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Top Dream Work Hard Quotes

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Jill Williamson

Respect your dream. — Jill Williamson

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Hard work is the bridge between success and your dreams. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Barack Obama

The government can't solve every problem, but an enlightened government can make sure that people can work hard for their dreams and achieve them. — Barack Obama

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Yani Tseng

I am closer and closer to reaching my childhood dream. This is really exciting! I will continue to work hard, to focus on each tournament I play. — Yani Tseng

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Mike Michalowicz

You can go far on hard work and big dreams, often a hell of a lot farther - and faster - than people with more education and experience. — Mike Michalowicz

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Anil Ambani

It is hope in this wider sense which enabled my father to build, from scratch, one of India's largest modern enterprises. His was an undertaking powered by hard work, initiative, self-belief but, above all else, the capacity, as he would often say, "to dream with your eyes wide open". — Anil Ambani

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Marco Rubio

We call that the American dream, but in fact, it's a universal dream of a better life that people have all over the world. It is a reminder that every country in the world has rich people. What makes America special is that we have millions and millions of people that are not rich, that through hard work and perseverance are able to be successful. — Marco Rubio

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Roman Abramovich

I have no Napoleonic dream. I'm just hard-working and pragmatic. — Roman Abramovich

Dream Work Hard Quotes By John Garamendi

The jobs crisis has reached a boiling point, which is why we see Occupy Wall Street protestors crying out for an America that lets all of us reach for the American Dream again - a dream that says if you work hard and play by the rules, you can have a good life and retire with dignity. — John Garamendi

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Seth Rollins

Follow your dreams and work hard. There's no replacement for hard work, and that's true for any field. If you work hard at it, you're going to see the fruits of your labor, I guarantee it. — Seth Rollins

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Bob Proctor

Never reject an idea, dream or goal because it will be hard work. Success rarely comes without it. — Bob Proctor

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

What a great pleasure to work for your living? — Lailah Gifty Akita

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Barack Obama

Keep exploring. Keep dreaming. Keep asking why. Don't settle for what you already know. Never stop believing in the power of your ideas, your imagination, your hard work to change the world. — Barack Obama

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Sheryl Swoopes

Dream big work hard. — Sheryl Swoopes

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Liu Yiming

Cut off entanglements.
Get rid of anger and hatred.
Do not be afraid of hard work.
Tolerate ignominy and endure dishonor.
Forgive people and defer to others.
Take possessions lightly; take life seriously.
View others and self as the same.
Do whatever you can to be helpful.

Practice developing virtue is the greatest priority; when achievement is great and practice profound, it moves heaven and earth.
Ridiculous are the foolish ones who only profit themselves; with no achievement and little action, they dream of becoming immortals. — Liu Yiming

Dream Work Hard Quotes By JohnA Passaro

I need to dream.
I need to believe.
I need to know that I have some control in my life.
That if I work hard, that I will be rewarded.
That life is not arbitrary.
I need to believe that bad things happen to good people, for a greater reason.
That dedication, sacrifice, hard work, discipline are all worthy attributes that will eventually produce extraordinary results.
That if I live a certain lifestyle, that my family will be better for that.
That there is a direct link between my actions and my results.
That If I prepare properly that I can face the insurmountable foe and look him in the eye and say "Bring it on, I can take whatever you can dish out."
I need to keep living in order to save my daughter from dying. — JohnA Passaro

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Richard Trumka

You see, without hard work and responsibility, there is no American Dream. Hard work lays the foundation. Our solidarity makes work pay - for all of us. For the greater good. That's what our vision of shared prosperity is all about. — Richard Trumka

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Kay Haring

Inspire kids to dream big, work hard, give back! — Kay Haring

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Drew Barrymore

We may not be able to do them all, but it is a safe place to dream. And sometimes, if you really work hard enough, dreams come true. — Drew Barrymore

Dream Work Hard Quotes By William J. Clinton

Music can give you your dreams. It will teach you hard work, it will break your heart and make you so happy, you can't stand it ... I don't think I'd have been president if it hadn't been for music. — William J. Clinton

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Robert Herjavec

Work hard ... have fun ... be nice ... play fair ... dream big. We only get one chance at this life. If you're going to play this game, play it to win. — Robert Herjavec

