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Top Dubbing Quotes

Dubbing Quotes By Kate Winslet

I was always quite good with accents - I always had quite a good ear - so from the age of about 13, I used to do a lot of voiceover and dubbing for foreign films. — Kate Winslet

Dubbing Quotes By Teruyo Nogami

Today's youngsters will unfortunately never know the thrills we experienced dubbing movies in the era of Rashomon. — Teruyo Nogami

Dubbing Quotes By Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Usually they have to deal with a dubbing situation or subtitles, and it takes you out of the experience. That's why we wanted to make something that felt really immersive for Chiniese audience, but it takes a lot of work to make 2 versions of a movie! — Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Dubbing Quotes By Jodie Foster

I wish people could get over the hang-up of subtitles, although at the same time, you know, that's kind of why I'm kind of pro dubbing. — Jodie Foster

Dubbing Quotes By Laura Bates

This combination of ageism and sexism was also blatant in the Boston Herald's treatment of sixty-three-year-old Elizabeth Warren, whose 2012 Senate bid it sought to undermine by repeatedly dubbing her "Granny" in its pages, as if to imply that an older woman could not possibly be trusted with political responsibility. — Laura Bates

Dubbing Quotes By Cosimo Matassa

I don't like tracking and over dubbing and all that. I love live recording where everybody is playing. I, I'm convinced it's better. — Cosimo Matassa

Dubbing Quotes By Frans De Waal

The key point is that anthropomorphism is not always as problematic as people think. To rail against it for the sake of scientific objectivity often hides a pre-Darwinian mindset, one uncomfortable with the notion of humans as animals. When we are considering species like the apes, which are aptly known as "anthropoids" (humanlike), however, anthropomorphism is in fact a logical choice. Dubbing an ape's kiss "mouth-to-mouth contact" so as to avoid anthropomorphism deliberately obfuscates the meaning of the behavior. It would be like assigning Earth's gravity a different name than the moon's, just because we think Earth is special. — Frans De Waal

Dubbing Quotes By Daniel Wu

When I was a kid, I loved watching kung fu movies - in San Francisco, we had 'Kung Fu Theater' on TV on Saturdays, and they'd air old Shaw Brothers movies with English dubbing, things like that. — Daniel Wu

Dubbing Quotes By Steven Spielberg

I basically went into business for myself. But it never amounted to anything. I learned a lot about editing and dubbing by watching all the professionals do it, but I never got a job out of my imposition. — Steven Spielberg

Dubbing Quotes By John Foot

Northern journalist Gianni Brera played on the contradiction between Diego's physical appearance and his grace on the field, dubbing him 'the divine abortion — John Foot

Dubbing Quotes By Joel Silver

The dubbing of the music and effects is really incredible today. You're feeling gun shots. I mean, it's not the way people say it is, but the gunshot sounds real. And cars sound real. Among the many things in the evolution (of movies) is to make the sound in the movie incredible. That's what you feel. — Joel Silver

Dubbing Quotes By Kabir Bedi

I've dubbed for my roles in Hindi, English, and Italian. Therefore, I'm used to the process. But, dubbing is hard, especially when you are dubbing for a prominent actor. — Kabir Bedi

Dubbing Quotes By Alan Rickman

I have just returned from the dubbing studio where I spoke into a microphone as Severus Snape for absolutely the last time. — Alan Rickman