense in trying. — Bob Dylan

Eclipses Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

There has always been the same amount of light in the world. The new and missing stars, the comets and eclipses, do not affect thegeneral illumination, for only our glasses appreciate them. — Henry David Thoreau

Eclipses Quotes By Marina Tsvetaeva

The eclipses of
poets are not foretold in the calender. — Marina Tsvetaeva

Eclipses Quotes By Christopher Columbus

I have always read that the world, both land and water, was spherical, as the authority and researches of Ptolemy and all the others who have written on this subject demonstrate and prove, as do the eclipses of the moon and other experiments that are made from east to west, and the elevation of the North Star from north to south. — Christopher Columbus

Eclipses Quotes By Jacques Barzun

In a large university, there are as many deans and executive heads as there are schools and departments. Their relations to one another are intricate and periodic; in fact, "galaxy" is too loose a term: it is a planetarium of deans with the President of the University as a central sun. One can see eclipses, inner systems, and oppositions. — Jacques Barzun

Eclipses Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I nee to reason for a plague, ... As far as I know no comets or eclipses have been forecast, and our sins are not great enough for God to be concerned with us. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Eclipses Quotes By Richard Dawkins

There's a mystical strain in every country, and eclipses are likely to bring that out. — Richard Dawkins

Eclipses Quotes By Stefan Emunds

The world eclipses and it's just her and him. No it's just her eyes and his soul. Her eyes expose and violate him, she turns him inside out. Then, her eyes drop him like a boring toy. — Stefan Emunds

Eclipses Quotes By Cora Carmack

He blocks out the sun, and maybe it's the pain or maybe it's just him, but it feels like one of those rare total eclipses where you know you're not supposed to look because it can destroy your eyes or something, but it's so incredible that you can't help it. — Cora Carmack

Eclipses Quotes By Marcha A. Fox

Eclipses tend to be strong and last for several seasons. Those were particularly ominous because there were two of them, both in unfortunate locations. The occultation will direct those energies on the conscious and subconscious level promoting power grabs as well as mass deception and illusions. When a celestial event only occurs every thousands years or so it usually means something significant, usually a new cycle, and in this case potentially violent. — Marcha A. Fox

Eclipses Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Most events recorded in history are more remarkable than important, like eclipses of the sun and moon, by which all are attracted,but whose effects no one takes the trouble to calculate. — Henry David Thoreau

Eclipses Quotes By Jardine Libaire

But Elise eclipses the woman from Jamey's future, the lady in tennis whites flashing her diamond as she drinks orange juice fresh-squeezed by a maid. A woman Jamey never quite believed in anyway. — Jardine Libaire

Eclipses Quotes By Deborah Eisenberg

I like the eclipses, the synaptic jumps of short stories. The reader has to participate very actively in the experience. — Deborah Eisenberg

Eclipses Quotes By Stephanie Georgopulos

On rare occasions, we'll still align. I will pass through your shadow and bask in your sunlight; my face awash in gold and red and I'll remember the way things were. But lunar eclipses, they're few and far between and they're not enough to save us. — Stephanie Georgopulos

Eclipses Quotes By Dean M. Schroeder

People with power do not regulate their behavior as much. They become egocentric and preoccupied with their own self-interest, which eclipses their awareness of the interests of others. — Dean M. Schroeder

Eclipses Quotes By William Shakespeare

These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend
no good to us: though the wisdom of nature can
reason it thus and thus, yet nature finds itself
scourged by the sequent effects: love cools,
friendship falls off, brothers divide: in
cities, mutinies; in countries, discord; in
palaces, treason; and the bond cracked 'twixt son
and father. This villain of mine comes under the
prediction; there's son against father: the king
falls from bias of nature; there's father against
child. We have seen the best of our time:
machinations, hollowness, treachery, and all
ruinous disorders, follow us disquietly to our
graves. Find out this villain, Edmund; it shall
lose thee nothing; do it carefully. And the
noble and true-hearted Kent banished! his
offence, honesty! 'Tis strange. — William Shakespeare