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Madeleine Albright

The American Dream means being part of a society that allows you to be or do whatever you want, and to have a sense that your individual optimism and hard work will be rewarded. It exists outside of the U.S. as well as inside. People continue to come here because they want to improve their lives, they want to be able to support themselves and they want to live in freedom. A lot of people who criticize this country still send their children here to study. — Madeleine Albright

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

Effort and hard work construct the bridge that connects your dreams to reality. — Daisaku Ikeda

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Minzy

I feel that as long as you keep running towards your dreams and wish, they'll come true one day. Hard work will not betray ourselves — Minzy

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Men dream that heroes are only to be made on special occasions, once or twice in a century; but in truth the finest heroes are home-spun, and are more often hidden in obscurity than platformed by public observation. Trust in the living God is the bullion out of which heroism is coined. Perseverance in well-doing is one of the fields in which faith grows not flowers, but the wheat of her harvest. Plodding on in hard work, bringing up a family on a few shillings a week, bearing constant pain with patience, and so forth - these are the feats of valour through which God is glorified by the rank and file of His believing people. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Dream Work Hard Quotes By George Monbiot

If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire. — George Monbiot

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Matthieu Ricard

When difficulties seem insurmountable, optimists react in a more constructive and creative way. They accept the facts with realism, know how to rapidly identify the positive in adversity, draw lessons from it, and come up with an alternative solution or turn to a new project. Pessimists would rather turn away from the problem or adopt escapist strategies - sleep, isolation, drug or alcohol abuse - that diminish their focus on the problem.9 Instead of confronting them with resolve, they prefer to brood over their misfortunes, nurture illusions, dream up "magic" solutions, and accuse the whole world of being against them. They have a hard time drawing lessons from the past, which often leads to the repetition of their problems. They are more fatalistic ("I told you it wouldn't work. It's always the same, no matter what I do") and are quick to see themselves as "mere pawns in the game of life. — Matthieu Ricard

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Robert Mondavi

My path was simple: Follow your passion. Pour in your heart and soul. Settle for nothing less than excellence. And with enough hard work and faith in yourself, you can realize your dream. — Robert Mondavi

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Puff Daddy

Initiative is key. Anybody who wants to be somebody is going to work as hard as they can to fulfill that dream. — Puff Daddy

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Dolly Parton

You can't just will your dreams to come true. You have to work hard. You have to give 'em wings, arms, legs ... whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. — Dolly Parton

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Xi Jinping

Happiness does not fall out of the blue and dreams will not come true by themselves. We need to be down-to-earth and work hard. We should uphold the idea that working hard is the most honorable, noblest, greatest and most beautiful virtue. — Xi Jinping

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Barack Obama

If you're willing to put in the work, the idea is that you should be able to raise a family and own a home, not go bankrupt because you got sick, 'cause you've got some health insurance that helps you deal with those difficult times; that you can send your kids to college; that you can put some money away for retirement. That's all most people want. Folks don't have unrealistic ambitions. They do believe that if they work hard, they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American dream. — Barack Obama

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Paying the price for your dreams proves you can afford them. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Eka Kurniawan

Communism was born from a beautiful dream, the likes of which there will never be again on the face of this earth: that there would no longer be lazy men who eat their fill while others work hard and starve. — Eka Kurniawan

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Mitch Gaylord

You hit one level of the sport, and then you want to get to the next level. Until, eventually, the Olympics becomes part of that dream, part of that goal set and the mindset of wanting to get there. And then you realize there's so much incredible hard work and determination and effort that you need to put in along the way. — Mitch Gaylord

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Dave Bautista

I'm a poor kid from the streets. What I've been able to achieve has really just been through hard work and not letting anyone tell me that I couldn't do something. I always try to encourage people to just pursue your dreams. — Dave Bautista

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Ajamu Kambon

As I always like to say, "Every great thing once accomplished or produced was once someone's idea or dream." Remember that anything you believe in your head can manifest itself to reality if you just believe, desire it, never let go of it, and work hard to attain it. — Ajamu Kambon

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Liza Minnelli

You have to work hard for it, but first you have to want it, and then you have to dream on it. — Liza Minnelli

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

I believe most people are small dreamers because they dream about great things, however, they think those great things are going to come to them when they wait — Israelmore Ayivor

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Janet Jackson

I don't believe in luck ... It's persistence, hard work, and not forgetting your dream. — Janet Jackson

