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Top Easiness Quotes

Easiness Quotes By Fanny Fern

Show me an 'easy person,' and I will show you a selfish one. Good-natured he may be; why not? since the disastrous consequences of his 'easiness' are generally shouldered by other people. — Fanny Fern

Easiness Quotes By Dejan Stojanovic

Busy with the ugliness of the expensive success
We forget the easiness of free beauty
Lying sad right around the corner,
Only an instant removed,
Unnoticed and squandered. — Dejan Stojanovic

Easiness Quotes By Spike Jonze

Everything in L.A. is - it's just an easy place to live in. The houses are nice, the backyards are nice, you got the ocean right there and the mountains behind you; there's an idealised easiness to the way you live and the whole environment. — Spike Jonze

Easiness Quotes By David Hume

Nothing appears more surprizing to those, who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers. — David Hume

Easiness Quotes By Lauren Oliver

His easiness and self-assurance aggravate me, just like they did at the labs. It's so unfair, so different from how I feel, like I'm about to have a heart attack, or melt into a puddle. — Lauren Oliver

Easiness Quotes By Bram Stoker

She came into the room with an easy gracefulness which would at once command the respect of any lunatic, for easiness is one of the qualities mad people most respect. — Bram Stoker

Easiness Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

He who hates easiness in life will always find a though mountain to climb! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Easiness Quotes By David Hume

Nothing is more surprising than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few. — David Hume

Easiness Quotes By Charles Bukowski

our argument tonight
whatever it was
no matter
how unhappy
it made us

remember that
there is a
adjusting to the
space of itself
with a delightful
wonderment of

in other words
magic persists
without us
no matter what
we do
against it. — Charles Bukowski

Easiness Quotes By Fanny Burney

The easiness with which she hears of her faults, is only another effect of the levity with which she commits them. — Fanny Burney

Easiness Quotes By William Shakespeare

Refrain tonight and thou shalt lend a kind of easiness to the next abstinence, the next more easy. for use almost can change the stamp of nature, and either master the Devil, or throw him out with wondrous potency. — William Shakespeare

Easiness Quotes By Simone Weil

There is an easiness in salvation which is more difficult to us than all our efforts. — Simone Weil

Easiness Quotes By Thomas Sprat

[In the Royal Society, there] has been, a constant Resolution, to reject all the amplifications, digressions, and swellings of style: to return back to the primitive purity, and shortness, when men deliver'd so many things, almost in an equal number of words. They have exacted from all their members, a close, naked, natural way of speaking; positive expressions; clear senses; a native easiness: bringing all things as near the Mathematical plainness, as they can: and preferring the language of Artizans, Countrymen, and Merchants, before that, of Wits, or Scholars. — Thomas Sprat

Easiness Quotes By Lauren Oliver

There's that confidence again, that semi-infuriating easiness of his, the tilt of his head and the smile. but today it's not infuriating. Today I like it, feel like it's somehow rubbing off on me, like if I was around him enough I would never feel awkward or frightened or insecure. — Lauren Oliver

Easiness Quotes By William Shakespeare

Refrain tonight And that shall lend a kind of easiness To the next abstinence: the next more easy; For use alomost can change the stamp of nature — William Shakespeare

Easiness Quotes By Swami Dhyan Giten

My basic profession is as an actor, and I have learnt much about life through working as an actor. Working as an actor is really a spiritual profession, since it means to create life on the stage. It means to play a role totally, while at the same time you know deep down inside yourself that you are not the role that you are playing. Working as an actor gave me early a spiritual discipline, which taught me a lot about awareness and meditation. Life is also about learning to play different roles, and learning to change between different roles with the same easiness that you change shirt. — Swami Dhyan Giten

Easiness Quotes By W. Rolfe Kerr

So we see, brethren and sisters that the words of Christ can be a personal Liahona for each of us, showing us the way. Let us now be slothful because of the easiness of the way. Let us in faith take the words of Christ into our minds and into our hearts as they are recorded in sacred scripture and as they are uttered by living prophets, seers, and revelators. Let us with faith and diligence feast upon the words of Christ, for the words of Christ will be our spiritual Liahona telling us all things what we should do. — W. Rolfe Kerr

Easiness Quotes By John Dryden

Imagination in a poet is a faculty so wild and lawless that, like a high ranging spaniel, it must have clogs tied to it, lest it outrun the judgment. The great easiness of blank verse renders the poet too luxuriant. He is tempted to say many things which might better be omitted, or, at least shut up in fewer words. — John Dryden

Easiness Quotes By Joseph Brodsky

What's wrong with discourses about the obvious is that they corrupt consciousness with their easiness, with the speed with which they provide one with moral comfort, with the sensation of being right. — Joseph Brodsky

Easiness Quotes By Lao-Tzu

The world's most difficult affairs
begin in easiness.
The world's greatest affairs
always begin in the small. — Lao-Tzu

Easiness Quotes By David Hume

Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few, and the implicit submission with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers. When we enquire by what means this wonder is effected, we shall find, that, as force is always on the side of the governed, the governors have nothing to support them but opinion. It is therefore, on opinion only that government is founded, and this maxim extends to the most despotic and most military governments, as well as to the most free and most popular. The soldan of Egypt, or the emperor of Rome, might drive his harmless subjects, like brute beasts, against their sentiments and inclination. But he must at least have led his mamalukes, or praetorian bands, like men, by their opinion. — David Hume

Easiness Quotes By Thomas C. Oden

There is a quality of lightness, easiness, and in some sense blatant unseriousness that pervades Classical Christianity's dialogue with modernity. The Christian intellect has no reason to be intimidated in the presence of later-stage modernity. Christianity has seen too many 'modern eras' to be cowed by this one. — Thomas C. Oden

Easiness Quotes By William Makepeace Thackeray

Perhaps there is no greater test of a man's regularity and easiness of conscience than his readiness to face the postman. Blessed is he who is made happy by the sound of a rat-tat! The good are eager for it; but the naughty tremble at the sound thereof. — William Makepeace Thackeray

Easiness Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

Any kind of creative activity is likely to be stressful. The more anxiety, the more you feel that you are headed in the right direction. Easiness, relaxation, comfort - these are not conditions that usually accompany serious work. — Joyce Carol Oates

Easiness Quotes By Maxine Hong Kingston

Let my life as Poet begin. I want the life of the Poet. I have labored for over twelve years, one thousand pages of prose. Now, I want the easiness of poetry. The brevity of the poem. — Maxine Hong Kingston

Easiness Quotes By Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon

Abstruse and mystic thoughts you must express With painful care, but seeming easiness; For truth shines brightest thro' the plainest dress. — Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon

Easiness Quotes By Samuel Johnson

No weakness of the human mind has more frequently incurred animadversion, than the negligence with which men overlook their own faults, however flagrant, and the easiness with which they pardon them, however frequently repeated. — Samuel Johnson

Easiness Quotes By George Herbert

In conversation, humor is worth more than wit and easiness more than knowledge. — George Herbert