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Top Durrenmatt Novels Quotes

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Books are like mirrors: if a fool looks in, you cannot expect a genius to look out. — J.K. Rowling

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Paul Keres

I was unlucky, like my country. — Paul Keres

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Bar Refaeli

The year hasn't started yet and it's already been the best I've ever had. — Bar Refaeli

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Dmitry Glukhovsky

Never discuss the rights of the strong. You are too weak to do that, — Dmitry Glukhovsky

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By James Randolph Adams

The most common trouble with advertising is that it tries too hard to impress people. — James Randolph Adams

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Rick Perry

My hope is that that person will come forward that can win the presidency that we can all get behind. — Rick Perry

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Jock Sturges

I'll go to do a shoot, I'll spend five or six hours at the beach with people, and when people think I'm all out of film, then they really relax and I get my good pictures. — Jock Sturges

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By N. T. Wright

I've met people in the last year or two who have stopped going to their local church because people have started singing new songs and dancing in the aisles. And I've met others who have started going for precisely the same reason. It's time to give ourselves a shake
to recognize that different people need different kinds of help at different stages of their lives
and get on with it. — N. T. Wright

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Oliver Reed

I'm really a pacifist. — Oliver Reed

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Maria Dahvana Headley

But there was no version of my life in which I wasn't getting my ass to Svalbard. — Maria Dahvana Headley

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Hannah Arendt

Culture is being threatened when all worldly objects and things, produced by the present or the past, are treated as mere functions for the life process of society, as though they are there only to fulfill some need, and for this functionalization it is almost irrelevant whether the needs in question are of a high or a low order. — Hannah Arendt

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Meg Tilly

I really enjoy acting. At home I can't even finish a sentence, and here I am reading these wonderful lines. I think it must be every housewife's dream, to be an actress part-time. — Meg Tilly

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By Jean-Paul Sartre

Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal. — Jean-Paul Sartre

Durrenmatt Novels Quotes By M.J. Rose

Jersey cows," Eva explained after Jac complimented the luxurious taste. "The butter and cream here are better than anywhere in the world."
"Not that we're prejudiced," Theo teased. — M.J. Rose