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Top Drawing And Sketching Quotes

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Victoria Kahler

It was amazing what an hour with her sketchpad could do for her mood. She was sure that the lines she drew with her black marker were going to save her years of worry lines in the future. — Victoria Kahler

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Tintoretto

You can never do too much drawing. — Tintoretto

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Claudia Nice

Now relax, think positively and begin
the smile of success awaits you. — Claudia Nice

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Siegfried Woldhek

I don't use names or captions for my many portraits of politicians and authors for newspapers. The drawing has to be self-explanatory, so I spend a lot of time sketching to find an idea and an angle that is clear. — Siegfried Woldhek

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Arman

When I was a child of four I wasn't really drawing like a child, I wasn't sketching as a child. I would sketch and I was using perspective, the good relationship of the subject. — Arman

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

The teacher showed us how to see proportions, relationships, light and shadow, negative space, and space between space - something I never noticed before! In one week, I went from not knowing how to draw to sketching a detailed portrait. It literally changed the way I see things ... — Daniel H. Pink

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Sonakshi Sinha

Few people know that I am also an artist; I truly enjoy sketching and drawing. — Sonakshi Sinha

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Paul Laseau

With pencil there is a tendency to be timid, either using very faint lines or erasing bad lines ... Line sketching tends to emphasize the structure of a drawing rather than the nuances of media.. — Paul Laseau

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Maurice Sendak

I was sickly as a child and gravitated to books and drawing. During my early teen years, I spent hundreds of hours at my window, sketching neighborhood children at play. I sketched and listened, and those notebooks became the fertile field of my work later on. There is not a book I have written or a picture I have drawn that does not, in some way, owe them its existence. — Maurice Sendak

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Alan Lee

I spend as much time as I can sketching from nature, Dartmoor contains such a rich variety of landscape, as many boulders, foaming rivers and twisted trees as my heart could ever desire ... When I look into a river, I feel I could spend a whole lifetime just painting that river. — Alan Lee

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Stefan G. Bucher

The Sketchnote Handbook is neither about sketching nor is it about note taking. It's about receiving and processing the world in a more complete and insightful way. It's a software upgrade for your brain. For those who've been shamed into thinking that drawing is either beyond them or beneath them, this book offers a whole new way of mastering the daily onslaught of information and turning it into raw material for discovery. (For those of us who've done this all our lives, the book provides a beautifully conceived and lovingly illustrated treat, and a great gift for our left-brained friends.) — Stefan G. Bucher

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Provided with a case of pencils, and some sheets of paper, I used to take a seat apart from them, near the window, and busy myself in sketching fancy vignettes representing any scene that happened momentarily to shape itself in the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of imagination: a glimpse of sea between two rock; the rising moon, and a ship crossing its disc; a group of reeds and water-flags, and a naiad's head, crowned with lotus-flowers, rising out of them; an elf sitting in a hedge-sparrow's nest, under a wreath of hawthorn bloom. — Charlotte Bronte

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Pablo Picasso

He was an Afghan Hound name Kabul. Since him I have had other Afghan Hounds ... Perhaps I am looking for his ghost. He is the only one that I sometimes think about. Often, if he comes in to my mind when I am working, it alters what I do. The nose on the face I am drawing gets longer and sharper. The hair of the woman I am sketching gets longer and fluffy, resting against her cheeks like his ears rested against his head. — Pablo Picasso

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Arshile Gorky

Drawing is the basis of art. A bad painter cannot draw. But one who draws well can always paint. — Arshile Gorky

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Peter Capaldi

Drawing is the only thing I've found in which I can lose myself completely. I love it. It started as something that relaxed me, but now it's a struggle because I'm pushing myself. The day-to-day sketching is fraught. — Peter Capaldi

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

The first things to study are form and values. For me, these are the things that are the basics of what is serious in art. — Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Bijou Hunter

From the day I met her at the wedding rehearsal, I couldn't stop thinking of her beautiful face. I was forever drawing her, sketching her, and even tattooing her. How many people in Ellsberg were walking around with tattoos of Lark's face? Whenever a client didn't bring a specific image in and a woman's face was involved, I used Lark's. Hell, I hadn't even noticed this fact until two happy clients showed off their tattoos and I realized the pinup girl and fairy princess had the same face. — Bijou Hunter

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Paul Laseau

Sketching is a continuing source of learning rather than a string of performances. — Paul Laseau

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Cennino Cennini

Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day, for no matter how little it is, it will be well worthwhile, and it will do you a world of good. — Cennino Cennini

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Draw lines - draw a lot of lines — Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Drawing And Sketching Quotes By Nina Garcia

I lived in South America when I was growing up. I spent hours sketching. I was good at drawing, and I was obsessed with fashion, but I was also obsessed with magazines. — Nina Garcia