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Top Dualities Quotes

Dualities Quotes By Stephen Hawking

Not to take this web of dualities as a sign we are on the right track would be a bit like believing that God put fossils into the rocks in order to mislead Darwin about the evolution of life. — Stephen Hawking

Dualities Quotes By Edmund Morris

Ordinary psyches often react to bad news with a momentary thrill, seeing the world, for once, in jagged clarity, as if lightning has just struck. But then darkness and dysfunction rush in. A mind such as Beethoven's remains illumined, or sees in the darkness shapes it never saw before, which inspire rather than terrify. This altered shape (raptus, he would say) makes art of the shapes, while holding in counterpoise such dualities as intellect and intuition, the conscious and the unconscious, mental health and mental disorder, the conventional and the unconventional, complexity and simplicity. — Edmund Morris

Dualities Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

The body is a treacherous friend. Give it its due; no more. Pain and pleasure are transitory; endure all dualities with calmness, trying at the same time to remove yourself beyond their power. Imagination is the door through which disease as well as healing enters. Disbelieve in the reality of sickness even when you are ill; an unrecognized visitor will flee! — Paramahansa Yogananda

Dualities Quotes By Munia Khan

That's not me.That's my duality! — Munia Khan

Dualities Quotes By Francine Masiello

Faced with the numbering logic of neoliberal regimes, literature offers an intervention in order to consider identity and voice, to consider representation in both the political and artistic sense of the term... [Literature and art] cultivate tension between an unresolved past and present, between invisibility and exposure, showing the dualities of face and mask that leave their trace on identitarian struggles today. — Francine Masiello

Dualities Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

In this world, when no dualities affect one, when nothing affects him, and he attains the awareness of 'I am absolute Supreme Soul (Parmatma)'; one's well-being [spiritual work] is done. — Dada Bhagwan

Dualities Quotes By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Such deluded persons, symptomatically, dwell in dualities of dishonor and honor, misery and happiness, woman and man, good and bad, pleasure and pain, etc., thinking, "This is my wife; this is my house; I am the master of this house; I am the husband of this wife." These are the dualities of delusion. Those who are so deluded by dualities are completely foolish and therefore cannot understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead. — A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Dualities Quotes By Rajneesh

This is what meditation is all about, just becoming a watcher. Failure comes, success comes, you are praised, you are condemned, you are respected, you are insulted - all kinds of things come, they are all dualities. And you go on watching. Watching the duality, a third force arises in you; a third dimension arises in you. The duality means two dimensions: one dimension is happiness; another is unhappiness. Watching both, a depth arises in you: the third dimension, witnessing, sakshin. — Rajneesh

Dualities Quotes By Chris Howard

Cloud computing is actually a spectrum of things complementing one another and building on a foundation of sharing. Inherent dualities in the cloud computing phenomenon are spawning divergent strategies for cloud computing success. The public cloud, hybrid clouds, and private clouds now dot the landscape of IT based solutions. Because of that, the basic issues have moved from 'what is cloud' to 'how will cloud projects evolve'. — Chris Howard

Dualities Quotes By Sengcan

If the eye never sleeps,
all dreams will naturally cease.
If the mind makes no discriminations,
the ten thousand things are as they are,
of single essence.
To understand the mystery of this One essence
is to be released from all entanglements.
When all things are seen equally
the timeless Self-essence is reached.
No comparisons or analogies are possible
in this causeless, relationless state.
Consider movement stationary
and the stationary in motion,
both movement and rest disappear.
When such dualities cease to exist
Oneness itself cannot exist.
To this ultimate finality
no law or description applies. — Sengcan

Dualities Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

When a man in the process of dreaming becomes conscious that he is dreaming, he is no longer identified with the phenomena; he is not affected exultantly or dolefully. God consciously dreams His cosmic play and is unaffected by it's dualities. A yogi who perceives his real self as separate from his active senses and their objects never becomes attached to anything. He is aware of the dream nature of the universe and watches it without being entangled in its complex but ephemeral nature. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Dualities Quotes By Abramelin Keldor

