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Top Doppels Quotes

Doppels Quotes By Milton Friedman

For example, the supporters of tariffs treat it as self-evident that the creation of jobs is a desirable end, in and of itself, regardless of what the persons employed do. That is clearly wrong. If all we want are jobs, we can create any number
for example, have people dig holes and then fill them up again, or perform other useless tasks. Work is sometimes its own reward. Mostly, however, it is the price we pay to get the things we want. Our real objective is not just jobs but productive jobs
jobs that will mean more goods and services to consume. — Milton Friedman

Doppels Quotes By John Connolly

I met Hamlet at a number 48B bus stop," said Mr. Gedeon. "He'd been there for some time, poor chap. At least eight buses had passed him by, and he hadn't taken any of them. It's to be expected, I suppose. It's in his nature. — John Connolly

Doppels Quotes By William Shakespeare

Our cage
We make a quire, as doth the prison'd bird,
And sing our bondage freely. — William Shakespeare

Doppels Quotes By Kevin Hearne

It was one of those decisions you make when you have too much testosterone bubbling around in your system, or when you've been raised in a culture of ridiculous machismo, as I was. — Kevin Hearne

Doppels Quotes By Tom Cruise

Making a movie is like a chess game. It's about constantly changing patterns, adapting to new things. It's not just black and white, as you know. — Tom Cruise

Doppels Quotes By Mat Luthfi

Tears and grief are good for reflection, moving on is still the best solution. — Mat Luthfi

Doppels Quotes By Anthony Bourdain

Turning your nose up at a genuine and sincere gesture of hospitality is no way to travel or to make friends around the world. — Anthony Bourdain

Doppels Quotes By Bob Diamond

My obligation is to the owners of Barclays, my shareholders. They hired me. People who criticise compensation for individuals in isolation at, say, BarCap, individuals who don't work in the U.K. and are competing with U.S., German or Asian banks, they should look at all these factors. — Bob Diamond

Doppels Quotes By Frank Beddor

When I give the go ahead, go ahead, Alyss said, the jungle gym having come to a stop less than a gwormmy-length from her face.
What? the four General Doppels cried at once.
Run when I say so. — Frank Beddor

Doppels Quotes By Rivers Cuomo

I like to get input from all different kinds of listeners, including the really conservative ones, and sometimes those listeners steer me in a direction that I haven't seen. But at the end of the day, my vote is always to go in the direction that makes me the most excited. — Rivers Cuomo

Doppels Quotes By Victor Hugo

He loved books; books are cold but safe friends. — Victor Hugo

Doppels Quotes By Jodi Picoult

You want to do something about it - take action, scream at them, tell them they're idiots - but you can't. Being on the fringe is the most disempowering feeling. You get so used to the world being a certain way, there seems to be no escape from it. — Jodi Picoult

Doppels Quotes By Bruce Lee

Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. — Bruce Lee