Eclipses Quotes By Nicolaus Copernicus

The earth together with its surrounding waters must in fact have such a shape as its shadow reveals, for it eclipses the moon with the arc of a perfect circle. — Nicolaus Copernicus

Eclipses Quotes By Analayo

The advantages of developing absorption concentration are not only that it provides a stable and receptive state of mind for the practice of insight meditation. The experience of absorption is one of intense pleasure and happiness, brought about by purely mental means, which thereby automatically eclipses any pleasure arising in dependence on material objects. Thus absorption functions as a powerful antidote to sensual desires by divesting them of their former attraction. — Analayo

Eclipses Quotes By Helen Macdonald

Now that Dad was gone I was starting to see how mortality was bound up in things like that cold, arc-lit sky. How the world is full of signs and wonders that come, and go, and if you are lucky you might see them. Once, twice. Perhaps never again. The albums on my mother's shelves are full of family photographs. But also other things. A starling with a crooked beak. A day of hoarfrost and smoke. A cherry tree thick with blossom. Thunderclouds, lightning strikes, comets and eclipses: celestial events terrifying in their blind distances but reassuring you, too, that the world is for ever, though you are only a blink in its course. — Helen Macdonald

Eclipses Quotes By Confucius

The faults of the superior man are like the eclipses of the sun and moon. He has his faults, and all men see them; he changes, and all men look up to him. — Confucius

Eclipses Quotes By Markus Zusak

A final dirty joke.
Another human punch line.
As with many of the others, when I began my journey away, there seemed a quick shadow again, a final moment of eclipse - the recognition of another soul gone.
You see, to me, for just a moment, despite all of the colors that touch and grapple with what I see in this world, I will often catch an eclipse when a human dies.
I've seen millions of them.
I've seen more eclipses than I care to remember

" The Book Thief — Markus Zusak

Eclipses Quotes By Immanuel Kant

To behold virtue in her proper form is nothing else but to contemplate morality stripped of all admixture of sensible things and of every spurious ornament of reward or self-love. How much she then eclipses everything else that appears charming to the affections, every one may readily perceive with the least exertion of his reason, if it be not wholly spoiled for abstraction. — Immanuel Kant

Eclipses Quotes By James Davison Hunter

There is not one single challenge to Christianity that eclipses all others in importance. — James Davison Hunter

Eclipses Quotes By T.F. Hodge

External beauty is certainly cool to admire, but when worshipped - it eclipses internal shine. — T.F. Hodge

Eclipses Quotes By Susan Fletcher

Isn't it the rarest thing? Never mind the whale migrations, or total eclipses of suns and moons: love that lasts, and is returned in equal measure, is the rarest thing she knows of. — Susan Fletcher

Eclipses Quotes By Mark Dever

When our eyes fall from God to humanity, social ills replace sin, horizontal problems replace the fundamental vertical problem between us and God, winning elections eclipses winning souls. — Mark Dever

Eclipses Quotes By Boy George

I'm of the opinion that as a DJ you must always play what you love and ignore what's 'trendy' because true passion always eclipses what's fashionable. Quality is always fashionable. — Boy George

Eclipses Quotes By Blaise Pascal

They say that eclipses are portents of disaster, because disasters are so common, and misfortune occurs often enough for these forecasts to be right, whereas if they said that eclipses were portents of good fortune they would often be wrong. — Blaise Pascal

Eclipses Quotes By Beverly Sills

Christians should never fail to sense the operation of an angelic glory. It forever eclipses the world of demonic powers, as the sun does a candle's light. — Beverly Sills

Eclipses Quotes By Carrie Ryan

No one's made me feel this way in years." His whisper is rough, calloused. "I want you, Libby."
"Then have me," I whisper.
His lips land on mine, and it's like coming to the surface after drowning. All desperate need that eclipses everything else. He presses me against the door and we're a tangle of heart-hammering desire and panting need. — Carrie Ryan