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Barack Obama

It is that promise that has always set this country apart-that through hard work and sacrifice, each of us can pursue our individual dreams but still come together as one American family, to ensure that the next generation can pursue their dreams as well. — Barack Obama

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Solomon Ortiz

For my constituents, owning a home is the culmination of many years of hard work and the realization of the American Dream. At no time should a local entity take those years of hard work solely to increase their tax revenue. — Solomon Ortiz

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Alexander Stubb

Dream, believe, work hard and succeed. — Alexander Stubb

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Camille Perri

Our country is failing to live up to its promise of opportunity and fairness. It used to be true that if you went to college and you worked hard, you could count on having a decent middle-class life - but that's just not true anymore. Economic and political changes that have occurred over the past three decades have made the middle-class American dream for today's twenty- and thirtysomethings far less possible than it was for their parents' generation. It's not that we're lazy, that we have no work ethic, or that we have outrageous spending habits. It's that we've been screwed. — Camille Perri

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Deirdre O'Kane

Work hard, play hard, dream big, love loads, laugh as much as you can, and give back. — Deirdre O'Kane

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Cheryl Burke

In the end, the greatest victory we can know is the result of all of our hard work, discipline, and dedication: the realization of our dreams. — Cheryl Burke

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Christina Aguilera

It's definitely a dream come true to be recognized and to be able to sign autographs. But, it's also a lot of hard work and can be draining. If you don't know already, you will quickly learn who your real friends are. — Christina Aguilera

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Kevin Sorbo

Work hard, believe in your dreams, follow your dreams, don't give up, don't let failures hold you back. Those things were preached to me. They've taken a firm rooting system in my beliefs and what I'm passing on to my kids. — Kevin Sorbo

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Dalia Grybauskaite

My advice and wish to every woman in my country and in the world is very simple: Do not be afraid to be yourself, to have your dream, your vision, and to go for it. We can achieve a lot if we are sincerely committed to our goals and work hard to realize them. — Dalia Grybauskaite

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Terry Pratchett

If you trust in yourself ... and believe in your dreams ... and follow your star ... you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy. — Terry Pratchett

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Ellen J. Barrier

Those who dream big, and work hard, can expect great success. — Ellen J. Barrier

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Be strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to drift; We have hard work to do and loads to lift; Shun not the struggle-face it; 'tis God's gift. — Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Joni Ernst

You just need the freedom to dream big and a whole lot of hard work. — Joni Ernst

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Howard Zinn

I've always resented the smug statements of politicians, media commentators, corporate executives who talked of how, in America, if you worked hard you would become rich. The meaning of that was if you were poor it was because you hadn't worked hard enough. I knew this was a lie, about my father and millions of others, men and women who worked harder than anyone, harder than financiers and politicians, harder than anybody if you accept that when you work at an unpleasant job that makes it very hard work indeed. — Howard Zinn

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Colin Powell

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.-Colin Powell — Colin Powell

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Alber Elbaz

Run away from laziness; work hard. Touch intuition and listen to the heart, not marketing directors. Dream. — Alber Elbaz

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Nathan Sykes

Follow the dream, work hard, inspire and be inspired. — Nathan Sykes

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Olga Kurylenko

To me, I approach a small-budget, artsy, European movie the same way as a big commercial Hollywood movie. That's the most important thing. Hollywood usually represents this big dream in people's minds, but to me, it's just hard work. — Olga Kurylenko

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Arte Moreno

Our lives are inpired by the dreams we have from the earliest stages of our youth. When you combine passion and hard work, then success is always possible. While no road is ever straight, dedication and persistance will always lead you to your dreams. — Arte Moreno

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Kara Goucher

Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication = a shot at your dreams. Keep believing. — Kara Goucher

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Jane Goodall

If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.. Follow your Dreams. — Jane Goodall

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Meg Howrey

I had dreamed that if this moment happened I would be elated and triumphant and flooded with relief, but when you have been keeping company with anxiety and fear for a long time it's hard to shake them off immediately. Also I hadn't really thought about anything behond the immediate goal: getting in. Now I was in and now I was going to have to do this thing, ballet, and not just think about the day I would do it. I realized I still wanted to dream about the person I would become, not actually be her. I was worried that I would work hard and nothing would happen, that I was as good as I would ever be. — Meg Howrey