Good and evil," Nick said. "Yin and yang. Male and female. Life and death. The dualities that make us human. As though our lives play out on an immense balance scale - move one way, the scale tips to the left, but move the other, and it swings around to the right. — Abramelin Keldor

Dualities Quotes By Tom Hoover

Zen takes the opposite tack; it holds that true reality is the fundamental unity of mind and matter, inner spirit and external world. When life is viewed in such terms, there can be no success or failure, happiness or unhappiness; life is a whole, and you are simply part of it. There are no dualities, hence there is nothing to worry about. The result is perfect tranquility. — Tom Hoover

Dualities Quotes By Hallie Iglehart Auste

Ultimately, I see the Goddess as incorporating the full spectrum of existence, not just what we call 'the feminine.' The latter is actually a construct of a culture that divides existence into compartments, and in particular into the dualities with which we are so familiar: light/dark, female/male, mind/body, earth/spirit and so on.

The true nature of existence, including true human nature, I believe, is not so split. Acting and living from the integration of all these components is what I call spirituality. Thus, the Goddess represents a unity and wholeness which is the birthright and potential of every human being. All of us, all of existence, are the Divine. In order to complete this whole by bringing back that which has been denied, I name the Divine the Goddess. — Hallie Iglehart Auste

Dualities Quotes By Acharya Balkrishna

The verdure of mountains enhancing the beauty of the earth is recounting us to live not only for ourselves but for others too, accepting the dichotomies (dualities) of life like heat, cold rain etc. How true this is in actuality that the greenery of land is owing to the grass, still no one recalls the grass. Likewise, greenery of this life (happiness) always inspire you to enliven not only your own but others' lives too."- Acharya Balkrishna — Acharya Balkrishna

Dualities Quotes By David Loy

There are as many types of non-dualities as there are dualities. — David Loy

Dualities Quotes By Gian Kumar

The realm of truth can only flourish,
When you allow the dualities to languish. — Gian Kumar

Dualities Quotes By Laozi

Can you dissolve your ego? Can you abandon the idea of self and other? Can you relinquish the notions of male and female, short and long, life and death? Can you let go of all these dualities and embrace the Tao without skepticism or panic? If so, you can reach the heart of the Integral Oneness. — Laozi

Dualities Quotes By Gian Kumar

We come from nothing ... which, in reality, is everything; It is that pure energy, the space where Brahmn (energy) resides. Awareness of this absolute reality leads us to the ultimate truth about our lives. It is also through this awareness that Self within can deal with dualities in life, to discriminate and choose, leading to happiness and sadness. To find one's center one needs to respect both dual properties; bring the opposites closer, surrender and accept in oneness ... and follow the path of bliss ... — Gian Kumar

Dualities Quotes By Melissa Hyde

The 'gens du monde' [for whom Boucher painted] celebrated an ideal of sociability, politesse, and reciprocity that insisted on the equality of men and women and de-emphasized sexual difference. In its entertainments, in its art, and even in its social reality, 'le monde' delighted in gender play - in mistaken identities, in cross-dressing disguise, in unresolved ambiguities and dualities. — Melissa Hyde

Dualities Quotes By Ramana Maharshi

He who has realized the Self in the Heart has transcended the dualities and is never perplexed. — Ramana Maharshi

Dualities Quotes By I. Alan Appt

We need dualities or opposites to appreciate, understand
and recognize value and distinction in our lives. If we did not have bitter, we could not appreciate sweet ... — I. Alan Appt

Dualities Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

Like-dislike, good-bad, profit-loss; who gave rise to all these dualities? The society did. As far as God is concerned, there is no duality. If there are grains of food on one side and excrement on the other, in God's eyes, they are both "material (matter)". What does God say about this? "All are materials! — Dada Bhagwan

Dualities Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

My city. I pondered that phrase, wondered why Barrons felt that way. He never said "our world." He always said "your world." But he called Dublin his city. Merely because he'd been in it so long? Or had Barrons, like me, been beguiled by her tawdry grace, fallen for her charm and colorful dualities?
I looked around "my" bookstore. That was what I called it. Did we call the things of our heart our own, whether they were or not? — Karen Marie Moning