Eclipses Quotes By Carl Sagan

[When a religious couple wrote to Sagan about fulfilled prophecies, he wrote back in May 1996:]

If 'fulfilled prophecy' is your criterion, why do you not believe in materialistic science, which has an unparalleled record of fulfilled prophecy? Consider, for example, eclipses. — Carl Sagan

Eclipses Quotes By Anais Nin

When does real love begin?
At first it was a fire, eclipses, short circuits, lightning and fireworks; the incense, hammocks, drugs, wines, perfumes; then spasm and honey, fever, fatigue, warmth, currents of liquid fire, feast and orgies; then dreams, visions, candlelight, flowers, pictures; then images out of the past, fairy tales, stories, then pages out of a book, a poem; then laughter, then chastity.
At what moment does the knife wound sink so deep that the flesh begins to weep with love?
At first power, power, then the wound, and love, and love and fears, and the loss of the self, and the gift, and slavery. At first I ruled, loved less; then more, then slavery. Slavery to his image, his odor, the craving, the hunger, the thirst, the obsession. — Anais Nin

Eclipses Quotes By J. Maarten Troost

You can read and read, but nothing eclipses experience. — J. Maarten Troost

Eclipses Quotes By Bertrand Russell

My own view on religion is ... It helped in early days to fix the calendar, and ... to chronicle eclipses ... These two services I am prepared to acknowledge. — Bertrand Russell

Eclipses Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

The bullying of citizens by means of dreads and fights has been going on since paleolithic times. Greenpeace fund-raisers on the subject of global warming are not much different than the tribal Wizards on the subject of lunar eclipses. 'Oh no, Night Wolf is eating the Moon Virgin. Give me silver and I will make him spit her out. — P. J. O'Rourke

Eclipses Quotes By Elizabeth Samet

Our national fondness for celebrating the physical heroism of soldiers - the apparent readiness with which they sacrifice their lives to larger causes - eclipses the far less romantic displays of moral and intellectual fortitude that also distinguish so many of them. In turning them all into heroes, we have lost a sense of the individuality they also fight to preserve. — Elizabeth Samet

Eclipses Quotes By Stan Tatkin

They may lack confidence in their ability to leave a romantic relationship when and if necessary. Fear of abandonment eclipses all other matters, including their own happiness in a relationship. — Stan Tatkin

Eclipses Quotes By Genna Rulon

"I'm in love with you. I love you so much it eclipses everything else around me. You're the star I can never reach. I can wish and dream, stretch and strain, but you're always just out of my grasp. I need something I can hold, I can count on. I need something tangible. — Genna Rulon

Eclipses Quotes By Alice Domurat Dreger

I'm aware of the stereotype many liberals have about conservative Catholics. The former believe the latter don't think - that conservative religious people don't care about facts and rigorous inquiry. But my conservative Catholic parents were thinkers. Twice as often as my parents told their four children to go wash, they told us to go look something up. At our suburban tract house on Long Island in the 1970s, our parents shelved the Encyclopaedia Britannica right next to the dinner table so we could easily reach for a volume to settle the frequent debates. The rotating stack of periodicals in our kitchen included not only religiously oriented newsletters, but also the New York Times and National Geographic. Our parents took us to science museums, woke us up for lunar eclipses, and pushed us to question our textbooks and even our teachers when they sounded wrong. — Alice Domurat Dreger

Eclipses Quotes By Bertrand Russell

My own view on religion is that of Lucretius. I regard it as a disease born of fear and as a source of untold misery to the human race. I cannot, however, deny that it has made some contributions to civilisation. It helped in early days to fix the calendar, and it caused Egyptian priests to chronicle eclipses with such care that in time they became able to predict them. These two services I am prepared to acknowledge, but I do not know of any others. — Bertrand Russell

Eclipses Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

The extent of God's grace always eclipses the extent of my grotesqueness. Therefore, I can never be bad enough for God to tell me that He's had enough. — Craig D. Lounsbrough