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Tommy Hilfiger

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve the American dream. — Tommy Hilfiger

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Brian Tracy

All your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations are amenable
to hard work. — Brian Tracy

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Work hard to achieve your dreams. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Logan Henderson

Dream what you want! Start creating your own reality! Work hard for it and the rest will follow! Love and Blessings! — Logan Henderson

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Robert Reich

The faith that anyone could move from rags to riches - with enough guts and gumption, hard work and nose to the grindstone - was once at the core of the American Dream. — Robert Reich

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Billy Mills

People make a big mistake when they say, 'I need to be motivated.' You motivate yourself. I might inspire somebody, but that person has to be motivated within themselves first. Look inside yourself, believe in yourself, put in the hard work, and your dreams will unfold. — Billy Mills

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Shonda Rhimes

Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It's hard work that makes things happen. It's hard work that creates change. — Shonda Rhimes

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Mike Shinoda

Dream big, work hard and don't be an asshole! — Mike Shinoda

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Kendall Jenner

"Dream big, work hard." My parents brought up Kylie [Jenner] and me to be workaholics. That's something I really appreciate. — Kendall Jenner

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Erica Jong

Why is it so hard to be human being? I wonder. Why do we have to surrender? And to what? What if you refused to believe in a higher power? What if you thought you were the only trustworthy higher power? I have done that all my life and I know it doesn't work. You are not enough. Your will is not enough. But God? God is a pagan dream, conjured out of neediness. — Erica Jong

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Caragh M. O'Brien

Dream hard. Work harder. Shine. — Caragh M. O'Brien

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Emma Raveling

It was the lie of the American Dream -work hard and you'll win, that poisonous mantra poured down the throat of every child, every teacher, every adult who wondered why they were still stuck in the same place after forty years of overtime, with nothing to show but bone-weary exhaustion, shitty health, and a pile of bills. — Emma Raveling

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Don't give up; try again. Be still and work it out till your good becomes the best! Dream high above the sky! — Israelmore Ayivor

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Naomi Alderman

The thing about the Lexington International Bank ladder was that it was very long, and climbing it was very exhausting, and so Andrew Brown didn't have a lot of time to think about whether he really wanted to get to the top of it - and besides, since so many other people were climbing too, the view from the top must be worth it.
So he kept going. He worked hard. He put his heart and mind and soul into it. There was an opening for a position half a rung higher than he already was. With a promotion, he might get two hours a week of a secretary's time. He'd go to more important meetings, with more senior people, and have the opportunity to impress them, and if he did he might be promoted again and then ... well, of course eventually he'd be running the whole office. It's important to have a dream: otherwise you might notice where you really are. — Naomi Alderman

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Eugene Gendlin

Enjoying the dream is more important than interpreting it. Therefore, don't work so hard that it stops being pleasant and exciting. — Eugene Gendlin

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Hillary Rodham Clinton

All of us face hard choices in our lives. Some face more than their share. We have to decide how to balance the demands of work and family. Caring for a sick child or an aging parent. Figuring out how to pay for college. Finding a good job, and what to do if you lose it. Whether to get married - or stay married. How to give our kids the opportunities they dream about and deserve. Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become. For leaders and nations, they can mean the difference between war and peace, poverty and prosperity. — Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Paula Deen

I am living proof that the American dream still exists. It is still alive and well. There is only one trick, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work very, very hard. — Paula Deen

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Sara Sheridan

Let's be clear - for people like me, who are obsessed with story and for whom words are their medium, writing is the best job possible. I work hard, but I earn more than the national average wage while I play with my imagination, and for me, that's a dream. — Sara Sheridan

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Barack Obama

[ ... ] we must start by inspiring our children with a sense of purpose ... by nurturing their imagination so that they may dream big and then work hard to reach those dreams. Too often, our children spend hours playing Playstation without ever finding out how to build Playstation. They watch television but never wonder how it's put together. They surf web page after web page on the Internet, but are never taught how to design one. — Barack Obama

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Jake Byrne

The NFL determines your worth as a player, but only God knows your true worth. Players work long and hard through pain and suffering, injuries, and pushing themselves further than they imagined going - then poof ! A dream is gone. That kind of treatment can really mess with one's self worth. Getting cut can be deemed a failure, the loss of a lifetime goal.
Thankfully, as Christians our worth is not determined by mistakes we've made, either accidentally or by stupid stuff we've purposely done. Neither is it determined by what anyone else thinks. Our worth is determined by what Jesus Christ has already done. — Jake Byrne