Dualities Quotes By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Rise above the dualities, the opposites. See this whole world as the bubbles on the surface of water. See people as bubbles on the surface of the Brahman, of the Infinity ... Water bubbles up, rises up. Like that, everybody is rising and having their own games and plays and dissolving back into the Infinite. — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Dualities Quotes By Patterson Hood

The biggest thing this has in common with almost all of our records is the dualities are still there. We kind of stripped down the other things we were writing about, and that's what was left. A lot of good things have happened to us in the last couple of years both as a band and in our personal lives. But something as wonderful as having children also brings along these new fears and terrors and responsibilities. — Patterson Hood

Dualities Quotes By Rajneesh

Once you know it, you move as a nonbeing. Nobody can make you angry, nobody can make you happy, unhappy, miserable. No! In that emptiness all dualities dissolve: happy, unhappy, miserable, blissful - all dissolve. This is buddhahood. This is what happened under the bodhi tree to Gautam Siddhartha. He reached emptiness. Then everything is silent. You have gone beyond opposites. A master is to help you to go to your inner emptiness, the inner silence, the inner temple. — Rajneesh

Dualities Quotes By Oumar Dieng

Life and death are natural dualities. Like water and fire, wind and earth. We do not control them, we never will. — Oumar Dieng

Dualities Quotes By Deepak Chopra

A wise man is detached from the drama of the material world because he focuses instead on the source from which all dualities of light and darkness, good and evil, pleasure and pain actually originate. — Deepak Chopra

Dualities Quotes By Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

Krishna assures Arjuna that his basic nature is not subject to time and death; yet he reminds him that he cannot realize this truth if he cannot see beyond the dualities of life: pleasure and pain, success and failure, even heat and cold. The Gita does not teach a spirituality aimed at an enjoyable life in the hereafter, nor does it teach a way to enhance power in this life or the next. It teaches a basic detachment from pleasure and pain, as this chapter says more than once. Only in this way can an individual rise above the conditioning of life's dualities and identify with the Atman, the immortal Self. Also, — Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

Dualities Quotes By Rajneesh

Mind cannot think without duality. Duality is the way of thinking. In silence, all dualities disappear. — Rajneesh

Dualities Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

What are dualities? They are what creates the worldly life [sansaar]. And if one attains Liberation [moksha], he will be beyond dualities! — Dada Bhagwan

Dualities Quotes By Osho

Experience life in all possible ways
good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,
summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.
Don't be afraid of experience, because
the more experience you have, the more
mature you become. — Osho

Dualities Quotes By Joseph Addison

There is more of turn than of truth in a saying of Seneca, "That drunkenness does not produce but discover faults." Common experience teaches the contrary. Wine throws a man out of himself, and infuses dualities into the mind which she is a stranger to in her sober moments. — Joseph Addison

Dualities Quotes By Collier Schorr

I was inspired by the androgyny of Yohji Yamanoto's designs to translate the clothing's dualities onto screen and image. I was playing with a multitude of influences for the S/S 2012 campaign, inspired by the modernist literature and architecture that is in itself a fusion of political and architectural mantras, both dreamy and concrete. — Collier Schorr

Dualities Quotes By Grant Morrison

A thought robot activated by the tremendous energies unleashed during collisions of fundamental opposing qualities. A new fusion process powered by ... 'dualites'? No. There are no dualities. Only symmetries. Final Crisis: Superman Beyond — Grant Morrison

Dualities Quotes By Gian Kumar

Like and dislike, good or bad, God and devil, this and that,
Creates dualities and confuses mind to discriminate and make choices.
In Oneness, they all merge into surrender and acceptance. — Gian Kumar

Dualities Quotes By Ray Kurzweil

Intelligence is: (a) the most complex phenomenon in the Universe; or (b) a profoundly simple process. The answer, of course, is (c) both of the above. It's another one of those great dualities that make life interesting. — Ray Kurzweil