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Dr. Armstrong Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Nonsense, Chloe. I certainly hope you aren't afraid of cemeteries"
"Um, no" Tori said. "It's the bodies buried in them that worry her. Uh, you know, dead bodies? Potential zombies?"
"Don't be silly. You can't accidentally raise the dead."
"Chloe can."
"I've heard Chloe is quite powerful, but I'm sure she doesn't need to worry about raising the dead yet."
"She already has. I was there"

"I-it's true." I said. "I raised subjects of Dr. Lyle's experiment, buried in the basement.. Then I raised dead bats in a warehouse, and a homeless guy in a place we tried to spend the night."
"Bats?" Tori said, nose wrinkling.
"You were asleep. I didn't want to wake you up"
"And for that I thank you."

~~Margaret, Chloe and Tori — Kelley Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"If it's a outside deal, how will I get my kids back?" Kit asked. "The Cabals have them."
Chloe and Derek's heads both whipped Kit's way.
"You're considering this?" Chloe said.
"I can get them," Dr. Inglis said. "We'll take Corey now, as a gesture of good faith from you. Then I will take Daniel for your son and Maya for your daughter."
"Dad?" Derek said.
Kit didn't answer him. He didn't even look over.
Chloe looked from us to Kit, her blue eyes wide. "Y-you c-can't - "
Derek leaped to his feet. "I won't let you do this, Dad. These kids came to you for help."
I gaped at Derek. Even Chloe looked confused. I might have known the guy for less than twenty-four hours, but short of demonic possession, I couldn't imagine him saying that. — Kelley Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Derek's change came faster now and maybe a bit easier
no vomiting this time. Finally it was over, and he fell onto his side, panting, shaking, and shivering. Then he reached for my hand, holding it tight, and I entwined my fingers with his, shifting closer and using my free hand to brush sweaty hair from his face.
"Whoa," a voice said, making both of us jump. Simon stood in the entrance to our corner, a pile of fabric in his hands. "You really need to get dressed before you start that."
"I'm not starting anything," Derek said.
"Still ... " He held out the stack in his hands. "Dr. Fellows dug up some hospital greens for you. Get dressed and then ... whatever — Kelley Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Schizo. It didn't matter how many times Dr. Gill compared it to a disease or physical disability, it wasn't the same thing. It just wasn't. I had schizophrenia. If I saw two guys on the sidewalk, one in a wheelchair and one talking talking to himself, which would I rush to open a door for, and which would I cross the road to avoid? — Kelley Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Do I pass, Dr. Saunders? — Kelley Armstrong