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Narendra Modi

Dreams must be steady (Sthir). When dreams are steady, they take form of determination (Sankalp) and when you combine them hard-work, they turn into accomplishments (Siddhi)! — Narendra Modi

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

There is enough work for everybody. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Scott Hall

Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don't last, but BAD GUYS do. — Scott Hall

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Wanderlei Silva

Believe in your dreams and work hard for them. — Wanderlei Silva

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Alphonso Jackson

The dream doesn't lie in victimization or blame; it lies in hard work, determination and a good education. — Alphonso Jackson

Dream Work Hard Quotes By David McCullough Jr.

Develop and protect a moral sensibility and demonstrate the character to apply it. Dream big. Work hard. Think for yourself. Love everything you love, everyone you love, with all your might. And do so, please, with a sense of urgency, for every tick of the clock subtracts from fewer and fewer. — David McCullough Jr.

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Karin Dreijer Andersson

Music and art is about ideas, I think. Especially music. You have the freedom to work with your ideas and your dreams and your fantasies, which is quite hard to do in many other places. — Karin Dreijer Andersson

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Gabriel Campisi

Dreams do come true. But it will involve a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of studying. — Gabriel Campisi

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Whatever you can think about, you can have it realized, provided you can work out the suggestions of your imaginations. — Israelmore Ayivor

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Ed Belfour

I always wanted to play professional hockey. Every hockey player's dream, no matter at what level or what age, is to play professionally. At first you don't know what it's all about, but you have that dream and you always work hard toward it. The older you get, the more you start dedicating yourself to the game. — Ed Belfour

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Norman Vincent Peale

I was brought up on the romance of American achievement. No matter where you start, if you work hard and if you think positively and if you dream dreams and if you have good character, you can lift the status of yourself, your family, your friends and everyone around you. This doesn't mean that your object in life is to become rich or famous. Just do the best you can with yourself. I think that Almighty God has put that into us and I'm going to do the best I can with myself. That's what I call the romance of achievement. Achievement means to be what, by the grace of God, you can be ... — Norman Vincent Peale

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Joyce Chapman

If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there's no way around doing the work it takes to get you there. — Joyce Chapman

Dream Work Hard Quotes By David Copperfield

My job is to make people dream. Of course, there's a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes and a lot of hard work behind it, but I get to watch people see the result of that hard work and feel that wonder and feel that discovery, all the time. — David Copperfield

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

I don't mind failing because that means I'm trying. But giving up, now that's something that I'm just not willing to do. I will continue to try and try again. I will keep my peace, stay focused, and know that my time will come. My positive attitude will not depart me. I will hold it close and keep on striving, knowing that what's meant for me, will be. Nothing and nobody can stop it! My dedication and hard work won't fail me, but most importantly, I won't fail myself. I'm a winner and I'm a fighter! I don't allow challenges to stop me. — Stephanie Lahart

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Nicole Kidman

You start out with big dreams and I mean, big dreams artistically. You want to work with the greatest living directors, make a great movie. I wanted to make a great love story, I wanted to make a great epic and then you realize that the truth of it is that it's so hard to make a great film. It's hard to get a great role. Those big expectations change to realism pretty quickly. But what's never changed is my desire to work with great directors and to find projects that push me out of my comfort zone and keep me alive. I still don't think I've done my best work — Nicole Kidman

Dream Work Hard Quotes By B.A. Gabrielle

Age does not matter if you're chasing your dream. As long as you work hard and smash those obstacles in your way, you'll see some progress. — B.A. Gabrielle

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Jessie Ware

Meanwhile, I get to make an album. I feel like I've been very lucky. There is a guilt when I see people I know who work really hard, then I'm like, "Oh, I've got to do an interview today." I'm so appreciative of all of this, but it does feel like the bubble will burst at some point and it will all have been a dream. — Jessie Ware

Dream Work Hard Quotes By Dellin Betances

Just always believe in yourself ... and dreams - and dreams do come true. For me to play in the same city I grew up in, I mean ... I'm definitely blessed. But just always believe in yourself. And work hard. And dreams definitely come true. — Dellin Betances