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Top Drinking On Your Birthday Quotes

Drinking On Your Birthday Quotes By Brent Jones

I gave up drinking before my twentieth birthday. I haven't touched the stuff since. And I've discovered that not everyone who does horrible things is a horrible person. — Brent Jones

Drinking On Your Birthday Quotes By Starhawk

That is exactly what nobody seems to grasp about this karma business. It's not a simple matter of cause and effect, reward and punishment. It's a question of what's available. You see, as long as life for the majority of souls on this planet is just a long round of starvation, misery, torture, and early death - and believe me, outside this fortunate watershed that is an apt description of the state of affairs - as long as only a few live in comfort while the masses scrape along in want, then all us returning souls have to take our fair share of shifts among the hungry. You think this life you've lived was tough? Let me tell you, it was just R and R between the ones where you never get a solid meal two days running or you die before your first birthday from drinking bad water. — Starhawk

Drinking On Your Birthday Quotes By Wendy Leigh

He hadn't taken drugs for many years, and had also given up drinking. According to Tony Visconti, he and David went to AA: "David found it very useful. We talk about being each other's support system. If two people from the program sit together, that's technically an AA meeting. Every two or three days we talk about it, although we don't start and end with a prayer. I'll say, 'I'm coming up to my twelfth birthday,' and he says, 'Well it's been my twenty-third.' I ask, 'Do you miss it?' and he says, 'I don't miss it at all. — Wendy Leigh